LOVE WON.... Fighting Her Parents' Battle

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Chapter 5

Two weeks had passed since Don left for the business trip. They spoke daily on phone and Erin had spent a few nights at his place. She had never met the cleaning service team, but the house was immaculate. She figured they must be like those who took care of her house, they came only during working hours. It was Friday and she was missing Don a little more because she hadn’t been able to contact him the whole day. She found herself driving to his house. She spent the evening finishing up some work and ordered Chinese for dinner. She showered and pulled on of Don’s t-shirts and got in bed.

Don’s flight landed a few minutes after midnight and he decided to drop his luggage home then go to Rin’s he had missed her. He had decided not to do the vacation, as soon as they were done with business, he changed his flight schedule. He put the code and walked into his home straight to the bedroom for the luggage and that was when he saw her. In his t-shirt hugging a pillow and looking so beautiful. Before him was the best part of the trip, coming home to find her in his bed. He changed into his pajamas and eased into bed next to her, hugging her from behind. She turned around and snuggled closer to him. “My Brandon, love you” she murmured. Unable to hold back any longer he pressed his lips to hers gently. Her eyes flew open and she hugged him. He deepened the kiss dipping his tongue into her mouth and savoring her taste. She moaned trying to press closer to him. Their hands moved with love and lust against each other’s bodies. Driven by love, longing and lust, they were soon naked.

“I want to make love to you Rin.” Don said looking into her eyes.

“Then go ahead,” she said coyly

Don took a condom from the night stand and sheathed himself and turned to his woman.

A while later, lying side by side catching their breath and slaked. Erin turned to Brandon. “I wasn’t expecting you for another week, but I am happy you are back assuming all is well.”

“I just skipped the vacation. The best part of it all is finding you in my bed wearing my t-shirt.” He responded kissing her cheek.

Feeling too much fluid on her thighs Erin said she was going to clean up. Don stopped her and rushed to the bathroom and came back with a wash cloth and cleaned her up. she wondered why the fluid but figured maybe it was because she was ovulating. They slipped into slumber wrapped around each other.

The following week saw them spend each night together. It became a norm for either of them to drop off or pick the other from work.

“My folks came back yesterday and are inviting us to dinner tonight.” Don said looking at his phone as Rin drove to drop him off at his office.

“hmmm.” She hummed

“so, can I confirm?”


He looked at her and saw she looked a little unsettled. “My parents are easy people. Most stories you have heard are just fibs and I will be there with you throughout. Plus, I really want you to meet them.”

“Ok, so how do I dress up and what time should I be ready?”

“My mom says it is an easy family dinner. No fuss. We should be there by 6pm.”

Later that evening at they pulled up at his parents’ mansion both wearing black jeans, him with a dark blue shirt and her with a red blouse. As they got out of the car, both his parents walked out the door. Brandon looked exactly like his father, nothing of his mother.

“Nice to finally meet you Erin.” Malcom said pulling her into a hug. “My boy here is smitten, and I can see why, you are beautiful and very intelligent.”

“Thank you, Mr. Magnum, my pleasure to meet you too.” She responded

“To you my darling, it is Malcom and Brenda or Mum and dad in due time, I am so happy to meet you, and even happier that this stubborn son of mine is in love with you.” Brenda said hugging her as well.

Erin thanked her and looked at Brandon, her was looking at them with so much pride and love in his eyes. She eased away from his parents and took his hand as they walked to the house.

Brenda explained that they had a tradition of cooking together most times when they had family dinners. Then men were sent to the grill and Erin and Brenda took over the kitchen. An hour and a half later they were all seated at the dining table enjoying their meal with lots of chatter and laughter. Erin felt right at home, Malcom and Brenda were indeed easy and fun people, reminded her so much of her own parents in fact she thought they would be very good friends. It was clear that Brandon was loved but not spoilt. She was glad she came.

Brandon sat back laughing at his mother’s shock about Erin not drinking any form alcohol all her life. As the laughter and shock passed, he looked around the table with a grateful heart. He was not comparing but reflecting. Jocelyn his ex would not loosen up this much with his parents, she would never roll up her sleeves and got to the kitchen in fact she insisted on having most dinners with his parents out. there was always that stiff formal atmosphere. Yet Erin had cooked Caribbean dishes, while teaching his mom, and learned to cook his mom’s pineapple cake. She had fun talking business, family and any other topics that came up. He knew this is what he wanted family dinners to look like, just bring along Roy and Ivanna and his and Erin’s babies and it would be perfect. He smiled in contentment.

