LOVE WON.... Fighting Her Parents' Battle

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Erin's life fell apart, a divorce, a major accident that left her in a coma and she lost her child. Somehow she overcame all this and moved on with life and found love again with Brandon. She was happy, lightning does not strike the same place twice, they say. But for Erin the lightning was coming yet again. She was fighting for her life and that of her children again. The truth was that this was not really her battle, it was her parents, yet it was squarely waged at her.

Romance / Drama
Dellyne I.
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Chapter 1

Erin Bitro sat on the couch fiddling with her phone and her book. She looked at her phone screen again for the umptieth time. His flight had landed 6 hours ago, she had called him, he had not picked the call. She sent him messages on WhatsApp: the blue ticks showed he read them, but she did not get any reply. She sat there with tears streaming down her eyes, he had changed he was distant. He was not abusive or mean but he was distant. She did not know what was wrong. She had asked, done all she could to make him comfortable, but it was all going downhill. He was gone most of the time and when he came home he was just oblivious of her. She was dragged out of her thoughts by the keys turning in the door. She wiped her tears and looked at the door expectantly.

Kevin walked through the door and sighed as he walked to the living room, where the light was on. He was done shuffling back and forth, he wanted to lead a normal life. “Hi,” he said looking at her, she had been crying, he felt bad. “Rin, I can’t do this to you anymore.” He said seating on the couch opposite from her. “I don’t think there is an easy way to say this, but we should file for divorce.” He heard the strong intake of breath then the silent sobs as she started crying. He sat staring at his fingers as she continued to cry. After a while the sobs subsided.

“What changed? What went wrong” she asked in a thick painful voice.

“I found someone who makes me believe that everything in life can be perfect. I am sorry Rin; I can’t live without her and I cannot keep stringing you along.” He said.

Erin loved Kevin they had met in her first year of university while he was doing his final year. He was her first love, the first man in her life. They had been married for 3 years. Now he was ready to move on without her.

“Can we try, to work on us? Give us 3 months to see if…..” she started

“No Erin, there is nothing you can do that can change my mind. I need to focus on her and our unborn child. She needs me there more than ever” he said sounding irritated.

“she is pregnant? But you told me to wait,” she said.

“I know what I told you, but it does not change the fact that she is expecting my child.” He snapped.

“Kev, I love you….” She whispered.

“Don’t hurt yourself Rin, are you happy with me?” he asked

She just sat there crying.

“Look, the papers will be brought here tomorrow. Look at them, I have been quite generous with you and I will always be available for you. If there is anything you do not like, let me know and we can discuss or change it. You also get to keep the house, so you don’t have to struggle with that. I am going to pull out my stuff and put them in my office, the movers will come and pick them.” He looked warily at her crying form and walked out to sort out his stuff.

Erin sat there sobbing her heart out then slowly stood up and went to their bedroom. Kevin was busy taking clothes out of the walk-in closet they shared. She walked in and took a pair of black skinny jeans, a red knee length sweater top, a black scarf, a black ankle-length trench coat and went into the bathroom. She quickly dressed up and walked out. She pulled on her red vans and took her wallet and car keys and started walking out.

“Rin,” He called. She paused without turning “The papers will be brought here tomorrow. I want you to be here to sign them. I don’t want unnecessary drama.” He said.

“You just have to change two things, if you can call your lawyer to do it now I will be here by 4pm to sign them. I don’t want the house or your money.” She said and walked out.

Kevin should have felt relieved that she was not going to give him a hard time but instead he still felt burdened. However, one thing was clear there was no other woman he wanted to be with other than Patricia, his angel, the perfect woman for him.

After two hours of driving Erin pulled up at her parents’ driveway. Her father opened the door when she rung the bell. With one look, he pulled her into his arms as she cried. Her mother came down the stairs and joined the hug crying too. They were already aware of the struggles she had been dealing with. She filled them in on what had happened with Kevin.

“You will be fine Baby, and we are here for you all the way” her dad said.

“We will go back with you to help you pack up and we will settle you in here.” her mom added.

“I have been unwell; I took a few days off work and my boss fired me.” She said “I told him I did not want his money. I….” Erin said before her dad interrupted her

“Baby you can work for me or your mom, you have nothing to worry about we are here for you. But I need you to get well first then we can talk about work” her dad said.

