The Sanction

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At that moment, I didn't care what this mystery person had to say, all that mattered was that, in a single moment, everything that could've gone wrong turned out for the better.

My phone dinged again as I entered my apartment, I dropped the box with the items from my desk onto the coffee table, pulling out my phone I saw another text message notification along with an email. I knew who the email was and what it concerned, but when I saw that the text was from Aidan my stomach dropped. Christine said she would notify Aidan and Bethany soon after I left the building, but I didn't think I would hear back from either of them so quickly.

'I'm outside, we need to talk, buzz me in.'

It was a clear order as per usual, only this time, I could refuse and have no ramifications what-so-ever. I knew he could see my window from the street, so I walked up to it, glanced down at him for a few seconds, and then quickly and firmly drew my blinds. I stood there a minute, waiting. I'm not quite sure for what, but after only a minute I walked into my kitchen and started preparing a celebratory meal.

Even though it was only a small spread of reheated leftovers and a tall glass of wine, to me it felt like a meal fit for a queen. I occasionally heard my phone ringing on the kitchen counter, but I was in a state of euphoria and didn't care to enter the real world just yet.

Around three o'clock is when my euphoric state began to slowly lessen, primarily because I still hadn't read Christine's email. After cleaning I grabbed my phone and finally saw all the missed calls and text messages from Aidan. I deleted the notifications but oddly couldn't bring myself to delete the actual messages or voicemails he'd left. I knew I'd have to face the music eventually, but at that moment I didn't care to hear what he had to say anymore, his opinion no longer had any merit on what I would do.

I never thought I would become one of those girls who cared what a guy thought about her or what she did, but something about Aidan started to change me.

Clearly not for the better.

I started looking over the email from Christine while pouring another small glass of wine. I could tell just by the wording and how she had shortly described how they work with their clients that this was going to be better than I initially thought.

An added plus to working for a more personable firm meant the dress code was more business-casual, which pretty much means no more painful shoes or ill-fitting suits outside of the courtroom. But, as I said, that's just a small perk. The part of the list that caught my attention the most was where she stated that we share research responsibilities for all incoming cases.

I let out a small sigh of relief because, depending on the magnitude of the litigation, a substantial amount of research could be required. By sharing that responsibility, that could leave the legal team more time to speak with the client and to find evidence for whatever situation.

I emailed Christine just letting her know I got the list and thanking her again for her help and the opportunity. She emailed me back almost immediately welcoming me to her team again and informing me that she had already spoken to Aidan, but hadn't been able to speak with Bethany as of yet. I didn't want her to worry about anything, so I kept the fact of Aidan coming to my building to myself.

I then remembered she had told me she would see me on Monday, which meant I had a whole weekend to rejoice about my new job. The one thought I kept having that was making me anxious was, what the hell is my first case going to be.

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