“Earth to Don!” Erin snapped her fingers in his face. “We are on dish duty.” She said standing up.

He followed her clearing the table as his parents went to the living room. They cleaned up and loaded the dishwasher chatting. They then went to living room.

“This has been one of the most fun evenings I have had,” Brenda said, “I can’t wait to do this with your parents as well.”

“I had a great time too, thank you so much for hosting me” Erin said.

“We did not host you, you cooked!” Malcom said. “I am glad you came, looking forward to more of these.”

“We will be on our way then,” Brandon said as he led Erin towards the door “See you later Old People.”

His parents saw them to the door and hugs went around with promises of another more visits. When they settled in the car Brandon turned to Erin before starting the car, “Coming for Lunch that day at your mother’s restaurant is the best thing I ever did. At first, I was amused at the conversations around the table from your team, making fun of you cooking and waiting tables and forgetting that we were there for lunch. Then you walked out with full hands and they all burst out laughing. I joined them, but inside I was bursting with how beautiful you looked, matched with the personality everyone had described around the table I wished to call you mine. Today with my parents just affirmed that you are my kind of woman. I love you Erin, more than I can put in words.” He said looking into her eyes tear filled eyes.

“I love you too Brandon, so much.” She said in tears.

“I didn’t intend to make you cry.” He said wiping the tears away.

“They are happy tears,” she said smiling.

“Then I am glad,” he said as her started the car and they drove home.

After spending the weekend together, the following 3 weeks were a whirlwind of work and they barely got to see each other. On Friday, they were on phone as Erin was trying to convince Brandon to let her pick him up from the airport. He had spent the whole week in another state in their body care products plant. “I am not even sure of the time I will come home, I will come by helicopter, so I will be out as soon as I am done.” He said.

“I guess then I will see you at my parents’ place” Erin said.

Erin’s parents were hosting Brandon, his parents and Erin to what they called a fun Saturday.

Erin pulled up at her parent’s mansion just after 10.30am with the basket of vegetables her mom had asked for. Brandon did not leave the other city until this morning, turns out by the time he was done with his meeting the helicopter was not available. he landed about 45 minutes back. She walked in to the house to Caribbean music playing and his parents dancing away happily in the living room. She smiled and leaned against the door post watching them. When they finally saw her, they grabbed her, and she joined in the dance.

“I miss carrying you around and swinging you up as you squeal happily, that was the best part of dancing with you.” Roy said.

“I am just glad she can dance and is happy once again. My little girl has had to deal with too much.” Ivanna said.

“Oh, come on, it is supposed to be a fun Saturday, you guys are not being fun at all. We have to start lunch,” Erin said walking to the kitchen with the vegetable basket.

“I marinated last night and made the dough for the bread in the morning, so we will be moving a long just fine.” Ivanna said.

Just then the gate alarm went off and Roy put it the code to open it as he and his wife walked to the door.

Brandon Parked his father’s jeep and got out. he looked up at the door and saw Erin’s parents walk out. he was looking for Erin. As the parents were busy exchanging greetings Erin ran out of the house and into Brandon causing their parents to burst out laughing. She hid her face in his chest embarrassed of her little show, but she was very happy to finally be in his arms.

“I missed you.” She whispered.

“I missed you too love.” He said. “Come on, let’s say hi to the old people,” he said turning her to their parents but not letting go.

They exchanged greetings and Roy led them all back into the house.

Within a few minutes, the music was back on and everyone was busy helping to prepare lunch while chatting dancing and singing along.

An hour later while they waited for the food to cook, the parents settled in the back yard with drinks and Erin pulled Brandon upstairs to her bedroom.

As soon as the door was closed behind them, they were in each other’s arms in a toe-curling kiss. They poured into that kiss the frustration of the limited time and busy schedules. Soon hands were under clothes fighting to feel each other more. In the frenzy, they ended up on the bed and soon the clothes started coming off. Erin started trailing kisses down Brandon’s neck, she wanted him.

“Love, we can’t do this in your parents’ house.” He said easing up.

“Please,” said her voice laced with lust as her eyes focused on the bulge in his pants.

“I want you as well babe, but not here plus I do not have any condoms on me.” He said.

