LOVE WON.... Fighting Her Parents' Battle

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Chapter 7

“They said she would be conscious in 48 hours maximum. It has been 5 days” Roy said brokenly.

“It is not like last time honey, listen to her heartbeat and the babies too look at her color. She will come around,” Ivanna said trying to console her husband.

Erin’s parents were sitting on one side of her bed while Brandon sat on the other side with his parents.

According to the doctors, apart for the fractured arm she was fine, the ‘sleep’ as they called it was coping mechanism. But Roy felt like history was repeating itself.

“Love if you can hear us please wake up for us.” Brandon whispered rubbing her scalp.

Erin struggled through the darkness. She panicked thinking about her babies, the cars trying to run her off the road, she tried to hold on to the steering wheel and control the car, but she couldn’t, so she screamed. She called out to her parents then to Brandon and kept on asking him to come and help.

Then she heard the voices and beeping. The voices gradually became clear and she slowly opened her eyes.

There was a doctor and nurses holding her down and she could hear Brandon and her dad reassuring her.

“Erin, can you hear and see me?” the doctor asked

She nodded in response.

“You have been asleep for a while but so far everything is fine, your babies are doing well too.” The doctor said. “we will just check you up a bit then you can catch up with your family.”

A nurse wheeled in a trolley with an assortment of medical equipment followed by her gynecologist. And her family were asked to step outside,

After minutes of examination and questions. The doctors stood back and looked at her smiling.

“The babies are fine Erin,” the gynecologist said.” you have been on an involuntary bedrest for the past 5 days and all seems well. You will be going home tomorrow but I want you to take it very easy. Since all seems to be going well, we will give and the babies sometime but when you come in again, we will work on a way forward. I will just step out and discuss this with Brandon as well.” She said and walked out.

“Other than the fracture you seem fine physically.” The doctor said “I however think you should consider seeing someone for psychological part. I will see you tomorrow before your discharge.” He said and walked out to join the gynecologist and her family’s meeting.

A short while later, her family walked back in, she observed that they looked happy but very exhausted. She however had questions and she would only be at peace is she got answers.

“Were they caught?” she asked quietly.

Everyone knew what she was asking.

“Baby I don’t think you should focus on that now…” Roy said

“They tried to kill me and my children what do you expect dad?” she asked.

They exchanged looks around the room and seemingly settled on telling her the truth.

“One was caught but he was just hired muscle. The master mind is still on the loose, but the police and two private security agencies are on the look out for her.” Malcom said.

“Why was she after me?” Erin Asked.

Everybody found a place to sit then Ivanna answered.

“This whole thing actually started with me and your dad. We are sorry baby. When I met your dad, he had a girlfriend he had been dating for about two years. Roy and I were just friends but when they broke up a year after we first met, he asked me out and I accepted, and we went on to get married.” Ivanna said.

“My ex-girlfriend however never let go. She kept coming back year after year, but I just dismissed her until she disappeared a few years back. Martha was the one driving the Tundra. And it is the same Tundra that hit your car the last time you were hospitalized.” Roy said.

“Basically, this wicked woman just diverted her attention from your parents to you. Orchestrated Kevin and Patricia’s meeting to wreck your marriage and succeeded and tried to kill or put you in a hospital for life so that her daughter’s marriage would work. She however did not anticipate you meeting Brandon who was dumped by her younger daughter and when she learnt about it, she decided to go for the kill.” Brenda said.

“The most important thing is for you to know that you have security round the clock. Once discharged you will be coming to our place with security and we will continue working on making sure that Martha is either arrested or incapacitated permanently.” Malcom said.

Erin looked at Brandon who stood at the foot of the bed with a looking pissed yet exhausted. She did not want to hear more she just wanted everyone to rest for now.

“Do I have security here?”

“Of course.” Brandon said.

“Then I want all of you to go home and rest except Brandon who can sleep here with me if he wants to” she said.

They all started protesting except Brandon.

“She is right, we haven’t had proper meals and barely slept. Tomorrow we will all be home. You guys go home and rest and prepare a celebratory brunch ahead of us coming.” He said looking at all the parents sternly.

They agreed reluctantly and walked out.

“I was losing my mind Love; this whole situation was killing me. Nothing can begin to describe what I feel seeing you awake.” Brandon said still standing at the foot of her bed.

“We will be well. Come, I want to be in your arms again.” She said patting the space beside her on the bed.

Brandon eased on the bed carefully and pulled her into his arms hugging her gently to him.

“I do not know if you recall but we have been playing music for you and the babies, read you books and despite the tension we chatted and included you in conversations.” He said gently.

“I don’t recall, it was all darkness.” She said.

