LOVE WON.... Fighting Her Parents' Battle

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Chapter 6

The following week went by in a blur as they moved stuff between the two homes and bought somethings to have in both homes.

Friday afternoon came by and Brandon drove up to Erin’s office to pick her up for the appointment. Her bump had grown significantly in that one week, and they decided to take their parents out for dinner and inform them the same evening.

“Hi Nate,” Brandon said as he walked in. “Is she busy?”

“Hi Brandon, she should be winding down her meeting with the HR Manager.”

“I will just sit here and wait if you don’t mind.” Brandon said.

“Sit! After all you are the man responsible for the CEO’s glow” Nate said.

Brandon burst out laughing, “And what are you insinuating?” he asked.

“No insinuations, in fact I am grateful with you around we have lesser atomic bomb explosions. Don’t let her small frame fool you the woman can have iron man peeing in his suit.” Nate said.

“I am glad I have been good for something” Brandon said.

“Something else I have always wanted to tell you.” Nate said, “do not hurt her. The number of Red-Line employees who will hunt you down is big even for Thor-man like you. We love her.”

Brandon looked at Nate long and hard. “I know, and even if I am the one at risk here, I appreciate you all have her back.”

Just then Erin and the HR Manager walked out of the office. “hey, hope you haven’t been waiting long.” She said.

“Nope I just got here.” Brandon answered.

“This is Dina, the HR Manager.” Erin said, as they shook hands “This is Brandon,”

“Brandon Magnum, it is a great honor to meet you” Dina said openly checking him out. “I always remember your comment about red wine during the Business Guru interview. I totally relate to that.” She said laughing loudly.

“Yeah, red wine over white wine for me any day” Brandon said a bit stiffly.

“I know this ranch that makes excellent wines and they have a wine, meat and cheese thing on weekends you should try it. In fact, I am a regular there, we could go together.”

“That is a good idea,” Brandon said then put his arm around Erin’s waist and pulled her to him and looked into her eyes. “I just have to run it by my girlfriend here, what do you say Love?”

Nate snickered, and Erin smiled up at him.

“I…. well um, if you ever want to go, you too Erin just let me know” she said quickly and walked out.

“You are awesome Brandon Magnum.” Nate said still laughing.

“I will get my stuff and we can leave.” Erin said walking into her office leaving Don and Nate chatting.

She walked out with her laptop bag and handbag and walked out. Brandon took her laptop bag and they walked out.

They pulled up at the hospital half an hour later and went to the clinic.

“Hi Erin, how are you?” the doctor greeted her “And you must be the lucky father, right?”

“That I am,” Brandon said taking Erin’s hand in his.

“So, Erin anything to report?” she asked.

“Not really, I guess after discovering that I am pregnant the tummy is starting to bulge out.”

“It should and will even grow bigger with as the twins grow, come on let’s see how they are doing.”

Erin lay down on the examination table and soon the image of the babies filled the screen. “they look good, coming along just fine. The scar also looks intact. Let’s hear the heart beat.” The doctor said.

Soon the room was filled with two strong heart beats. Erin looked up at Don and saw him wiping at his eyes looking overwhelmed. She stretched out her hand and he took it in both of his and looked down at her then at the screen.

Once the doctor was done Erin pulled down her dress and Don helped her down.

“All seems well, the babies are fine, and you are fine too. I will see you again next week” The doctor said.

They drove to Dons place excited about telling their parents about the pregnancy later that evening.

The dinner was reserved at a fancy Italian place. Erin and Brandon got there first, and their parents walked in a short while later.

“We are going to this 80’s classics place after dinner.” Malcom said, “you kids want to come?”

“They have music, stand-up comedy, movies and games as well” Roy said.

“We will pass” Don said looking at Rin. “You, old people have fun.”

“Your loss, the 80s were fun!” Ivanna said.

“You don’t say, Girls just want to have fun!” Brenda said as she started singing joined by Ivanna.

Their table broke out in laughter at the two older women’s singing. Their waiter walked to their table and took their orders.

They quickly fell into what had become the norm when they met. Business, future, holiday plans.

“This is one of the few places that does that authentic Italian” Brandon said pushing his plate away.

“I love it too, I know the owner. But she and Roy don’t get along” Ivanna said laughing.

“The woman clearly lusts after my wife!” Roy said. “Then as if that is not enough, she ogles at my child as well!”

“What?” Don said sitting up.

This caused the table to explode in laughter again.

“It is not funny!” Don mumbled sulking.

“Stop being a baby! You have babies on the way!” Erin said lightly punching his shoulder.