Erin sighed in frustration as Brandon rolled off her. “I know it is messed up to have sex here, but I have been so horny it is scaring me. I beginning to think I am a bitch on heat.” She said laughing. “All I have been thinking about when I thought of you was to have you deep in me.”

“Hmm?” he hummed in question smiling down at her. “As soon as we are done with lunch, I am taking you home, and you can have your way with me.” He said laughing. “For now, I just need to calm this down before we are called down for lunch.” He said pointing at his crotch.

Erin laughed and scooted away. “I will keep my distance.”

They sat back talking and catching up on the time they spent a part. They were pulled out of their comfortable conversation by Roy’s voice. “You guys had better not be doing anything in there.”

“Come in Pa’” Erin said, “We are just talking.”

Roy opened the door and walked in. “you barely use this room. I will convert it into something!” he said.

“Hey this is for my kids!” Erin said laughing.

“Yeah right, lunch is ready.” He said and walked out.

“Kids huh?” Brandon said as they walked out.

Erin just looked at him and smiled.

They joined their parents in setting up the table in the backyard and enjoyed lunch.

“so, are you kids serious?” Ivanna asked

“Mom!” Erin groaned.

“We are,” Brandon said all serious.

“I am so happy to hear that, because you are amazing together.” Brenda said.

“And we have been talking and we figured you have made each other happy.” Malcom said.

“We are happy too, in fact in two weeks we will be going up to the resort for three days. It is almost done, I just need to set up rooms for us. Do you want to come?” Roy asked.

“No!” both Don and Rin said. “You guys have fun.” Brandon added as their parents burst out laughing.

One hour later, with the dishes done and everything in place. Don and Rin walked into the game room to find their parents engrossed in some game.

“Can we be excused?” he asked.

“Sure, you kids can go.” Brenda said.

They exchanged hugs and Erin and Brandon all but ran to her car. They opted to go to Erin’s house that was closer.

When they got into the house, clothes were shed as soon as the walked through the door. They moved to the bedroom in a frenzy of kisses and touching and immediately Don pulled on the condom and they slipped into their own world.

By the time they came down for dinner, they had been at it for 5 rounds and they were sated.


Erin was siting in her office with Nate trying to ease a week out of her calendar so that she and Brandon could go for a break.

“This week, two weeks from now is the best.” Nate said chewing on his pen.

“I guess….” She said as the thought of her periods popped into her mind. Then she froze. She wasn’t one with regular periods, but she had never missed 3 consecutive months. She thought about the guavas and pears she had been craving and eating all the time. She started panicking but put on a mask of nonchalance until she was done with Nate. “Fine, block that one for me.” She said.

“Are you ok?” Nate said looking at her.

“Yeah, why?” she asked trying to calm her racing mind and the panic welling in.

“You sound……off, panicked?” he said.

“Nah, nothing is up, just thinking about the mini vacation,” She said.

“Ok,” Nate said seemingly convinced and headed out. “Please check the contract I sent you, if I can have it before you leave it will be great.”

“Sure,” she said as the pulled out the contract and started reading.

Once she was sure Nate was out, she stood up closed her door and booked an appointment with her gynecologist.

She finished up the contract, signed it packed up and gave it to Nate on the way out.

She pulled up at the hospital just in time for the appointment. After the normal checks with the nurse, she was ushered in to see the doctor.

“How are you Erin?” the doctor asked.

“I think I am pregnant.” She said bluntly.

“Well then let’s check you up.” the doctor said motioning her to the examination table. “When was your last period.”

“I don’t generally have regular periods.” She said.

“Well let’s see” the doctor said setting up the machine.

She pulled up her dress and watched anxiously as the gel was put on her tummy. The doctor started checking. “You are just not pregnant Erin, you are pregnant with twins, about 12 weeks along. haven’t you been experiencing anything” the doctor asked but Erin was frozen. She calculated back and figured it was the night Brandon came from Africa, the excessive fluid, the condom broke. She was happy and scared. She was not sure how Brandon would take it.

“Erin” the doctor called.

“Guavas and pears, been eating too many of those.” She said absently.

“Do you want to hear their heart beats?” she asked.

“Yes,” she said tears already flowing,

When the strong gallop- like sounds filled the room, Erin broke down wishing Brandon was with her.

Erin wiped the gel off her tummy and was sent to the lab for blood works, she was then handed her vitamins and they agreed with the doctor that she would come in weekly because of her history which was even riskier because she was carrying twins.

