LOVE WON.... Fighting Her Parents' Battle

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Chapter 3

Fridays were something else. It always seemed like the day was shrunk into less hours with lots of orders to go on. Erin walked out the meeting with potential clients. As she walked to her office, Nate stopped her.

“Turn right back boss lady; your next meeting is up, conference room four, Mark, Lucas and their teams are waiting for you.” He said. “All the details are attached on the schedules folder.”

Groaning, Erin turned around and walked to the conference room. Mark, head of operations and Lucas head of procurement and a few members from their teams seemed to have already started the meeting. They nodded at her in greeting.

“We can not buy more than five more trailers, Evans explained that in the last budget meeting. That is why I have gone for five trailers and three lorries. It will ease the load if we look at the scheduling.” Lucas said.

“We are already stretching it as thin as we can get. Maybe we should cut down on the long-haul orders until we stabilize the fleet.” Mark said looking at his laptop.

“Not an Ideal solution Mark, we can rent. I would rather take a small dent in the profit than lose a client. The trailers come in three months, Lucas, you and your team should look for rentals to cover until then.” Erin said. “Let us get the rates and do and analysis to see the impact if we take rentals.”

Mark’s phone rung.

“Tell me Rufus” he said and listened as one of the fleet supervisors talked.

“Which client?” he asked again. He sighed and pushed his fingers through his hair. Let me come there.

“We have three 22- wheelers that are due at Magnum pharmaceutical for loading and the drivers are running late.” He said sighing.

“What happened to the drivers?” Erin asked

“Billy’s wife slipped and fell, when Cane had gone to pick him up to come to work because they car-pool. So, they are taking her to hospital, but they are caught up in traffic on the highway. Tom is also stuck in the same traffic jam, I think there is an accident.” Mark answered

“Ok, can’t we talk to Magnum to reschedule the loading?” Erin asked

“We already asked for that, this was supposed to be done in the morning, but these trailers rolled in this morning and we needed to service them before we send them to Magnum because they will be doing long haul.” Alice, from Mark’s team said

“The permit for them to hit the road in from nine evening but they need to load. The drivers should be able to be there by nine. Erin are you up to delivering Trailers to Magnum?” Mark asked. “You, Rufus and I can take the trailers, the drivers will come directly there, and we will use their cars to come back.” He said.

“I think I have no more meetings but let me check with Nate.” She said pulling out her phone. “Nate, I think this is my last meeting for the day, right?” she asked

“Yes, but I need you to approve the procurement requests in the system and sign the documents. I would like to upload them today.” He said.

“I will just deliver a trailer to a client then I will approve them as soon as I get back.” She answered

“You are making me work overtime boss-lady. But you look sexy as hell in a trailer, I will meet you out back with your wallet.” He said and hung up as Erin laughed. Nate was the closest friend she had, his girlfriend had been jealous about it at first, but she soon realized that there was nothing sexual between them.

“If there is nothing else, we will resume the meeting on Monday when we have the numbers for the rentals and the full analysis, Lucas you can run this by Evans and get his input.” Erin said.

Lucas acknowledged, and everybody stood up to leave. Erin was glad it was a Friday, so she was dressed down in black skinny jeans, a red loose shirt and a pair of black loafers.

She joined Mark as they walked towards the huge garage and parking bay at the back of the office building. Rufus greeted them as they walked out and gave them each a key. Nate handed her the wallet cracking endless jokes about her physical frame and the size of the vehicles she drove.

She walked to the 22-wheeler and slowly eased out.

Brandon finished the meeting with the pharmaceutical team and walked out with the transport manager Casper.

“These are scheduled for loading in the next few minutes, the trailers should be coming in any minute now.” He said as they walked into the large enclosed loading bay.

“Let’s take this outside, this place is freezing,” Brandon said. They walked outside the bay just as the trailers started pulling in.

Brandon noticed some of the employees gawking at the trailer, so he followed their gaze. Pulling in the huge 22-wheeler was his Erin. And the sight did wonders to his body. He burst out laughing causing his employees not accustomed to him laughing to turn and stare at him.