“come on dear, I will tuck you in, you need to rest for a few hours I will wake you up in time to eat and go get your stuff.” Her mom said pulling her towards the stairs.

Two weeks after all the hustle of moving back to her parents’ house and crying for hours Erin decided to go to the doctor because whatever she had was getting worse. She now sat on the examination table dumbfounded. ‘You are pregnant, 8 weeks along’ the doctor had said. She was dazed as she rearranged herself, she barely heard the instructions for the prenatal vitamins, she pulled out her phone and called her parents, they were shocked, guarded but happy. She took a photo of the ultrasound print she had been given and sent it to Kev on WhatsApp, he deserved to know, he was the father. She called him immediately.

“hello,” she said

“What is this Erin?” he asked

“I am pregnant, I am still at the doc…”

“Cut it out Erin, I never pictured you as one of those clingy blackmailing bitches. If you are really pregnant call me when you give birth I will come for the DNA test.” He said and hung up.

Erin stood at the door of her car. Her ears were ringing, and her vision was blurred. She slowly got in and pulled out heading to the highway. The last thing she heard was a loud bang as everything went black.

Fifteen minutes after calling Erin, Kevin’s phone was ringing again, he looked at the screen and saw an unfamiliar landline number.

“Hello,” he answered

“Is this Mr. Kevin Parks?” the lady on the line asked

“Yes, how can I help you?” Kevin asked.

“I am calling from Alpine Hope Hospital, you are listed as the next of Kin for Ms. Erin Bitro, she was involved in an accident and is admitted here. We might need your signature or approvals.” The lady said.

Kevin mumbled that he was on his way and picked up his keys and ran out the door. He cursed himself. She was telling the truth; it was never in his nature to be aggressive or abusive especially not to her. She was a sweet person; yet in the heat of the moment he had lost his temper and abused her the first time she called him despite promising to always be there for her.

Kevin rushed to the information desk at the hospital and was directed to a waiting room. As he walked in he saw her parents huddled together. Her mother was sobbing quietly, and her dad had tears running down his face. These people had been nothing but good to him, yet he was the reason they were here today.

“You were, the last person she talked to, what did you say to my baby?” Roy Bitro said in and eerily calm voice and he stood to his full 6-foot 2 height and stalked menacingly towards Kevin.

Kevin knew he had messed up, he looked at the large man coming at him, before he could open his mouth, a heavy blow landed on the right side of his face and thus began the rain of blows from an angry parent. He scrambled out of the room as some people held Roy back.

He sent Pat a message explaining the situation to her. And sat at the reception waiting. Three hours later a nurse came and called him to the waiting room. The doctor was standing there seemingly waiting for him. He walked in quietly and stood as far away as possible from fuming Roy.

“she has Four broken ribs, fractured right hip and tibia, three internal bleeding sites and a hemorrhaging uterus because of the miscarriage. She is stable, we stopped the 3 other internal bleeding, cleaned out the Uterus, the fetus was already dead maybe on impact but there is still some bleeding from the uterus, and we are monitoring that. She is in a medically induced coma, just to help her heal, we will pull her out in five days. I have put her in ICU for now and I will only let in one person at a time for five minutes. Any questions?” the doctor asked.

They all shook their heads and he told them where to go for the ICU access clearance and other relevant paper works.

“You will not go anywhere near my child; you have done enough damage. Now, get out of here and let me never see you face again.” Roy snarled at Kevin.

Kevin contemplated arguing but he figured it wouldn’t help him in anyway. He slowly walked out of the waiting room and headed to his car. This was not how he pictured the end with Erin. He prayed that she would get better. He hoped that she would call him even just to shout at him. He laughed mirthlessly; he could count how many times in the six years they had been together that Rin had lashed out at him. Pat was a spitfire. but Erin was always calm, quite and collected. He did not know why he had been driven to be so mean to her. Pat had nothing against Erin, in fact she acted as though Erin was nonexistent, even when she had told her about the accident and the baby she had only asked about him and asked him to get home to her safely. The baby, he had disowned his own child. He sighed, gulped at the pain he felt his chest and pulled out his car and drove out.

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