On the way to the car, Erin thought of calling Don but figured it would be better to tell him in person when he came by her place as they had planned. She decided that she would tell her parents after she talked to Don.

Erin got home, showered and slipped in comfy clothes. She walked into the living room and flicked through the channels on TV as she waited for Don.

She dozed off and when she woke up it was eight, Don was supposed to have come by six. She dialed his number, but he did not pick up.

After waiting for him to call back or walk in for another hour, she picked her keys and slipped on her shoes and decided to drive over to his place.

She pressed the code and opened his penthouse door and walked in. He was home, his suit jacket was on the armrest with his phone. He heard his voice in the bedroom and walked there, pushed the door open and froze in pain.

“Rin, it is not what you think,” Brandon said turning to her.

Brandon had been standing locked in an embrace with a woman who was in only wearing a thong and a bra. Brandon’s shirt was untacked, and the buttons were open. He tried to come to her, but the woman held on to his hand. She looked at her spitefully. Brandon pulled his hand away from her and started walking towards Erin. But she backed away and bolted out making a beeline for the door. She rushed to the lift and pressed the buttons. She could hear him shouting and running after her. Tears were streaming down her face and there was pain and pressure in her chest. As soon as the lift opened, she rushed to her car and drove away. She knew he would follow her home, so she maneuvered through the streets and drove to her office.

She parked her car and went in. she knew there would be no one there. She walked through the empty offices. With tears streaming down her face. Then her phone started ringing. She looked down as saw it was Brandon. She ignored the call as she sat at her desk. Then she broke down and started crying with painful sobs. He was holding a barely dressed woman in the bedroom and she was pregnant.

A while later, she calmed down and sat back in her chair. She picked up her phone and looked at it. 15 missed calls and one SMS. She opened the message.

Erin please let me explain. Nothing happened, nothing was going to happen. I have seen your calls, it’s just that my phone was in the living room and Jocelyne and I were talking. Please Love, please.’

Erin sighed. She was going to be strong, she was not going to fight for a man or plead with a man to be in her life. She was going to be strong for herself and for her babies. She stood up and walked to her car to go home to eat and sleep, she had two babies already depending on her and that was her priority now.

She slowly drove to her house making plans. She would eat better, rest well, avoid stress, she would not lose these babies.

As she drove up to her gate, she saw his car parked in front of her house. She picked up her phone and dialed his number.

“Get off my property.” She said

“Erin, please.” He pleaded

“Get off my property.” She repeated.

“Please let me just explain what happened and I will leave. I told you I would never hurt you intentionally and I meant it. Please hear me out. Please.” He said brokenly.

She stopped her car next to his and got out. He got out of his car and walked to her.

“Wont we talk inside?” he asked pointing at the house.

“No,” she said plainly.

“Ok. Nothing happened or was going to happen. I came home from work and walked to my bedroom and I found her laying on my bed dressed as you saw her. I was shocked. I have told you how she walked out on me with no explanation. I told her I have you and I am not interested in anything she has to say or offer. She then broke down and started telling me how Matteo the Italian man she went off with changed and started abusing her. She claimed that she wanted to come back, but he locked her up. I listened to her and all I did was to hug her and comfort her as she cried, nothing more. I am sorry I missed your calls, sorry that you walked in on that. Erin, I swear, there is nothing any woman would do or say that would change my heart and mind about you. My love for you is irrevocable. Please Love, I messed up, I should have asked her to dress up and had that conversation in the living room, I shouldn’t have hugged her especially seeing that she was barely dressed. I messed up, I am sorry. Please.”

Erin looked at the Brandon, he was crying as he talked. He looked broken.

Erin was never one to play games. She looked up into his eyes, to his face and in her heart, she knew he was telling the truth. But she also knew the woman who showed up at his house, stripped down and lay on his bed waiting for him wanted him back. The way she looked at her when she walked into that bedroom, she was not going to just sit back.

“She wants you back.” She stated calmly.

“It doesn’t matter, I….”

“It does! I do not have it in me to fight now, and you clearly still have a soft spot for her hence the hug.”

“I do not make the same mistake twice Erin. I messed up this time it won’t happen again.” He said firmly.

“The way she looked at me…..I don’t want anything to happen to the babies because of….”

“The babies? WHAT BABIES?”

“I….” she sighed. She had not intended to tell him.


“I am pregnant. That is why I was calling you endlessly. That is why when you did not show up as I expected I came looking for you. I wanted to tell you that.” She said quietly.