“I have heard she does this but to actually see it is something else,” Casper said. “That is the CEO for Red-line” he added.

“Oh, I know who she is,” Brandon said smiling. He stood and watched as she expertly maneuvered and started reversing the 22-wheeler into the loading bay. He started walking to the trailer when she was almost done. They had been having these long phone calls daily for the whole week and he was still trying to figure out how to meet her but seeing her, he already knew he what to do. He reached her door and waited as she turned off the ignition and picked her stuff and opened the door.

“I know you can do it by yourself but allow me,” he said raising up both arms to help her out and down.

She smiled at him and pushed her phone and wallet into her back pockets and put her hands on his shoulders. He held her waist and easily carried her from the trailer. Not caring about the onlookers, he adjusted her into a hug and held her tightly to him. “I have been dreaming of you in my arms for so long,” he whispered. “And, I have been missing you”

“Me too” she said quietly.

They pulled apart and noticed that people were staring.

Mark walked up to them.

“Brandon, Nice to see you again.” He said

“Same here Mark.” Brandon answered. “Red-Line seems to be an interesting place to work., do you all have licenses for trailers?” he asked.

Mark burst out laughing. “We don’t like disappointing clients if we can avoid it. The drivers are stuck in the traffic on the highway, there is a pile-up. They will be here before roll-out. so, Rufus one of our supervisors, Erin and I decided to bring in the trailers for loading so that everything still goes on schedule.” He explained.

“Ms. Bitro, it is a pleasure to meet you.” Casper said as he joined them extending his hand. “I am Casper Reed.”

“Nice to meet you Mr. Reed” Erin said shaking his hand.

“Mark, now that you are here, there is something I wanted to discus with you and Rufus.” Casper said. “If you don’t mind, can we go to my office?”

’No Problem, Erin, can you wait, or can I call an Ubber for you?” Mark asked.

“No worries Mark I will call my Ubber, I guess I will see you guys in Monday.” Erin responded

Both men acknowledged and followed Casper into the building.

Erin turned and looked at Brandon, seeing him in person for the first time since they agreed to work towards a relationship. She felt her cheeks heat up at his gaze and she dropped her gaze.

“Still shy?” he asked with his thumbs hooked in the pockets of his black jeans looking at her.

“I am not!” she said not looking at him.

He laughed at her.

“instead of talking on phone today can we actually sit and talk.?” He asked.

“We can, but I have to get back to the office, I have some things to clear then I will meet you later.”

“What are your working hours?” he asked

“Normal office hours are 9 to 5. My normal office hours are 7 to 4 but I run a flexible schedule according to business requirement like now,”

“Hmm,” he said thinking fast, “Can I be your Ubber? I will take you to your office, wait up for you to finish your work, then I will take you home to pack up a bag, then we will go to my place for a slumber party.” He said quickly eying her intently.

“Your place?” she asked quietly with brows pulled together.

“I am collecting on one of the dates you owe me” he said looking at her warily.

“Traditional dates don’t stretch overnight,” she said.

“Darling, you will soon learn I do not do many things traditionally.” He said. “I just want us to sit and talk not worrying about time, driving and all that. We will make dinner, eat, talk and sleep in separate rooms. Is that fine?” he asked.

“Yes, yes, it is,” she said.

He instantly relaxed, “Well then let’s get going” he said leading her towards an elevator. They walked to an office on the 10th floor where he packed up the laptop and picked his jacket and led them out.

“You are too quiet,” he said,

“So are you.” She responded smiling.

“Are you scared of coming to my house?”

“You did not give me time to adjust to the idea.”

“I did not plan it, just thought about it when I saw you.”

She looked up at him and smiled. They stepped into the lift and she moved to hold his hand. He looked at their hands then at her and smiled. They were both quiet as they exited the elevator. They started walking to the exit through the halls of employees winding down the work week and making weekend plans. Erin tried to pull out her hand, but he held on as he stopped to talk to his employees on his way out. everyone looked pointedly at their hands and Erin was getting uncomfortable. Finally, they walked out of the building and he led them to an all-black G55 he opened the door for her and then he went around to the driver’s side.