There was a heavy pause and their parents looked at them expectantly.

Brandon looked at Erin lovingly, “We do have babies on the way.” He took Rin’s hand in his own and looked at their parents. “Erin is pregnant. We just discovered a week back. She is 13 weeks along.”

“Oh, we are so happy for you kids.” Ivanna said.

“Congratulations my loves,” Brenda said with tears in her eyes just like Ivanna.

“We are having twins.” Rin said. “I have to see the doctor weekly because of the scar.”

“You will be fine girlie,” Roy stood up and walked to his daughter and pulled her in a hug. “All of us here are at you’re here to walk through this with you especially my boy Brandon here.”

Roy moved on to hug Brandon as he congratulated him.

“We are going to be grandparents!” Malcom said. “To twins at that! You kids mean business huh? Well like they said, we love you, happy for you and we are here for you!”

“Thank you all.” Brandon said.

“We do have many other very relevant questions to ask but we will let you off today” Roy said.

“So, you sit down and talk about your relationship, living arrangement when our grand babies are born.” Malcom said looking at his son,

“Well, we have an 80’s fest to get to. But we want to be updated on the progress.” Brenda said.

Hugs and kisses went around then their parents walked out.

Brandon paid and they left.

When they got off the lift at Brandon’s place Jocelyn was standing at the door.

She looked at them and walked to Brandon in an attempt to hug him. Brandon stepped out of reach and glared at her.

“What are you doing here?” he asked her.

“I am in town for a few days and I figured I could stay with you. And we need to talk,” she said.

“No, you cannot stay here.” He said curtly.

“you have three extra bedrooms in that house and you will just throw me to the curb? I tried calling you to let you know I was coming but I couldn’t get through even at your office. I made a mistake, at least give me a chance to prove my point” Jocelyne said desperately.

Feeling uncomfortable, Erin signaled Brandon that she was going to leave but he took her hand and held it firmly.

“I told you the last time I found you in my house uninvited that there can’t be anything between us. I have moved on, just like you moved on. This house is no longer just mine, it is Erin’s home as well. Please make arrangements of your accommodation elsewhere.” He answered as he walked to the door and put in the security code. Erin walked into the house, but Jocelyn grabbed Brandon’s arm stopping him at the door.

“Brandon, I know I hurt you and I am very sorry, but I believe we belong together. Look at her and look at me, just for a start she is a short mix-breed of some sort, Babe, she barely comes up to your shoulder and she is not an extraordinary beauty. Then who is she? I am a known model. You can’t be choosing her over me.” She said spitefully.

Brandon was livid.

“You. Will. Not. Insult. Erin. This was between me and you and whatever it was it is over. But just so you know, Erin is the most Beautiful woman I have ever seen, she is physically perfect in every sense. She is kind, generous and Intelligent. She runs a multimillion company and has absolute respect of all those who work with her. And I am the luckiest man alive to call her MINE. We are done Jocelyne please leave me alone.” He said and closed the door. He turned to Erin who stood looking at him and pulled her into a hug. “I am sorry love.”

“It is ok, you stood up for me, Thank you.” She said. “And I am so turned on, I wouldn’t let you go if you said no.”

“Are you now?” he asked as he trailed kisses from her jaw down to her throat.

“Hmmm” she moaned in response.

“Well you are in luck, I cannot find it in me to turn down a beautiful, sexy pregnant woman carrying my twins. I am at your service my love.” He picked her up bridal style and walked to the bedroom.

The week the followed went by fast as they geared to go for their five-day holiday. Nate was in Erin’s office finishing up everything ahead of the vacation.

“I have something to tell you Nate.”


“I am gonna be a mother.”

Nate stared at her for a long moment then walked around the desk and pulled her up in a hug.

“Are you happy about it?” he asked

“Ecstatic.” She answered

“Well then congratulations Erin. I am so happy for you. You deserve happiness.” He said hugging her again.

“We are having twins.”

“Wow! Are you really ready for that?”

“Well I have to be ready, and I have Brandon. I have five more months to get used to it.” She replied.

“So brave.” He said chuckling,

“Does your girlfriend know you are afraid of having babies?” Erin asked laughing.

“Not afraid, just not ready now.” He said.

They talked as they sent out all the relevant emails and allocated her tasks accordingly. Her father would be coming in to cover for her while she was away.