“I am so sorry love,” he whispered “We are going to be parents, I am going to be a dad…. wait you said babies?” he asked looking at her.

“Twins, twelve weeks along.” she said.

A huge grin spread across his face and he looked down at her lovingly. The woman of his heart was expecting his children. He opened his arms and moved towards her. But she held up her hand.

“Don’t, I can still picture the naked woman in your arms.”

He dropped his arms to his side and looked at her sadly. “can we please go in and talk?”

“There is nothing more to talk about. I need to rest. This has not been an easy evening for me.”

“Erin please. Now more than ever do not alienate me. I messed up, God knows I will not repeat it again, I am not sure I know how to go on if you leave me. Please give me a chance to show you just how much you mean to me, a chance to be your man, a present and responsible father to our children. Please Erin.” He pleaded yet again.

Erin sighed, locked her car and started walking into the house. He followed her in.

“Can I shower and change out of these,” he said pointing at his clothes “Then maybe I will not look so bad to you?”

“You do not look bad Don. Yeah, you can go shower I will make sandwiches.” She said as she walked to the kitchen.

She walked to the kitchen and opened the fridge with every intention of taking out what she needed for the sandwiches but instead she closed the door and fell on her knees in tears. She felt scared, she wanted so much to be sure that the babies would be fine, that she and Brandon would be fine. She knelt on the kitchen floor silently crying for her and Don and for their unborn babies.

And that was the scene Brandon walked in on in the kitchen. He rushed to her thinking she was hurt on in pain. But she assured him that she was fine. She brokenly told him of her fears, her dreams and her prayers.

“I am not leaving you. I am here if you let me and even when you want me gone, I will still fight to stay. I love you Rin. Despite the unfortunate events of today, it remains to be one of the best days of my life. We have two babies on the way.” He said as he hugged her tight, his heart soaring just to have her in his arms again.

“I love you Don, I do, but I have a feeling she won’t let go.” She said.

“do not worry about that, I will handle it. And I won’t let you down. Ok?”


“We have to get the three of you fed, you wanted sandwiches, right?” he said as he stood up and helped her up. He led her to a stool on the island and sat her down then walked to the fridge, and got out the left-over beef, cheese, lettuce and tomato and bread and set to make the sandwiches.

“How did the doctor’s visit go?” he asked.

“I got to hear their heartbeats, I have a picture, let me get it for you” she said excitedly as she walked to the living room where her handbag was.

Brandon looked at her proudly, lovingly and relieved. He prayed that what he had with her would last. She was right, Jocelyn wouldn’t let go, she wanted him back, and she had promised to work on it. He was also working on keeping her out. it started with changing the access code for his house. Withdrawing her access to all his offices. And avoiding her. He had another proposal, but he was not sure how to put it out to Erin now.

She walked back into the kitchen with the ultrasound picture. He looked at it then pulled her into his arms and kissed her.

“This explains the guavas and pears, I was getting worried.” He said laughing. “But three months? You never felt anything?”

“This slight bulge I thought it is the normal bloating I get before my period and I never have regular periods, so I did not think much. It happened the night you came from Africa, remember you had to get a washcloth and wipe me up because of the excess fluid? The condom broke.” She said.

“I suspected as much because when I took it off something spilled out.” he said.

They carried the sandwiches and juices to the living room.

“well ignorance saved us three months of worrying, now I have to see the doctor weekly and pop so many pills to make sure all goes well.” She said as she ate the sandwich.

“I was thinking, I should be closer as we walk through this.” He said cautiously, “I know today hasn’t been easy, but I would like you to consider moving in together. Or just making sure when we go home, we go to the same house. Even if we will alternate between our two homes. I would like you to move some of your stuff to the penthouse and I will move some of my stuff here.”

She looked up at him keenly. “I would love that.” She answered quietly.

“Erin, you are an Angel. I love you more than I can ever put in words” he said pulling her in for a hug.

They spent the evening cuddled in bed planning the move and how to work on the doctor’s visits and talk to their parents. They decided to keep it to themselves for a month unless there was a growth spurt and Erin couldn’t hide the bump.

Erin soon fell asleep in Brandon’s arms. He looked down at her and smiled wistfully. He had almost come to losing her. One stupid mistake, trying to console a woman who walked out on him without a second thought had almost cost him a woman so smart, beautiful, kind, sexy and the mother of his children. There and then he vowed to protect and fight for he three people in his arms right now with his life.

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