Once they were on the road heading to her office he looked at her, “what’s on your mind?”

“How big and tall you are,” she blurted out then facepalmed herself.

His boisterous laugh filled up the car.

“But have you thought of how perfect we look together?” he asked looking at her.

She smiled at him.

“You are so…….. so Thor.” She said

“Thor?” he asked

“Yes Thor, God of thunder from Asgard, hot handsome huge guy with long blond hair from the Marvel movies!” she said.

“so, you think I am hot handsome and huge?” he asked laughing.

She joined him the laughter. And the slowly stopped and looked at him.

“I know, you are hot, handsome and huge. You are also very patient, a good listener and for the short time we have been talking, a good friend. I am looking forward to what the future holds for us.” She said

“Thank you, for the compliment and the confidence in our future.” He said taking her hand in his. “you are an incredibly beautiful woman, you listen too, you share your thoughts and you have made me feel special. I know we are just starting out, but I know I will not let go, not without a fight.”

They sat in silence, both lost in their own thoughts.

Soon they drove up to the Red-line premises. They walked in and Erin led them to the lift to go up to her 3rd floor office. She walked in to the office. The entrance to her office had a waiting area and a work station for Nate. Then there was an inner door that led to her office. As soon as she walked in Nate stood up.

“Hurry up boss-lady, Nathan has to go clubbing and he can’t be late.” He paused when he saw Brandon. Erin snickered as she walked to her office. “Mr. Magnum, good evening”

“Good evening Nathan, nice to see you again.” He said as he followed Erin into her office.

She was already seated at her laptop typing away.

“Make yourself comfortable, want tea, coffee or juice?” she asked gesturing at a small vending machine on a mini fridge.

“Not yet, but I will just get some work done as I wait on you,” he pulled out his phone.

Erin worked for about half an hour. Then called Nate on the office phone.

“Hey Boss-lady, are you getting laid by the black-haired Thor? About time you broke your five-year secondary virginity phase, it is…..” she quickly picked up the receiver.

“Nathan! The approvals are all done, do you need all these contracts signed today?”

“Just look over the one from Mercedes, I have to send it today. I was on speaker, wasn’t I?” he asked.

“Yeah.” She answered and hung up not waiting for the next thing her friend would say.

She pulled out the Mercedes contract that was part of the paper work for the new trailers. Lucas and Mark had already signed. She started going through it tapping her pen on her forehead.

“Hey,” Don called

“Yep” she said not looking up from the paper she was reading.

“Nathan…….” He started

“Is like my younger brother, my closest friend so his mouth tends to run sometimes” she said.

“Told him about us?” He asked.

“Not directly, just told him I am talking to someone,” she answered

She dialed Lucas on her desk phone.

“Hi Lucas. The Mercedes contract, the extended version is not covering 5 years?”

“Three, if we want 5 we cough up more”

“How much?”

“Not the point Erin, I ran this by Evans and Claude, the cost of just maintaining them in house after 3 years is lesser plus our Mechanics have done the trainings with all the suppliers so they are good. Our mech team and the insurance should be enough.” He said.

“Ok, thanks.” She said

“Erin?” he called

“Yep” she responded

“Go home.” He said

“In a bit” she answered

“you work too hard,” he said

“So do you, what are you still doing here?” she retorted

“was waiting on the approvals you just finished that Nate uploaded. Once you give him the contract and he uploads it I will finish up and be gone.” He said laughing.

“Just done signing, I will give it to Nate now. Enjoy your weekend Lucas. And say hi to Marissa for me.”

“Will do, you have fun too, get your head out of the business and books and enjoy, you have done a great job with the business we are all happy and proud of you.”

“Thanks, Lucas.” She said disconnecting the call and standing to give the contract to Nate.

“Here, done.” She said as she walked to his work station.

“I am sorry Rin; did not think I was on speaker.”

“it’s fine Nate.”

“I will leave now, I will give you the other contracts first thing Monday morning. I will take them home with me.”