When she was done, she rushed out to pick up Don. She was a bit anxious because she would be meeting Don’s best friend Tony and his wife Eva as well who were at Don’s office. She sat in the car in Don’s designated parking spot for a while trying to calm her nerves. She had seen their pictures Eva was a Model, with all the features of a striking beauty. Tony slightly shorter than Don was also very good looking. This was what she worried about, his cycle of friends and his lifestyle. So far, they had managed to avoid his cycles, but she knew he had to get together with his friends. She slowly got out and walked to the lifts.

She paused outside his office and listened to them talk and laugh. She huffed and knocked the door.

“Yes?” Don said.

She slowly opened the door and peeked in.

“Hey Love,” Don said walking to her, “Since when do you knock?”

She smiled up at him as he pulled her to him and kissed her forehead. Keeping one hand around her shoulder he turned her around.

“Finally, I get to meet the woman who has my best friend completely whipped and knotted.” Tony said standing up and pulling her into a hug. He let her up still holding her at arm’s length looking at her smiling. “I am Tony Randall, I have known Don since we were 13. It is great to see him happy and in love and congratulations on your pregnancy, he didn’t waste time.” He said nodding towards Don.

“It is nice to meet you too Tony, and thanks.” She said quietly.

Eva moved in and hugged her as well. “welcome aboard this craziness” she said pointing at Don and Tony after they pulled apart. If he has been pretending to be normal brace yourself. I have heard so much about you, I am sure we will be good friends. Congrats on the pregnancy.

“I am happy to meet you too Eva and thank you.” Rin said.

“I can see why he has been hiding you, you are so beautiful” Eva said laughing.

“you should see yourself, exquisite.” Erin said laughing quietly.

“I haven’t been hiding her, I was just getting to know her before many people like you come and try to distract me.” Don said.

“And you got to know her alright and even marked her uterus!” Tony said laughing

“Tony!” both Don and Eva shouted.

Erin was blushing but laughing at the same time.

The spent the next few minutes chatting. Erin was sitting on Don’s lap on the2-seater couch and Eva’s head was on Tony’s lap as she was lay on the 3-seater. She realized the three of them were so attuned to each other and shared lots of inside jokes. She sat quietly listening to their chatter and jokes. It was then that Don’s PA walked in informing them that ‘the delegation’ had come.

“Forgot to tell you Love, I am one of the witnesses to a business deal Tony is signing now. So, the other people are here. We will just go sign it then we will be going.” Brandon said as he stood up.

The men walked out, and Eva and Erin were left in the room.

“I can tell you are not so sure of yourself with us.” Eva said bluntly.

Erin looked at her warily.

“You have nothing to worry about with me or Tony. We have other friends that can be stuck up of course but believe me I am a simple country girl.” She continued.

Erin did not say anything, she just eased into the chair and looked at Eva. Erin was not much of talker.

“I have never seen him so happy, so determined to make something work, so in love. I have known Don for 10 years now and he is a brother to me and I am so happy he found you. Please allow me to be your friend.” Eva said moving to sit next to Erin.

“I would love for us to be friends.” Erin said.

“Well then we should plan a date! Movies, shopping, spa day and a sleep over…..” she paused and laughed looking at Erin’s appalled face. “I was joking, Don told me you are not that kind of person.”

Erin laughed in relief. “What do you do for fun?”

“You won’t believe if I told you.” Eve said laughing.

“Well I read and garden/farm….so?” Rin asked

“I knit and quilt” Eva said.

“That is awesome! You are going to teach me!” Rin said.

“For free fresh vegetable I will be your teacher.” Eva said laughing.

They relaxed and were lost in their stories and did not even notice a while later when Tony and Don stood at the door looking at them happily.

“I think we are screwed.” Tony said looking at Don.

They both walked in laughing. They joined the women in the banter and laughter. And after some time, Tony looked at his watch and stood up.

“We will be leaving. I has been great meeting you Rin. If this goofy guy ever messes with you I am the brother to call and trust me I will have him in line.” Tony said.

“Just like he knocks sense into your thick skull huh?” Eva asked, and they all laughed. “Seriously though, Don, do not mess this up you finally have a human being in your life and she is amazing and as cute as they come.”

They promised to make plans to meet after Don and Rin came back from their vacation.

After they left; Brandon turned to Erin grinning like a kid in a candy store.

“What?” she asked smiling.

“You are perfect.” He stated hugging her.

“And so are you!” she said.

“Let’s get going, I want you to rest before we leave”

They were going to a mountain resort that had beautiful cozy stone cabins.

They pulled up at Erin’s house a short while later.

“I have a better way to get you relaxed.” Don said as they walked into the house.

