Remedy My Soul

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Dylan stirred awake as the sun started to come up and peek through the curtains of their hotel room in London. As promised, he had brought Lana and Natalia along with him on the European leg of his book tour which was slated to last about three weeks, which was the better part of March. He had his agent book suites at each stop of the tour so that he could ensure that his and Lana’s room would be attached to Natalia’s. They had spent the day before sightseeing in the city until they were so exhausted that they couldn’t walk straight. He knew Natalia would be sleeping in late, which left him an hour and a half to devote his attention to his half-naked fiancée that was lying next to him in bed before he had to be at the first signing of the day.

Dylan turned onto his left side, propped his head in his hand and moved up against Lana’s back. He was wearing a pair of boxer-briefs and she was wearing one of his t-shirts and a pair of black lace panties. He brushed her hair off of her shoulder and his lips went to her exposed neck as he placed his hand on her nearly-bare hip, pulling her perfectly toned bottom up against his stiff morning wood. Her heavy eyes fluttered open and she quickly gained her bearings, moving onto her back and looking over at him with a smile.

He leaned his upper body over her, caging her in with his arms. He leaned down and caught her lips in a soft, sensual kiss. He placed his right hand on her left thigh, slowly brushing it along her skin, up over her hip and along her side as he worked her t-shirt up over her breasts. She lifted her shoulders and her arms, allowing him to pull the shirt off and discard it on the floor. Once she was rested back down again, he took her right nipple into his mouth, sucking and tugging at the fragile skin. He moved his hand to her left breast, toying with her other nipple as his hot mouth continued its assault. He worked her breasts until she was writhing in pleasure, then tortured her even more as he slowly walked his fingers down to the waistband of her panties, finally slipping his hand under the thin garment. Her breath hitched in her throat as his fingers danced over her clit for a few seconds before finally slipping inside of her.

Lana’s back arched off the bed as she let out a hushed moan when Dylan lightly tugged on her nipple with his teeth. His fingers glided in and out of her with ease as her pleasure intensified. When he had her primed to his satisfaction he tugged on her panties and she lifted her hips to allow him to slide them down. She worked them off over her feet before he pushed her hips back over so she was on her side again. He quickly shed his black, fitted boxer-briefs and moved up against her again as he reached down and guided himself into her. He let out a breathy sigh of satisfaction in her ear as she took him in completely. He wrapped his arm around her and cupped her breast in his hand as his lips moved to her neck. She grasped her hand into the sheet as he started to move his hips and hit her in all the right places. She turned to look at him and he caught her lips in a passionate, heated kiss before he nuzzled his nose against the side of her head and buried his nose in her hair as he took in her scent.

She closed her eyes and concentrated on trying not to cry out in pleasure and cause his daughter in the next room to wake up. His hold on her tightened and she placed her hand over his that was still massaging her breast. He caught her lips once again and groaned into the kiss. He moved his hand down between her thighs and firmly circled her clit. Lana reached her arm up and grasped her fingers into his dark, messy hair. He continued to take her slowly as he moved his fingers just enough to work her up to the edge, but not yet let her reach the euphoria she so badly desired.

She pushed her hips back into his as she clenched around him, and gasped as she felt her orgasm starting to build once again. He started to tremble as his body began to betray his efforts to prolong her pleasure until she begged for him. He gave in and rubbed his fingers against her sensitive nub faster and harder. He took her harder as he worked to bring her to the edge. When she softly cried out as her body surrendered to his assault, he followed right behind her. He moaned against her ear as his orgasm overcame him. His cock pulsed hard and long prolonging her orgasm, which caused her to clench even more tightly around him and prolong his as well.

Once they were both spent, Lana turned around in Dylan’s arms and they embraced each other, sharing a few loving kisses before he moved onto his back. She cuddled up to him and rested her head on his chest. He brushed his fingers through her hair and pressed his lips to her forehead.

“Good morning,” he whispered with a small smile.

“I’ll say,” she replied with a small laugh as she nuzzled against his skin. He smirked and kissed her on the forehead once again, continuing to run his fingers through her hair until they both dozed off once again.

