An Angel made for him

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How Tony fell in love with her in one glance, he doesn't know. How he was going to get her to himself, he had no clue. But one thing he knew was that love doesn't come twice, especially for a womanizer like him. And now that his love was at arm's reach, he wasn't going to let her go, even if it meant following her around like a creap, leaving letters for her on her window seal and buying little presents once in a while. Angel didn't seem to notice any of this, unfortunately it was just not the right ap the right approach to win her heart, so he tried something else. But the thing is he wasn't getting the message, she didn't want his popularity or his money, and she knew he didn't stay in one woman's bed for too long before he jumped to another one. So she made up her mind, she didn't want to have anything to do with him. She tried her best to stay away but destiny wasn't going to allow that. They always kept on bumping into each other and she was sick of it. The only thing she can do now is to just pray that she can make it out of this mess unharmed and her heart still intact

Romance / Drama
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Angel is a beautiful, talented law student in a prestigious college at London. With her girlfriends who were more like her sisters, and the good name she had made for herself around the campus just by writing different kinds of articles for the school newspapers, college life couldn't get any better.

But of course, it got worst. She wakes up one morning to see that her very beloved arts division has been burnt down to ashes overnight; it can't get any worst now.

But it did. It wasn't even the fact that they had to move to the science division indefinitely until they were able to rebuild the arts one, it was the fact that a specific Tony Davies had to come into her life and turn it upside down. Any other boy would have been fine, maybe a cute nerd or a bookworm who would treat her well and would be too shy to even kiss her in public. That's all she wanted, she wasn't asking for much. But instead she got a walking one night stand to be her supposed Prince charming. If he was the only Prince charming available for her fairy tale, she had already made up her mind not be his Cinderella, no matter how many times destiny tries to bring them together.

Now for Tony, it was love at first sight. He didn't need a priest to tell him that, all he wanted was to have her for himself; and he wasn't getting that very easily. Who wouldn't want his money and popularity, everyone seemed to want it. But with Angel it was different, she was different. How was he going to get her when she caught his heart in just one glance, he had no idea.

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