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There are two types of lies; a good and a bad lie. Good lies is paved with good intentions and is often selfless. Bad lies are used for selfish reason, to benefit oneself above others. Both could guarantee to hurt the people around you, lying goes hand in hand with pain. Everyone lies, remember that. It’s the intention that made them differ from one another. [Octavia Laurel Levenstein]

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Superhuman, an official term for a person who exhibited a gift at age five. An offspring of a couple with one superhuman in the ingredients was the minimum requirement to produce a gifted child. It’s common for a family of superhumans; either pure bloods (both parents are gifted) or hybrids (one parent is gifted while the other is human) to have maximum of two children. The DNA strand that had the gift becomes less potent with multiple replication turning the succeeding offsprings weaker superhumans. Those offsprings were bound to have a temporary power source until the child depleted it and would turn to an ordinary human. For superhuman, losing their gift was unimaginable as it was a vital part of their existence. Hence, families were careful on having children altogether.

Superhumans and humans coexisted since forever in a rather strained relationship. The former race being treated like a monster while the latter race were consumed with fear. Humans saw themselves as easy preys since they’re powerless. It wasn’t a baseless fear, superhumans lose control of their gifts and there were some dangerous abilities among them. Also, a handful of superhumans found enjoyment in using their gift to toy with humans. The animosity between the two races escalated until everything was divided. The owners of residential, commercial and industrial places only accommodated their own race while prohibited the other. Everything was in complete chaos.

Governments of both races put aside their differences to salvage whatever was left of their society. They established rules the two parties agreed upon which everyone had to abide. Lawbreakers were severely punished. No one was exempted, in the eyes of the law everyone was equal.

Most of the people accepted the rules from the two governments, though some revolted. Some of the superhumans were enraged and as a result they formed an organization to challenge their own government. Blood shed between the pro government and anti government lasted for half a year, superhuman government and its followers defended the humans as they fought viciously for a new world. In the end, the superhuman government won the fight, the rebels was punished accordingly. Through blood bath, peace was achieved but for superhumans sacrifices had to be done for the greater cause even though countless of lives were taken from their kind.

It’s been two decades since the war ended and the new world was born. The relationship of both races keeps getting better and stronger. Superhumans have built five cities in some of the continents where human lives to accommodate their people around the world.

The places where most superhumans live today have been considered more progressive than any other country. They have grander infrastructures, better education, more advanced technology and medical facilities, and low crime rate. Living in these places cost a lot. However, there is enough jobs for everybody which undoubtedly could offer a better lifestyle.

Being aware of this reality, humans thrived to move settlements in these five big countries full of superhumans; in South America it has Barmwich, Whiteridge in Europe, an island in Asia near Japan called Hailing Cove, in northern part of Australia Erimere could be found, and finally, Crystalvale, which is located in North America. Out of the five countries, Crystalvale outshines the other four. It’s by far the biggest in size and the most prosperous. In addition, the country houses the two most important buildings in superhuman world; Crystalvale Advance Research Facility or better known as Headquarter and Doltore Institute of Arcane.

The Headquarter runs the entire superhuman community, a facility that has access to anything and everything . Every single superhuman had to register themselves by the age of five when they finally received their gift. This way, the government could easily keep tabs on superhumans and be able to address concerns as per required. Furthermore, the Headquarter should be informed when a family of superhumans wished to move residency, as well as requesting for a different job from the one they have had. Always notify the Headquarter of any changes an individual was going to do before he or she proceeds further. Failure to do so will face consequences.

Despite the government ruling with an iron fist, superhumans never harbored any ill feelings toward their leaders. They have been showing impressive results for years and it satisfied everyone. Well, those who weren’t thrilled were smart enough to keep their opinion to themselves rather than be on the mercy of the government.

It’s all been smooth sailing for both races. The superhuman community even built their own school not long after they had established a stable relationship with humans. Doltore Institute of Arcane (D.I.A) could be found in the southern part of Crystalvale, in small town called Doltore. It’s an exclusive boarding school for gifted primary to high school students, and it occupied a quarter of the town’s land.

After half a decade when D.I.A was built, the Headquarter decided to build additional schools in the remaining four countries. Since then, a single primary to middle school in every country was constructed to prevent early separation of superhuman children from their families. However, when a student reached high school, they should move and attend D.I.A.

Not everyone was keen with the idea though. There were still some families who preferred their children being homeschooled for reasons only the Headquarter knew. Thereby requiring students to submit quarterly assessment from an accredited private tutor to the Headquarter. There’s a few downsides to being home-schooled; firstly a private tutor costs twice the tuition of a regular D.I.A student, secondly homeschooling was frowned upon, claiming its lack of proper education a child should receive. But, these didn’t deter families to choose the option.

Due to rigorous and advanced education for high school superhumans, they were catapulted to a job after graduation. Senior students must take the Career Placement Exam or CaPE, wherein a student would choose three categories of their interest such as; I-Corp., Pro-Tech, Mech-Support, Med-Group, Advance Research, MeArTh (Media, Arts, Theater), Military Services, or Soc-Scie (Social Science). If a student passed all three choices, the decision on which category to pursue was solely on the student.

After which, the newly graduate D.I.A student would undergo an extensive minimum of ten months training for their chosen career, while home-schooled one has to complete at least a year and a half training before landing on their desired job. Completion of training varied on the individual’s capacity to learn.

Although it’s clear as day the benefits that go with studying in D.I.A during high school, the main reason why students are ecstatic to move in a foreign country and leave their families at an early age had something to do with the possibility of finding their soulmate.

Soulmate, a person whom you have a natural affinity from the moment you meet. Be it an acquaintance, a friend, best friend, a lover, or even an enemy. As this connection nurtured, soulmates tend to be more dependent to their other half. They gravitate toward each other, they were like magnets of opposite sides which easily attracts the other, and the apparent feeling of being alive for the first time was ever so present.

The name appeared on the left inner side of the superhuman’s wrist on their fifteenth birthday. It was written beautifully in cursive black ink without any regard to race and gender. Soulmate was believed to be the perfect match of the other. Prejudice against homosexuality has never and will never be an issue, or at least for those who lived in superhuman countries. On the other hand, humans never experienced such a remarkable event when they turned fifteen. And, even if they’re the fated match of the superhuman, they wouldn’t have a mark. This left the entire searching task to the superhuman.

In the event the soulmate died, the other half will experience unimaginable sense of loss and longing. Dealing with it varies from one person to another. Oftentimes, it lead to depression and even possible suicide - a very common alternative for teenagers . After being torn apart by death, the remaining person’s mark will slowly fade until it went back to its former state.

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