“And what is it?” she asked

“Me, making love to you.” He said picking her up and walking up the stairs as she giggled.

A while later Brandon looked down at the naked Sleeping woman beside him. Her tummy was evidently rounded though she had been dressing to conceal it. She was all he wanted and more. He smiled at her sleeping face as his mind surged with intense emotions of his love, lust, possessiveness and many others for her.

He gently pressed his lips to hers in a wake-up kiss. She slowly stirred and moved closer to him with a moan. He smiled and started pulling away as she protested.

“Come on, lets shower and hit the road.” He said.

She slowly rose from the bed and pulled him into a hug.

“Hmmm,” he said growing hard as he felt her naked body against his. “I am definitely sneaking in a bathroom quickie.” He said carrying her to the bathroom.

They took a cab to the airport for the one-hour flight to the quaint mountain town. They were picked by the resort transport at the airport and taken to their cabin.

The cabin was a perfect space straight from a fairy tale book. From the snow dusted vines draping over the little house, to the small old-world windows to the pretty interior with a fire place, colorful rug on the floor, a reed hammock with colorful cushions and quilt, a comfy couch, a fairy tale draped queen-sized bed in the bedroom. Just to highlight a few the place looked perfect.

“Wow!” Erin said. “this is so cute”

“so cozy” Brandon said.

Just then their luggage was brought in by young man.

“Welcome to our resort. Dinner will be served in two hours, you can order in or come down to the restaurant, tonight we have a buffet and a live band.” He said

“Love? What would you like?” Brandon asked

“Buffet!” Erin said

“Buffet it is! Thank you for your help,” Brandon said as he pulled out some notes and gave to the young man.

They eased into to the hammock to rest ahead of dinner. In the silence in the cozy cabin, they were both lost in their own thoughts.

Erin was grateful for her life so far and slipped into sleep marveling at the changes 5 months had brought to her life.

Brandon thought about the two rings he had bought with Nate and Rin’s Mom’s help. He was debating on how to go about them. He too dozed off.

When they woke up it was way past midnight and they had missed dinner.

They called room service and ordered salads. Then went back to sleep.

The following morning, Brandon woke up earlier and called room service, with help from the resort staff he set up a nice breakfast table.

He then went to wake his sleepy woman up and carried her to the bathroom for the morning hygiene routine.

He led her to the set-up dining space and pulled out a chair for her and proceeded to pour her tea and load her plate just like she would have done herself.

“Wow, it is like I am the only one on Holiday and you are here to serve me!” she said giggling.

“I am at your service Erin, always,” he said as he pulled a chair and turned to face her pulling a small purple box from his pocket. “Erin….”

“Brandon I…..” she said looking into his eyes.

“Hear me out.” he said “This is a promise of my love for you, a promise for my support, companionship and commitment to you and our babies. With this Promise Ring,” he said popping the box open to reveal a pair of promise rings “I pledge myself wholly to you. I promise to respect and love you and to be faithful to you. he said.

Erin was crying as she looked at the man sitting in front of her.

“I promise you my love, respect, commitment and more. I promise to be faithful you.” She said.

He took out the smaller ring and slipped it on her finger looking into her eyes. “Thank you Love.” He whispered,

She took his ring and slipped it on his finger and kissed it. “I Love you Don.” She said as he pulled her into a hug.

“Dig in love, I have to get you back into bed for dessert.” He said pulling out of the hug.

It was indeed a relaxing and lazy break for them. They slept in, went for strolls, had massages and just lounged indoors making love. On the last night of the break they decided to go for the dinner buffet at the resort restaurant.

The food was amazing, and it did live up to the hype they put out about it. Half way through the dinner, Erin excused herself to go to the washroom. Her bump was more visible and the need to pee every other minute was kicking in.

As she walked back to their table, she saw Brandon talking to someone she never thought she would see again.

“Aha, there she is” Brandon said, “I was just telling Kevin here about….”

He stopped as he saw the looks on both their faces.

“I should have known, you are THE Kevin.” He said. “Love, you good?” he asked her.

“Perfectly fine,” she said taking his hand in hers. She looked into his eyes assuring him to act normal.

“Kevin, meet my woman, Erin. Love, he is the commercial director for the company we talked about with Pop.” Brandon said smiling at Erin.

“Kevin,” Erin said extending her hand to him “It has been years, glad to see you are well.”

“Glad to see that you are well too.” He said. “My wife, mother in law and daughter are here with me, there they are,” he said pointing at the door.

It was Brandon’s turn to look shocked.