“Again? Aren’t you going home with black-haired Thor?”

“Nate! Stop calling him that!”

“But you started it.”

“So, I am pulling the plug on it.”

“For a fun looking person, you are such a sourpuss.”

“Sour puss? Really Nate?”

“Just wait until Hot-handsome-giant finds out your nose is permanently stuck in books and runs for the hills. Buy a pole Rin, slither around it like a snake and leave the man panting!”

“My God Nate! I am out! Tell Yvette I feel sorry for her, you are something else!”

Rin turned towards her office and stood stock still. The door was ajar. Nate looked at her the followed her gaze to the door. He groaned silently and mouthed his apology and acted busy.

Rin huffed, braced herself and walked into her office. As soon as she walked in she heard his quiet laugh.

“I like him.” He said.

“We can go.” She said walking to desk packing up.

“Both Lucas and Nate think you shouldn’t be carrying work home.” He said.

“I have lots of free time at home over the weekends, got to fill it up with something.”

He looked at her for a bit.

“You are indeed a sourpuss. By the way I am buying the pole.”


“A pole for you to slither around like a snake and leave me panting…..I am getting it” he said laughing at her appalled look.

“Let’s get out here before Nate’s mouth gets him fired.” She murmured walking to the door.

“Have fun boss-lady” Nate said snickering. “Enjoy your weekend Mr. Magnum.”

“You too Nate and contrary to what she said, tell Yvette she is lucky to have you.” Brandon said winking as Nate laughed.

Erin started walking to her raptor when they got to the parking lot.

“We are taking my car, that was the agreement.”

“How will I get around over the weekend and how will I get to work on Monday?”

“I will be your driver.”

“That is not practical”


“Ok, lets go then” she said walking to his car

“Where is home?”

“The Ranges.” She answered giving him the specific address

“You live with your parents?”

“Nope, I moved out slightly over 2 years ago.”

“To the Ranges?” he asked clearly confused.

The Ranges was an upscale area, but it had big family houses. With equally big back and front yards. Not ideal for a single woman.

“I love space, I love open air, the outdoors, I love having a home that reflects that. I grow my own vegetable, I grow my flowers, I decorate my own spaces…..”

“Wow, you are different.”

“Different? In comparison to who?”

“Most women in my circle. But it is good.”

“What do you do for fun?”

“hiking and building”

“I love hiking too and so does my dad, we always end up camping.”

“Can’t wait to do that with you.”

“What do you build?”

“I buy fixer-uppers and work on them, I have a team I work with. Some I sell some I keep and rent out.”

They soon drove in to the Ranges and pulled up at Erin’s gate. She pulled out her car keys which also had the remote to open her gate.

Her house was a country house style one storied structure with grey stone exterior with blue roofing. It was a well-tended, and so family looking.

“I have space in the garage now that my truck is at work.”

He drove in a parked next to a jungle green Landover defender. Brandon looked at the car and looked at the petite woman slipping out his car. She was nothing like the women he knew.

“Are you coming?” she asked. He turned off the ignition and got out of the car. They walked into the house through the garage door and Don looked on in admiration. The house was warmly decorated, light warm colors with landscape and cityscape pictures well hanged on the walls. They walked through to the cozy living room into her office that was also a library. One thing was clear this was a very well taken care of family house. He was pulled out of his awestricken daze by her voice.

“Strange huh?” she asked “Every time my parents come over they tell me it is strange. But, I want to come home to a place that makes me happy, and this is it”

“This is amazing Rin, I love it, most women I know would go for a fancy condo or something but not you.”

“I am glad you do not find it strange. Come on it is sunset, you got to see this.” She said taking his hand.

She led them to the kitchen a pulled out a large pitcher of fresh juice, “I don’t have any alcoholic drinks in the house, but I have soda and fresh juice, what do you want?”

“Juice. Thanks”

“I made it yesterday, it is tropical mix” she said as she took out two glasses filled them up. “Here you go, now come on” she said as she handed him one glass and led him towards the back door. “Sunset…..” she said as she sat on a rattan couch on the porch and parted the spot next to her for him.