“Love, you have done eight months and a week, almost full term.” He said.

“I know, and I am grateful” she answered turning to look at him as she sensed he had more to say.

“According to the last ultrasound we need to plan on removing the babies; while you were um ,,,, asleep, we discussed the possibility of them being delivered as soon as possible. They started you on the injections to speed up lung development. The doctor says they can be ready by next week.”

“Can I get sometime to adjust? Give them a little more time to grow?” she asked her voice laced with fear.

“Do not panic Love, you are doing well so far. We talked to the doctor and we will try to hold on until thirty-six weeks. But you must accept to take it easy, complete bedrest.” He said looking at her.

“I will, I will do anything to buy them time.” She answered.

“But any slight pain you tell me, ok?” he asked

“Yes mom” she said mockingly.

He laughed grateful that she could still joke about the whole situation.

“The nursery furniture was delivered and set up and so was and all other baby stuff we ordered. I shared with the folks our plans and they will decorate. They are not happy that we have chosen not to know the gender of the babies though.” He told her.

They chatted back and fourth quietly wrapped in each other’s arms. Eventually Brandon realized he was talking to himself because Erin was asleep yet again.

As he held her in his arms looking at the screens that displayed hers and the babies’ cardiac activities, he knew he would not live through losing her, he was pulled out of his musings by a knock on the door.

He slowly eased off the bed and went to the door. He was informed by the security that Jocelyne and Patricia were at the reception asking about him and Erin. He was not sure if he could trust them, but he knew them lingering at the hospital. He instructed the guard to stay in the room and went down to the reception.

He saw them standing at the door way looking edgy.

“what do you want?” he asked as soon as he walked to them.

“Hi Don, “Jocelyne said

Don eyed them not sure of what to make of them.

“I can see you do not trust us.” Patricia said, “But believe me when I say I have never had an intention of hurting Erin and I am here to help.”

“Same here, I might have been bitter and angry when I came back, and you were with her, but I know I am the one that messed up our relationship.”

“I get that but why are you here?” he asked again.

“We followed mom here. We…..” Patricia said.

Brandon let out a string of curses and turned on his heel as he called the security team and the police. As he was running to the lift someone grabbed his hand.

“Tell them not to hurt her, she is not a bad person she is just stuck in a painful place in the past.”

Jocelyne said.

“Your mother has attempted to kill Erin two times and you are telling me she is not a bad person?” he asked. “Let go of me and get out of this hospital now. “he seethed in a deadly voice.

Jocelyne stepped back and walked back to her sister as Don ran to the lift and more security personnel flooded the hospital.

Brandon reached Erin’s room and found more guards pacing the floor. He walked into the room and looked at her sleeping peacefully. He hoped that Martha would be caught, and this nightmare would end. He pulled out his phone and called Tony and walked out the room.

“Hey.” He said picking up at the first ring.

“Martha is somewhere in the hospital. His daughters were, or I think are still here and they are asking for her not to be hurt.” Brandon said.

“I am on my way, and man I will shoot on sight. She is too persistent.” Tony said.

Just then two police officers walked up to Brandon, “No sighting”

Brandon sighed and looked at the police officers.

“Thank you. I guess we will just keep looking.”

Brandon walked back into the room and sat down. he soon zoned out lost in his own thoughts and worries that he did not hear Tony walk in an hour later.

“You look like shit,” Tony said startling Brandon.

“I feel like shit as well.” Brandon replied. “I have never wanted a human being dead until now”

“I feel you. This woman won’t stop, I feel like she is the kind that would have people working for her even when she is in custody. Brings a whole new meaning to the common phrase ‘Hell has no fury like a woman scorned.’. This woman has been holding on to this pain since Erin’s parents were in High school!” Tony said shaking his head.

“I get it that she lost a man, but she went on to have two daughters, she should have moved on.” Brandon said.

“And life can be so Ironic, she planned Kevin and Patricia’s meeting, but life brought you and Erin together wiping out her victory. There is no better version of her terrorizing someone, but I don’t get why she is fixated on Erin, her problem should be Erin’s mother.” Tony said.

The two friends went on talking quietly for almost two hours.

“You better go back to Eva,” Brandon said.

“If she shows up again?” Tony asked.

“Between the security company you hired, the one our parents got and the police I think we have a shot at stopping her. But I needed that break with you, I have been feeling pretty done for.” Brandon said.

“Fine but call me anytime. I will come over on the date of discharge as well. That is a day after tomorrow right?” He asked.

“Yeah, and thank you Tony,” Brandon said as they stood at the door.

Brandon walked back into the room and adjusted the sofa bed and fell into light turmoiled sleep.

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