“You are married to Patricia?” he asked.

“Yes, you know her?” Kevin asked

“I dated her sister Jocelyne.” He answered.

“Brandon darling!” the older woman with Patricia and the little girl said hugging him. “We have missed you so much, Joce would have been glad to run into you here.”

“Hi Martha, it has been a while and you look good.” He said pulling away. “Hi Pat. How are you?”

“I am fine Don. This is my daughter Sophia.” She said as both Brandon crouched down greet the little girl.

“This is My Woman, my girlfriend Erin.” He said.

“This can’t be happening.” Martha muttered but everyone heard. “I thought you were paralyzed or something.”

“Mom!” Patricia said. “Erin I am sorry, not just for the accident but for any pain I caused you. I always wanted to talk to you, but I was not sure how you were or where you were.”

“Thanks Patricia.” She said.

“Don, did you at least give Joce a chance to explain herself? She made a mistake and she really regrets it.” Martha said.

“We talked, and I believe I made myself very clear on everything she had to say.” Brandon said.

“You kids are perfect together, don’t let anything come between you,” Martha said looking at Erin spitefully. “Pat and Kev here made a stand against all odds.”

“Martha, please” Kevin said.

“Kevin, Pat, enjoy your dinner.” Brandon said grimly pulling Erin away.

When they were out of the restaurant the dinner forgotten; Brandon pulled her closer as he led her to their cabin. “I am sorry Love.” He said.

“I am just shocked at how much Martha seems to hate me and this is the first time we have ever met.” Erin mumbled.

“Sounds like she knows you, had you ever met Pat?” Brandon asked

“No, I did not even know the name of the Woman Kevin left me for. Then it turns out she is your

Ex-girlfriend’s sister.” She laughed mirthlessly

“They are half-sisters, different fathers.” Brandon said. “Martha has always irked me, today was the worst yet. But do not worry about her.”

They ordered room service to complete their interrupted dinner and packed up ahead of their flight back home the next morning.

When they got back home the slipped into an easy routine operating from both homes, dinners with their parents who had grown very close. Fun days with their small circle of friends.

Despite the worry about the scar, there had been no complications through the months with the pregnancy at almost 32 weeks. However, Erin had slowed down with work and she had started working from home. She felt big and rounded but she was grateful and happy.

They had been operating from Brandon’s penthouse the past week and were hosting Nate and his girlfriend Yvette and Tony and Eva for a mini cook out.

She decided that she would go to a farm on the outskirts for fruits, eggs, lamb chops and chicken then pick vegetables from her garden then come back to the penthouse to prepare for her friends.

She quickly texted Brandon just in case he came home early.

A few minutes later she pulled out of the building in her Raptor.

After a short drive on the freeway, she noticed a Tundra truck that seemed to be trailing her, but she pushed the thought out of her mind and drove on. 30 Minutes into the drive a white minivan seemed to have joined the party and swerved in front of her just as the Tundra backed up really close at the back. She quickly swerved from between the two vehicles and called Nate on the Bluetooth of the car. “Nathan am on the freeway, heading to the that farm outside the city. There is a Tundra and Minivan trying to run me off the road or hit me. Please triangulate my location from the tracking chip in my car, call the cops, my dad and Don.” She said fast as the two vehicles moved in on her again.

“Are you hurt?” Nate asked sounding panicked.

“So far no.” she answered.

“Do not hung up, I am on this” and he called Mark.

Nate and Mark tracked her truck and called the police then informed Roy and Brandon.

Meanwhile, the Tundra rammed into her truck from behind pushing her to hit the minivan. Her truck was modified for stability among many others, so she still maintained control, just then a police dispatcher, her dad and Brandon were conferenced into the call and they all heard the bangs.

“Erin!!” both her dad and Brandon called.

“I am fine, but I need help.”

“Help is on the way Erin,” the policeman said, “just hold on.”

“I missed the turn to the farm and they are coming at me again” she said looking at the Tundra from her rereview mirror.

Her truck was rear-ended by the Tundra again. The mini van moved to the side revealing a bridge ahead. Erin knew they would try to run her off the bridge. So, she swerved and turned the truck and started driving back to where she came from.

“Erin?” Brandon called.

Erin quickly explained what happened.

“we are driving towards you, baby just hold on” Roy said.

“I am scared.” She whispered but they heard.

Just then sirens could be heard from a distance and the attack became aggressive. The Tundra came at her from the side as the minivan rare-ended her. This time round she hit her head as the sirens got louder and she heard a loud trailer hoot blare. Then everything went black.

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