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Un known love affair secert romantic love affair

Romance / Drama
Jerry Smith
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It was a Unknowen love affair at the first with Sashanot knowing if she was in a relationship

With someone else beside me. I try my best to get to know who she wanted to love the most

Him or me we draw closer and closer at being friend to begin with Sasha And building a

better relationship with each other love, faith, trust. We brought our love like a double eagle

Shot in golf. Sasha and I fell in love forever for there was no reason not to.we belive we wanted

to get married and have children in the future, It time to make love and start family we both

Were surprise at first because this is the first time to have children without using protection

before we had children. Love came first in our life I loved Sasha very much I would die to save

Her life from evil and death as a guardian Angel. We ended up with another boy and girl shelia

and Samson. Sasha was a grade school teacher and I was a esearch sasquatch researcher

Author. Loving your lady with the love of God sex isn't the only part of a relationship making

Love in your life the most important in our relationship we can have sex but we don't make a

habit of it we would do it ever so just for pleasure always with protection to afford the children

we can afford to raise up to College age . Than Sasha and I will age together tell the end when

Were both gone.But we will still love each other and children while were in Heaven !

Sorry The End !

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