Dylan spent his day doing a reading and book signing which was to be followed by a few interviews. While he was busy working, Lana and Natalia spent their day shopping. Natalia’s birthday was the following day, and Lana had been given Dylan’s credit card with the instructions to find them both dresses that would be appropriate for fine dining. Lana knew it was going to be a small feat to accomplish this because Natalia was more of a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. She hoped she would be able to sway her if she found the right place.

They started their afternoon by stopping for lunch at a small deli. Lana had explained to Natalia that they needed to find dresses for a fancy dinner for her birthday. This spurred on a rant about how nothing would meet her dad’s approval because he was a “prude,” according to his daughter. Lana couldn’t help but laugh when Natalia gave him the label, knowing that Dylan was a lot of things, but prude not being one of them.

“Try to understand where your dad is coming from,” Lana tried to reason. “You’re growing up, starting your journey to becoming a woman, and he’s trying to do his best to protect you.”

“There’s a difference between protecting me and being a helicopter parent,” Natalia rolled her eyes.

“He might seem like that, but if he really was a helicopter parent, as you claim, you wouldn’t have near as much freedom as you do. Your dad loves you more than anything, and he’s just trying to protect you from the boys that only want one thing,” Lana countered. “I know you’re at the point in your life where you’re starting to want attention from boys, but you want to make sure you’re getting the right attention from them. You want them to like you because of your brains and personality, not because of your body.”

“I know,” Natalia sighed as she pushed her salad around with her fork.

“You have plenty of time to grow up and worry about relationships,” Lana added with a small smile.

“I know,” Natalia repeated. “All of my friends have either had or do have boyfriends, some of them have even had sex. I haven’t even had one boyfriend,” she frowned.

“Nat,” Lana stated as she placed her hand on her forearm, causing Natalia to look up at her. “None of that matters,” she offered another smile. “When you are ready, and the right boy comes along, you will have a boyfriend. As far as having sex goes, just because some of them are doing it doesn’t mean that you have to. I know that girls are starting younger than they used to, but you need to understand that once you start having sex, life gets way more complicated.”

“What do you mean?” Natalia furrowed her eyebrows.

“Sex comes with a lot of responsibility. Not to mention it causes you to have complex feelings that you don’t always understand. That’s why you don’t want to do it until you are in a relationship with someone who cares about you for all of the other reasons. You need to know that you can trust that person to still respect you afterwards. Do you understand what I’m saying?” Lana gave her arm a gentle squeeze.

“Yeah, I understand,” Natalia nodded.

“One more thing,” Lana started as she crossed her arms on the table in front of her. Natalia looked at her attentively. “When you do feel like you are getting to that point, I want you to come talk to me, so we can make sure you are protected. If you are more comfortable going to your mom, that’s alright, too. Either way, you need to come to us, so we can get you on some type of birth control. You should always use a condom but being on birth control is kind of like a back-up. I know your dad would have a heart attack, but I promise you that if you would come to me, I wouldn’t make a huge deal out of it and I would help you get what you needed. Okay?”

“Yeah,” Natalia replied. “Okay,” she agreed with a genuine smile.

Once the girls were finished eating lunch, they took a cab to one of the main drags that were known for shopping in London. They each picked out a few nice sweaters and tops, and Lana even treated her to a designer pair of jeans and shoes that went with them. They browsed through a few different boutiques before finding one where they were each able to choose a few dresses to try on. Lana found a vintage-style, full-length red dress. It had thin straps with black and brushed silver beading along the top edge of the hem of the dress that dipped down into a filled V-shape in the center. Despite the thin straps, it only provided a tiny view of her cleavage, which Lana felt was appropriate when trying to convince Natalia that her dress shouldn’t have any cleavage at all.

Once Natalia started trying on dresses, insanity ensued. Most of the dresses either showed the cleavage that Lana wanted to avoid, or they were way too short. Just when they were about to give up and head somewhere else, Lana found a pale pink, knee length dress that had a scoop neck and short sleeves. Natalia agreed to try it on, and while she was in the dressing room Lana picked out a thin, silver fashion belt to add a little more to it. Natalia came out in the dress that indeed covered her appropriately and Lana put the belt on her before turning her around to face the triple mirror. Natalia flashed a smile as her eyes met Lana’s in the reflection.

“What do you think? Do you like it?” Lana asked, silently praying that she would be on board.

“I think it’s perfect,” Natalia agreed with a grin.