He sat down and looked at the woman next to him, then at the skyline.

Overlooking the hilly forest line, the sky was a mixture of warm colors, orange, yellow with clouds scattered around and the final rays peeking out. Streaks of silver seeped through the warm choreography of colors. There was a light warm breeze and the sound of birds and insects. It was something so simple yet so significant.

Rin let out a content sigh and leaned on to Don’s shoulder. Don looked down at her and adjusted them so that her head was on the side of his chest and his arm around her shoulders. They sat like that each lost in their own thoughts until the automatic lights went on.

“Oh, we zoned out.” she said

“Goes down as one of the best moments in my life” he said looking down at her. “But I want to make it the best moment yet by doing this.” He stood up and pulled her up with him crushing his lips on hers. She gulped in surprise at his assertiveness. He did not give her time to react and shot his tongue into her mouth. In that moment, he needed to feel her, to taste her. For a split of a moment, she stiffened in his arms, but she quickly relaxed and responded to his kiss. Their tongues swirled around each other tasting and savoring. He pulled her closer to him as his hands caressed and massaged her lower back and her butt as they kissed fervently. Her fingers roamed from his neck then into his hair. She let out a small moan as he gripped her waist and her tight against him. Slowly he eased out of the kiss papering kisses along her jawline, temple and rested his lips on her forehead. They stood for a minute steading their breathing.

“Wow, I think kissing evolved” she said giggling.

“it is about who you share it with, with the perfect person, it is the perfect thing” he said seriously looking into her eyes. His pressed his lips gently to hers then pulled up. “can I see more of your magical back yard?”

“Um, oh yes, come along.”

She led them further into the back and opened a small gate leading to the garden. She was proud of it. She currently had lettuce, kale, red cabbage, broccoli and cauli flower. She also had string beans, peas, spring onions and potatoes. Tomatoes and passion fruits hang on vines. She looked around proudly then looked at him. His mouth was slightly open, and he looked shocked.

“Brandon, you will swallow a bug if don’t close your mouth” she said.

“I was not expecting an actual proper and well-done garden, this is not something I would have dreamed about. I must have you babe, you are different, perfect so simple and beautiful. He said looking at her gently.”

“Most people find this a little too domestic. Even my own mom, even though I give her free vegetable.” She answered.

“I love it, and I think I might be falling for the woman behind it all.” He said quietly.

Erin looked up at him then started walking to the house. She was falling for him, but she had done her homework about him. The women he liked were nothing like her. She was a working yet domestic woman. She wanted to build her home not go to high society gatherings. She couldn’t keep Kevin, yet he was nothing compared to the larger than life, wealthy, handsome man holding her hand. She did not want to break her heart again.

“So, I will go up and pack an overnight bag and we will be on our way, right?”

“After seeing your amazing home, I feel like my place will be a downgrade.”

“I highly doubt that any thing with you could be a downgrade.” She answered.

He stopped at the stairs and asked her, “Is it ok if I come along?”


Erin’s bedroom was simple with a king-size bed with an egg-shaped cocoon filled with books that also had a cozy recliner inside. There was an adjoining bathroom and a large walk in closet.

“I will be fast.” As she walked into the walk-in closet.

“Take your time,” he said walking into the reading cocoon.

Erin walked out with a barrel bag. “I am set to go – will just grab my handbag and laptop bag for the office”

“This is so comfortable” he said gesturing at the recliner in the reading cocoon.

“Yeah, a small reading paradise.” She said looking at it, “you just have to slip in there with your book and the right music and the world and all its chaos disappear”

He stepped up to her and kissed her lips lightly. “you are the home I have been looking for.” He whispered.

He took the barrel bag from her and walked out of the bedroom.

Erin stood there staring after him, she wondered what that even meant, ‘she was the home?’ she quickly recollected herself and ran down the stairs. He was already standing at her office door. She walked into the office and picked up her handbag and laptop bag and looked up at him.

“I am set to go,” she said.

He led them out.

“Why are you single?” she asked after a long silence in the car.

