The Sanction

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"Good afternoon, Mr. Stone."

"Since Bethany sent you here, I suppose I can assume you've accepted to be a part of this case I'm working on?" "You've assumed correctly, Mr. Stone. However, before we begin working on this case, I wanted to ask you, why do you want me on this case and not one of your partners?" "Would you like my professional reasoning, or would you prefer the personal reasoning behind my intentions?" "Do they happen to coincide with each other at all?" "Perhaps, depending on how one decides to look at the situation as a whole."

I gave him a cynical look, encouraging him to continue. "I would personally like to spend more time with you. We are both busy with office work, and I'd like to get to know more about you. Professionally, I want to see how you handle yourself around clients and in a courtroom. While we had a small talk about both of those subjects in your interview, it is an entirely different circumstance when seeing it in person." He paused, and I'm sure the look on my face showed I was flattered, both professionally and personally.

"So Miss Blackwood, was my rebuttal, suitable to your expectations?" He flashed me his signature smirk, and my heart began to skip a beat.

"So your case, are there any details you care to share with me now, or would you prefer another time?" Since he claimed he wanted to spend more time with me, I thought, let's see if he wants to keep the case in a professional setting or include it into our personal time with each other. "I will email you the information I have at the moment, give you time to look it over, and then maybe we can discuss what we know over dinner. How's tonight work for your schedule, Miss Blackwood?"

Damn, that was easy.

"I think I can move some things around and fit you in. What time were you considering?" He gave me a sly smile, "I'll pick you up at 6, don't worry about special attire. Casual dress will be just fine." "Pardon my shock, but I'm having trouble picturing you anywhere that's casual." We laughed together at my remark, but, of course, there came an awkward moment of silence immediately following. "Well, now that we have time set up to discuss the case, I will let you get back to whatever work you need to finish before the days' end. Have a good day, Miss Blackwood, and I will see you tonight."

"Good day, Mr. Stone, and I look forward to tonight." I smiled toward him and made my way out of his office.

Sitting back at my cubicle, I realized I hadn't stopped smiling since I left Aidans' office. I probably looked strange to my coworkers, but at this moment, I didn't care. I checked my emails and Aidans' was the only thing left in my inbox.

I quickly glanced at the information, and realized this wasn't just any ordinary case. We were to be working as the prosecutors of one of the most known criminals in the city. His arraignment was scheduled for the beginning of next month, giving Aidan and me three weeks to form our case.

The small bits of information Aidan sent me, had been enough to show me he truly wanted to throw me to the wolves and see if I'd come out fighting or lie down dead. But, as he said, he hasn't seen me in a courtroom yet. Thinking more about it, this is the perfect case to show my skills and how truly qualified I am for my position.

I was finishing up my last bit of paperwork for the day when my phone rang, and when I saw the number, I couldn't help but smile. "I'm finishing up my last bit of paperwork, can I meet you at the car?" "I suppose. I'll try not to be too disappointed." "Good, I'll see you in a bit." I finished as quickly as my fingers could type, and once done, I signed off my computer, gathered my things, and made my way to the elevator.

The ride in the elevator felt slower than usual, maybe that was just my excitement for tonight. When I only had a couple of more floors to go, I got a strange text message from a number I didn't recognize.

'Don't take the case with him. There are things about him you don't know.'

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