After Natalia admired herself in the mirror for a few minutes, Lana paid for the dresses and then they caught a cab back to the hotel. They packed up theirs and Dylan’s belongings so that when he returned to the hotel they could have the bags taken down to the car. They had a few hours drive to the next stop on Dylan’s book tour, and they would have to grab a quick dinner somewhere along the way.

The following night, Dylan finished getting dressed in his suit before heading out into the small kitchenette area that attached their bedroom with Natalia’s. Lana had just finished up with Natalia’s hair and touched up her makeup before crossing back over to their room in search of her shoes. While Lana was spending a few minutes to finish getting herself ready, Natalia joined Dylan in the common area. Dylan looked over at her as he heard her come into the room and smiled. His little girl looked so grown up in the dress with her hair done, and Lana had been on-point with making sure she hadn’t caked on so much makeup that it took away from her natural beauty. He walked over to her as she looked herself over in the mirror and straightened her belt, slipping his arm over her shoulders and leaning down to kiss her on the top of the head.

“You look gorgeous, Baby,” he said softly before kissing her on the top of the head again. “You’re growing up too fast,” he added with a forced smile.

“Don’t go soft on me, Dad,” Natalia teased and they both laughed. Dylan picked up a wrapped gift that had been sitting on the small table by the entrance and handed it to her.

“I was going to wait until dinner to give you this, but I think it’s better if you open it now,” he explained, putting his hands in his pockets as she started to tear the paper off.

Natalia worked quickly at removing the paper and then opening the thin, black cardboard box that contained the gift. She finally got the silver case open to find a beautiful charm bracelet that had a few charms already on it. She grinned up at Dylan who returned her smile before stepping forward and taking the bracelet from her, so he could help her put it on. Once it was clasped into place, she admired it on her wrist before giving him a big hug which he immediately returned.

“Thank you, Dad! I love it,” she squeezed him tighter.

“You’re welcome, Beautiful,” he kissed her on the cheek. “Happy fourteenth birthday.”

“Thank you,” she squeezed him again before they finally released each other.

Lana smiled as she stepped out of the bedroom and watched Dylan and Natalia in their embrace. He had so much love and admiration for his daughter, and when Lana thought about it, she fell in love with the man all over again. Even though their trip consisted of him being busy with work most of the time, he made sure to make her a priority. He wanted her to be happy and have fun, even if he couldn’t physically do some of the things with her that he would have liked to do. Lana knew that taking her to dinner was a big deal for both of them, this being the first time that Natalia had been to a Five-Star restaurant.

The evening consisted of the three of them talking and laughing over an incredible dinner. It was a fun and memorable night for all three of them. Dylan had enjoyed it so much that he decided to take them both out for nice dinners again at two of the other stops along the tour. They made the best of him having to commit so much time to promoting his book, and all in all, it was a nice getaway for the three of them to spend some time together.

The two weeks after their return from the book tour was fairly quiet. Lana had been working a lot to make up for lost time while they were in Europe, and she had even signed a rental agreement for a small space in LA so she could have a studio to work out of. She planned to do some photo shoots at the studio, but she needed more space to work out of than the spare bedroom at the house was able to provide. She had just gotten home after spending the day going to meetings and she was about to start making dinner for her and Dylan. Natalia had gone to a friend’s house to spend the night, so the two of them would have the house all to themselves.

Her phone started ringing, and when she recognized the number as someone she had just met with she pulled on the handle to one of the kitchen drawers to look for a pen and piece of scratch paper. After struggling with it for a minute she was able to yank it open, and quickly wrote down a date and time for a shoot they had discussed earlier in the day. Once she finished her phone call, she made it her mission to figure out why the drawer was always so jammed. She pulled a majority of the contents of the drawer out and set them on the counter. This consisted of everything from matches, to pens and pencils, to scissors, and a spool of kitchen string. She tried to move the drawer back and forth again and it was still stuck.

Still determined, she got down on her knees and stuck her arm into the drawer, feeling around for what could be catching by the tracks. Just as she was about to give up hope, she realized that there was a thick envelope stuck along the track that was jamming it. She was able to tug it free, then checked the drawer again to find that it finally opened and closed without a struggle. She set the envelope on the counter and threw most of the things she had removed back in it, tossing the rest of it in the trash or putting it in its rightful place. She was about to toss the envelope when she realized that the return address was from the Family Court Services of California. She peeked inside the front of the envelope, gasping at what she saw as the memo at the top of the letter that was addressed to Dylan.