“I do not consider myself single, not after the first phone call we had,” he answered, briefly looking at her then focused back to the road.

“You don’t?” she asked

“Do you?” he replied with a question.

“I hadn’t thought about it but maybe we should talk about it…..we are taking it slow right?” she asked

“I am not a very patient man and my mind is made up on so many levels, but I don’t want to ruin this with impatience, so I will try to move at your pace.” He said.

She looked at him, slightly confused by his response but not sure how to phrase her questions about his response. Maybe she wasn’t the only one falling fast.

“So up until two weeks ago you were single?” she asked

“The longest relationship I have had lasted one year and the lady I was with just left, I guess whatever I lacked or had was too much for her that she walked out, cut all communication and relocated to another country. I tried talking to her, but she ignored me. So, I let her be. That was 3 years ago, since then I have not been in a relationship, but I have had sex.” He answered.

“The only man in my life was Kevin. After him, I have not made any attempts to have any relations with any man. My mom has tried to set me up, but I just couldn’t, and I think my dad was traumatized too, so he has been working hard to make sure I stay single, which to him meant I was alive, and no one was hurting me.” She said.

They both went silent each lost in their thoughts. Soon they were pulling into the basement parking of an upscale building downtown.

“Do you trust me?” he asked as he turned off the ignition.

“Huh?” she looked at him

“Do you trust me not to hurt you, not to break your heart?”

“For the period we have been talking you have come off as the Man I dream of, and I believe that the stories out there about you are mostly because people do not know you well.” She said and closed her eyes then inhaled and exhaled loudly, “Yes, I do trust you and if you ever do break my heart, I will live, I will be fine, it won’t be easy, but I will be well in time.”

“Open your eyes and look at me” he commanded quietly

She slowly opened her eyes then looked at him.

“I promise, I will not intentionally hurt you because I want you to trust me without setting me up for failure. I am going to work on earning your trust. Just give me a chance.” He said

“I am here, it means you have the chance, but this is not one way: I want you to trust me to be the kind of woman you need and want. Trust me not to be a fling in your life and give me a chance as well.” She responded.

He looked at her intently and smiled; “Come on sweetheart, lets go make dinner,” he said as he opened his door and went around to open hers.

Brandon lived in a penthouse on the 20th floor. It was all glass walls and the view was picturesque. It was an open plan furnished in black and silver. He led her to the room she would be using. It was furnished and painted mild turquoise. The house was a modern glamorous setting.

“This is so beautiful” she said, “right out of a picture of a magazine.”

“Until I saw your place I thought this was perfect.” He responded.

“It is perfect,” she responded.

“Well, how do you always start of your evening?” he asked

“I need to shower, get off the grim of the day and put on comfy clothes then I am set for the evening” she said

“I will take a shower as well, then we can set out to make dinner.”

They both walked into their rooms.

fifteen minutes later, Erin walked out of her room in red yoga pants and a black t-shirt. Brandon was in the kitchen pulling stuff out of the fridge while speaking on phone in black track pants and a black vest. paused a distance away and studied him, taking in his muscularity, handsomeness, agility as he moved around the kitchen and she remembered the kiss they had shared, the gentleness with which he talked to her, and she knew she wanted this, she had waited five years, but she was ready if she was going to do life with this man.

Brandon noticed her standing looking at him with such longing in her eyes that his heart broke for her. She had lost so much, been broken so bad that it seemed that she was desperately trying to assure herself of his presence in her life. Little she know he was all in, he wasn’t going anywhere. He was hers for as long as he lived. He put the pasta on the counter and walked to her.

“My little trailer driver is looking so forlorn, talk to me.” He said pulling her small frame against his big frame. he liked how their bodies fit together.

“Was just thinking, wishing and praying, I will tell you some day,” she said raising to her toe tips to kiss his neck, “I lo….” She stopped herself and stiffened.

Brandon instantly pulled away still holding her and looked down at her. She averted her gaze focusing on the tiled floor. He waited for her to look at him, but she did not. He decided not to push it.

“Shall we cook? I am making pasta with chicken and vegetable.” He said quietly and led them to the kitchen.

