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People leave you alone when you have no use for them. They leave you alone when I find out what you the truth of your life really is. Audrey Alexa Smith, hair to the company she never wanted, a girl with secrets and... a girl too scared to let anyone into her heart. After what happened to her friend that is. Professor John Robertson, a closed off man, not sociable, but the best professor the instetut has to offer, but that doesn't mean he wanted the new class with this new student. What was unexpected was the friendship that would bloom between them. Diego Sanchez, right hand to the soon to be found queen of the Russian group, The Brotherhood. Lovable and too devoted to his vow to stand by the side of the Queen, but the question is this, if the queen lets him in, will he still stick around? This is just a story, really! About a queen, a teacher, a fallower, and a lot of lies and of course betrayal.

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Chapter one

Audrey POV.

We all sang along with Ben as he played his country song. Melisa, Ben, Matt, Rosetta and I were in my parent’s cabin. We came here for the weekend and we’re planning on leaving tonight but until then I’d rather be in peace with all my friends than to think about what is awaiting for me back home. Melisa was sitting next to me on the couch, she was Ben’s sister. They looked exactly the same. Blue eyes, light brown hair and of course a beautiful built. Rosetta was sitting in front of us two clapping and singing along with the song, she had a twin sister named Rose but she had an exam tomorrow so she didn’t come with us. Rosetta is two minutes older than her sister and of course the one that is a hell lot more cheerful and talkative. She sometimes drives me crazy. I look behind me to see Matt lean back in his seat, his blond hair dropped over his dark stormy eyes because of the cowboy hat on is head.

I can’t say he wasn’t good looking but I’ve seen enough from boys to know that they are all the same.

I lied back on the couch, putting my head on Melissa’s lap. My hair dropping around me.

“Hey, your hair’s starting to look like before, Audrey.” Matt comments and I smile up at him.

“Thanks Matt.”

“You know you can take off your lenses around us,” Rosetta speaks up. “It’s not like we don’t know what you look like.”

I sigh and get up. “I know, but I’ve gotten used to them and I should probably die my hair again...” I say examining my two colored hair.

“Nonsense, your dad isn’t going to change his view if you color your hair or hide the true color of your eyes behind lenses,” Ben snaps drawing our attention to him. “You need to stop Audrey, he’s not going to change. We grew up with each other, we know each other’s secrets and you are the only one who keeps everything to herself after—.”

“That’s enough Ben.” Matt snaps. I look at him with surprise I never saw him shout at someone not to mention Ben.

“She needs to get over it.”

“And she will.”

I suddenly get up and shout at then both. “Enough! Ben’s right.” I slump down on the couch. “I have become distant after Simon’s death but I’m not ready to open up yet.” Melisa robes my arm trying to comfort me.

Shaking her head, Rosetta smiles evilly at me. “So you’re going to meet your new English teacher tomorrow. What was his name again? Oh right!” She crosses her legs and starts. “John Robertson. I heard that he is really serious and he doesn’t even look at someone without scaring the hell out of them.”

I role my eyes, that’s not even possible. And hey no one can scare me I’m Audrey Alexa Smith and nothing in this world scares me.


After dinner everyone went up to get some sleep before starting the trip back home. I stayed downstairs cleaning up and putting some food in a bag for our ride.

My phone rings and I answer without looking at the person’s ID.


“We need to talk.” Dammit. Eric.

I swallow before answering. “What do you want now? Called to remind me of what I’ve lost? Or should I say who we lost?”

“No, I’ve called to ask for a favor.”

My eyebrows rise up so high I thought they would reach the sealing. “A favor? Have you lost your mind? You are Eric Lord, you don’t ask for favors.” I say with a cold voice.

“Well I do and I’m asking for one right now.” He snaps from the other side. “I want a picture of him...”

I hold back my feelings as I say. “I’ll send one to your address, anything else?”

“Yes... umm... would you mind coming to my engagement party?”

My mouth falls to the ground. Engagement party???

Eric is definitely not the type of guy to get engaged, he’s a one night stand...

“Do you love her?” I ask. “Because if you don’t, return the favor and don’t marry her. Don’t break her.” And I cut the line.

Taking out a cigarette out of the cabinet I head outside. I light up the cigarette, taking in a large poke I rethink about what he said.

Engagement party...


After everything...

After his brother’s death...

At least someone is happy...

I let out the smoke as I watch the wind blow it away. Another poke...

I stay outside until Matt come after me, let’s just say two more cigarettes later.

I know it’s not good, especially with my conditions but I still smoke...


By the time we were back it was midnight, opening the door I was embraced by my little sister. She hugged me so hard that it started hurting. She let go and went back to bed. Kids.

“Hi dad!” I say with the biggest smile on my face I hug him and move to my mother and kiss her cheek.

“Eric’s father called tonight.” My dad starts as I sit down in front of him. “He said Eric’s getting engaged and invited us.”

I nod and speak up. “Eric called me too. But I can’t come my new courses are beginning—.”

“It’s ok, but you will come for his wedding ok?” He asks not looking up from his mobile.

I nod my head biting my lip. “Ok dad.” I knew too well what would happen if I said no. I thinks it’s only because of god that I’m still alive.

I pour myself a glass of water. Head into my room, take my pills and change. I get into bed and thanks to the pills, fall into a dreamless sleep...

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