RE: Voluntary Termination of Parental Rights

Case No. 199845 – Andrew Michael Wilson D.O.B. 9/16/12

Lana’s hands started shaking as she pulled the paper out and began to read the cover letter. It referred to the paternity testing that had confirmed that Dylan was the father of the child and contained a date and time in early 2016 that had been set for him to sign the paperwork and sit in front of the judge to relinquish his rights. By the time Lana had finished reading the paper she was in tears, confused and hurt by Dylan’s decision to hide this from her. He stepped into the kitchen and walked towards her, a look of confusion on his face as he reached to put his arm around her.

“Don’t touch me.” Lana stated as she glared at him.

“What?” Dylan asked, shocked at her reaction. “Lan, what’s wrong?”

“What’s wrong?” She repeated as she looked at him in disgust. “You fathered another child besides Natalia, and you never told me about it. That’s what’s wrong!” She raised her voice as she tossed the papers on the counter in front of him. He picked them up and stared down at them, a look of fear spreading over his face as he realized what they were and how bad he had messed up.

“Lana, Baby, please let me explain,” he said softy, swallowing hard as he looked her in the face.

“Explain what? That you had a kid that you thought I shouldn’t know about before you put your ring on my finger?” She questioned in disbelief.

“I,” Dylan started, just to get cut off.

“No, Dylan! If you wanted to explain yourself, the time would have been when we realized that this relationship was going somewhere. This isn’t something that you keep from someone who you claim to love enough to spend your life with,” she argued, a fresh batch of tears slipping from her eyes.

“I do love you, Lana. I love you more than life itself,” he replied, reaching for her hand again which she quickly pulled away.

“So how many kids do you really have? Huh?” She nearly yelled. “Not counting the one I knew about this whole time,” she added angrily.

“Stop. It was one other child, and if you calm down for five minutes, I can explain,” he tried to convince her.

“You know what?” Lana asked, pausing for a moment. “I don’t think I’m going to give you that opportunity. The point is that you’ve been hiding something. Something that’s a pretty big deal, might I add,” she glared at him. He stared at her for a minute, speechless as he absorbed her anger and realized what was happening, before she even fully knew it. “How am I supposed to be able to trust you after all of this?” She breathed heavily.

“Lana,” he whispered, silently pleading with her not to do it.

“No, Dylan. I’m done.”

Lana turned her back to him and headed through the living room towards the stairs. Dylan was right behind her, begging her and pleading with her the whole time not to go. She pulled a large duffel bag out of the closet and started filling it with clothes and her personal necessities. She grabbed her toothbrush from the bathroom and unplugged her cell phone charger, tossing it into the bag before zipping it shut. Dylan followed her back through the house and out to her car, trying to convince her to stay and hear him out. She tossed her bag and her purse in the back seat before turning back to look at him.

“I have told you everything from my past. EVERYTHING! Do you not understand how hard it is to tell someone some of the things that I’ve told you?!” She looked him dead in the eyes.

“I know, and I’m sorry,” he replied, reaching up to try to place his hand on her cheek. She quickly reached back, then bringing her hand forward and slapping him hard across the face. “Fuck,” he groaned as his face stung, his skin heating up as it reddened.

“I said-Don’t. Touch. Me.” She spat again.

“Fine. I won’t touch you. Can we please just go back in the house and talk about this?” He gestured towards the door with his hand. Lana simply glared at him before getting into her car and starting it. She put it into gear and placed her hands on the steering wheel, pausing for a moment before putting it back in park. Dylan watched as she took her hands off the wheel and started working her engagement ring off of her finger. “No, Lan. Please, don’t,” he called through the glass. She pushed the button for the window to go down. “Baby, please don’t do this. I fucked up, and I’m sorry. Please don’t leave,” his voice cracking as his chest tightened.

“I’ll let you know when I’m coming back for my stuff,” she said coldly as she reached her hand out the window and placed the ring in his palm that he had instinctively held out.

“Lana, I love you. Don’t go. Please just let me explain and we can fix this,” Dylan begged one more time.

Lana ignored him, putting her window back up and quickly pulling out of the driveway. She headed for the highway, set on getting back to her parents’ house before midnight.

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