AMIRAH,a tale of woes

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A young beautiful woman scorned,thought to be cursed,despised for having a bastard,she lives in abject penury with barely enough to feed still haunted by the shadows of her past,she tries to stay hidden while looking for a better life. Her little daughter on the other hand is too young but greatly wise,she tries to be supportive and ensures she fulfills her duties towards her mother as a form of gratitude. What happens when ma Sabrina's life gets more complicated when her ex lover finds her,in her bid to seek a better life her past reveals itself. Omosi tries her best to support her mother,she vows to take care of her when she becomes wealthy but in her quest to achieve her dreams she falls into the wrong hands and gets into more damnation than she expected. This is a sordid tale told from different perspectives one woven in secrets,lies,betrayals and unfortunate incidents. This is a tale of woes.

Romance / Drama
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Suraj Dantata Balarabe,sat in his home office,his emotions darker than the evening clouds,a frown etched across his face with his thick brows furrowed together,anxiety coursed through him as he flicked his pen continuously,unknowingly.

"Are you sure about this?",Muhammad Danja asked,looking at his best buddy in confusion and worry wondering if he had gone mad.Seriously,what sort of man writes his will at the age of 27?

"I am."Suraj nodded in affirmative.Crazy as it seems,he had to it was necessary.

"I have a favour to ask of you?"suraj said sitting up straight in his chair and handing the files to Muhammad to have a final look at.

"What's that?"Muhammad replied not taking his eyes of the pages.

"If anything were to happen to me,take care of laila and my unborn child,please?"

Muhammad stared at his friend,he pressed his palm against Suraj's forehead,it was hot.

"Ah!you are burning with a fever,I will excuse your nonsense talk of dying."


"Shut up!shut up!Now this is getting out if hand,do you need therapy or what?have you gone nuts?where the hell did that come from?"Muhammad shrieked,Suraj is definitely nuts,what the hell?he thought .

"I don't trust my mum,she might do something rash,you know how she runs her shit,she's worse than Pablo Escobar in reality,and you know what happens to whoever crosses her."Suraj palmed his face in fustration.

"Surely,she must have gotten over the fact that you married a girl of your choice and not hers,its been freaking two years and Laila is pregnant now,why hasn't she gotten over it?"

"And the fact that she got close to me only after grandpa's death and became my mother in the real sense after she discovered that grandpa willed half of his wealth to me."Suraj said bitterly.

His mother,Amina Dantata Balarabe had only acknowledged Suraj as her son when he turned out to be the sole heir of balarabe fortunes.Suraj only saw her for few hours each day while he was growing up,he was brought up by nannies and governesses.His mother hated him cause he was as she said,a child she didn't plan for,as she claimed birthing him destroyed her slim figure and modelling career and after ignoring him for all these years even when he schooled abroad,now she comes back showing love and affection out of the blues.Suraj was once again repulsed thinking of all this.

"And if anything happens to me,Laila or our child,my mum is next in line to inherit and am afraid she might do something grave and drastic."

"Dude,chill."Muhammad said,"your mum will come to her senses and what does she need more wealth for?her fortunes both legal and illegal are worth billions of dollars."

"She's never had enough,never,its never enough for her,to her she's either the most powerful and richest person in the room or nothing and she'd do anything to be that even if it means putting my life or life of innocents at stake."

Silence hung over the room,you could a pin drop,both persons terrified not knowing what to say.After a long moment of silence,Suraj walked over to Muhammad placing his hands on his shoulders,

"Promise me you will look after laila when I am gone."

"Shut the fuck up,are you planning on throwing yourself over a bridge or downing poison,look nothing will happen,your mum can't harm you,you are her flesh and blood for God's sake,she will come to her senses and you will grow old with laila and your other kids yet unborn,your kids will play with mine and for years we will watch them play,they could even fall in love and get married,please don't talk like this,about you dying and shit."Muhammad pleaded,Suraj removed his hands and turned crossing them behind him,he walked over to the windows,he looked through it and stared outside into the dark starless night.

"I can't help it."he spoke,"I am having that feeling again."

"What feeling?"

"The same feeling I had when you got hit by a car 14 years ago,same feeling I had before dad died,before laila got kidnapped and before grandpa died."

Muhammad's brows furrowed in confusion.

"That feeling I always have before something bad happens,now I have it again,I just hope what happens isn't too previous."

Muhammad went silent too perplexed to say anything,they could only hope for things to turn out good.God please let things turn out good,he prayed.

The firgure outside the office decided he had heard enough,he straigtened his clothes and got out of the house quickly before he was noticed.That dumb cousin of his and his little family were surely going down this time,he thought.

Mubarak finished reporting all he heard to Amina Dantata Balarabe,

While he wondered in his mind,what will make a woman hate her son so much?on his part he hated Suraj because he had always been the golden child in the eyes of their grandpa,now it was time for sweet revenge.

"So Suraj is adamant ba?he picked that useless bastard wife of his over me!!I am going to show him who is boss,and i am going to teach him never to cross me again even in his next life."she yelled and hit her hand on the table crushing the grape fruits beneath her palm.

Mubarak winced,those grape fruits did nothing to her,

"I will make him regret the whole 29 years of his life."

"He's actually 27."Mubarak said timidly and instantly regretted it,for Amina took her walking cane and wacked him across the face with it.

"Stupid gobshite."she hissed.

Suraj kissed laila on her forehead as he stared at the tiny Human in her arms,he reeled with excitement and joy,he thanked Allah for the wonderful wife he has been blessed with and now his new daughter.

"She's so tiny,i am afraid if I hold her she would slip and fall."He said,laila laughed heartily staring at him.

"You are just being overly anxious again,you held her earlier,didn't you?"she asked,

"I did ."he replied rubbing her shoulders," but I was scared,what should we name her?"

"Khaira sounds good or khadija,hadiya,Fatima?"Laila said breathlessly.

"Are you okay?"Suraj asked worried.

"I am."she said putting the baby in the crib,"just a little tired,we have a lot of time to decide on a name before the naming ceremony."

"And its going to be a rare ceremony,the best kastina has ever seen,it will make a mark in history."Suraj said heartily as he hugged Laila.

"Yes,yes it would."laila agreed with her handsome husband staring at him as if she were seeing him for the first time.

And the naming ceremony did make history,kastina had never seen anything like it.Who has ever heard of a naming where the new mother committed suicide at dawn.In the early hours of the morning,while everyone was busy with the preparations,the maids found Laila in her bathroom with slit wrists,no suicide note left.Suraj had been so distraught by his wife's demise,while holding her corpse and wailing,two shots were fired by a silencer straight to his heart.He died holding Laila's corpse in his arms.No one knew who was behind it.

Muhammad Danja fled the country.

The strangest thing that happened was the dissappearance of the infant,blood was found in her crib but no one knew her whereabouts.

The fate of the orphaned infant is still unknown.

It was surely a tragic tale that had been recounted,a tale that couldn't be forgotten.

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