Head upon Heels

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This story gives you about the idea the triangle love, how a girl name, Ankita attracts to those handsome faces but ends with the relationship with the boy name, Sam who has never even think about it. He was among the top students of medical schools and his batch name, TR-1, April batch and the girl, Ankita, who was average student in TR 8, June batch. As both have their morning and afternoon batches respectively. She was impressed by the boy Jay who was her's vanmate but at the end he owed another girl who was her's one of friend. Ankita and her two friend Vaishnavi and Siddhi, three were closest friend always help each other. And two of them have their own crush but ended with the rejection. Luckily she ended with bed of roses.

Romance / Drama
Khushboo Khapekar
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 First meeting

Alarms rings, it almost got quarter nine. 'What the shit, I got late.' Then she hurry and get ready. It was her first day of 11th standard. She was in hurry and get ready. She was waiting for her van to pick her. Then van came and took her. She notice that she was only girl sitting in the van. Then she asked driver about other students. They told that it was her first day and it will take time to come other students. Then driver drop her at her institute. It was afternoon, her classes starts from 12 am to 4 pm. Two lectures happen to be at interval of 2 hours. When she enter the institute, she was confused where to go. But then sir asked her that wait for few minute as the morning batch will be departing soon. When she enter one class, she saw many students are waiting. Then she saw her school mates, and said hii to her. There is no place to sit so she stands besides on girl. The girl asked her name and told herself as Avantika. Then her first friend was Avantika. They morning batches get departed and we were sent to room 3 and their batch named TR-8. Then they both sat on front bench. First lecture was about physics. The sir came and took the introduction of the students. Then he stated teaching. After lectures all were taking about the sir, he was good looking and fashionable personality. But Ankita was tube light person, she lately understood. Then next class we were having chemistry in which mam taking their lectures. The lectures was fun. Then time got soon and we were ready to depart. She was searching for her van and waiting at the gate. Then she noticed the driver, he was coming nearer to her. The door opened and in that the boy came out. He was quite cute and in hurry also. Maybe he was having his evening batches. Then driver told to sit and some students also joins and they drew their home. The days goes well and we made new friends. But the afternoon batches remain regretting. A notice came that extra classes of 11th state will be starting soon whoever interested can take part. Actually coaching was about the extra course and they need to handle the 11th 12th exams also. Then they decided to take part and almost 6-8 students were ready from their group. Wednesday were called officially off as faculty were not present at the institute and regular batches also taken on Sunday. Then they decided to take state class of TR-8 on Wednesday. Few days were gone like this, but then students were overcoming with the problem as weekly test always held on Thursday, Wednesday is the only day were students prepared for test. The beginning of weekly test gone great. It was for her like that she could achieve her goal. Then they get notice about the monthly test which was going to held after one month. They they get their syllabus all were preparing for this test. As it was the starting of this, they were getting Burden of weekly test and monthly test. All faculty were good at teaching. Most of the girls are attending physic class for the sir. Her class was only in afternoon batches. She get to know that in this institute total 10 batches are present, And faculties are few. They were all hardworking for the test. And the date came of the test. It was our first test. They were told to solve properly and neatly.

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