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This is a story about the selling of a young girl to two masters they have different tastes and different kinks. What will happen once her past comes into play? Will they turn there back or hold her? Read more to find out😜😜😜😜

Romance / Erotica
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You want me why

They just had to hate me. None of my other sisters will do not even the whore. My parents are selling me to not just one grown man but two. What did I ever do to deserve this? I'm the only one who's never done anything straight A's throughout school and on top of that, I've never dated anyone.

The men will be here in two more days I don't know what to do about it. All I've ever done was talk back once and after my father beat me I never did it again. I've cleaned up after everyone and actually give them everything. So how could they do this?

So now I'm packing up my stuff to be ready when they get here. I'm not talking to them anymore, but I think I'll miss them.

{Time skip two days cuz I'm a lazy heftier}

They will be here in twenty minutes I'm honestly scared. Questions like what are they like? Who are they? As I'm thinking I put my pasi in my mouth and lay down. I cuddle with Mr. Unibam my unilamb stuffie.

I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I know a man is picking me up saying how cute and small I am. I started to cry because now it's really real. I'm going to be taken by two men who might kill me.

The one who is holding me starts to bounce up and down and rub my back. The whole time he's doing that he's telling me I'll be safe and not to worry everything will be fine just let him and daddy sort it out.

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