“What do you call it? They all have these fancy names” she said as she chopped up the veggies.

“I don’t do the fancy names, I just cook whatever I like the way I like, and I mention the main ingredients.” He said.

She burst out laughing, “Finally! Someone on the same boat as me. My mom and Nate have these small heart attacks when I don’t use the fancy names as well.”

They made their dinner chatting easily.

“Drinks with dinner?” he asked. “I always have a glass of wine”

“I do not…..I have never taken anything alcoholic.” She said cautiously.

He paused looking at her trying to figure out why she sounded unsure of herself.

“And that is a problem to you?” he asked

“In some settings I have been told it makes me less fun….but it is not a problem to me.” She answered

“Then it is not a problem to me, sobriety is a virtue, sweetheart.” He said. “so, water for you?” he continued chuckling.

“Green tea, do you have some?”

“Green what?”

“Never mind, I will take water and I will make juice from these.” She said holding up some lemons and oranges. “Where is your juicer or processor?”

He showed her still snickering.

“I will stock up with all your strange concoctions, just send me a list.”

“It is just green tea hun, nothing strange… should also stock up on your drinks at my place, but you will have to get them yourself, I will provide the storage space.” She replied.

The food was ready, so he plated for both as she made her juice.

“The weather is nice, if you do not mind we can eat out on the terrace.” He said looking at her.

“I would love that, cutlery?” she asked

“Top drawer on the left.” He replied

“Mats or trays?” she asked

“I have a full dinning set out there, mats” he answered carrying out their food as she followed with the drinks and cutlery on a tray.

“wow, this is beautiful.” She said looking at the terrace with a dining set, rattan sofas and a swing. There were potted plants decorating the space and the view was magnificent.

“I love it too, that is what sold me to this house.” He said looking at her. “come on,” he said pulling a chair for her, “Let’s eat”

She took her first bite and moaned. He paused with his forkful of food and stared at her.

“This food tastes divine, I need to know every spice you added.” She said oblivious of the effects of her actions.

He put the fork down and cursed silently, “I …um, you moaned…” he said instead of talking about the spices.

She burst out laughing. ’Focus and eat,” she said. “Tell me about your parents.”

“We are very close, I have to show up for dinner twice a month. Both my parents are still actively involved in running the businesses. My dad is tough, my mom is easy going and sweet. My dad is Malcom and my mom is Brenda.” He said. “what about yours?”

“My dad and I are very close, so my mom had to be the tough one, but she has never done a good job of the tough love thing. My dad still helps with Red line but now he is mostly focused on a resort they plan on opening next year. My dad is called Roy, and my mom is Ivanna.

They had dinner chatting easily. When they were done, they cleaned up and loaded the dish washer. Then Brandon pulled her to the living room. They decided to go on an X-Men movie marathon. They settled on the plush leather couch as the movie started. Fifteen minutes into the movie, Brandon adjusted his sitting position and pulled her between his legs holding her to against his chest. She leaned in and got comfortable. They watched the movie silently until Brandon’s hands started moving. He trailed them slowly over her arms then moved to her breasts holding each breast in one hand as started kneading gently, he moved his head to the crook of her neck and started trailing her neck with open -mouth kisses. She felt his erection nudging at her. Her breaths were coming out in pants and she was thoroughly aroused.

“This was not planned but I want you so bad.” He whispered.

“I want you too” she said.

He turned her and took her lips in a searing, toe curling kiss. They both held on to each other tightly as the kiss went on until they both come up for air.

“I don’t have any condoms on me.” He said.

“I have an IUD, and I haven’t been with anyone for 5 years” she said.

“I am clean, I have always used protection but if you are not comfortable it is fine I..we can..”

“I trust you?”

He looked at her intently, “you do, or you are asking?”

She shook her head as if clearing something, “I trust you.” She stated

He looked down at her for a bit as if trying to read something then scooped her and carried her to his bedroom. Despite the intense sexual need searing between them, they undressed each other slowly, touching and kissing. Their first joining was not frantic but loving, intense yet full of lust for each other.

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