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Bianca had a son and on the run to save not only herself but also her son from the cunning, evil, Daniel Harsh. Bianca has only one person she could ask for help. Neon Green. But he had his own proprosal that would certainly change Bianca Hosea's life for good. Find out.

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"Master Dan had ordered us to take the baby away...dump him in an orphanage or something." I heard the lead maid say outside my door. "It's not his anyway. She should be thankful he allowed her to give birth to it." Says the loyal maid.

And I would never have any child for Daniel Harsh. The man who rendered my family from nothing to absolutely nothing. Yes, my family was poor but he made us eat from dirt. My father had died from heart attack and not long after my mother had sacrificed me for standard of living, did she die too. So, all my mom did was for the sake of no one.

"I'll take him to the orphanage, besides she doesn't let anyone touch the baby if not I." Another maid, Vanessa, said.

I trusted Vanessa more than anyone I knew__ And I knew no one. I knew that Vanessa had a kind heart and had a plan already formed in her head. Vanessa was like the sister I never had and I loved her, she was my best friend. As Vanessa came in, I watched her slowly close the door and turn. Her short black hair bobed furiously as she walked to me.

"We have to leave now or Harsh might hurt Mikey, Anca." She said as she took her phone from her apron. She dailed. " I just called my neighbor and asked him to come pick me up. He would be here very soon so I want you to take as much as you can and meet me at the gate." She told me as she ended her call. Seeing my worry, She took Mikey and turned to me with a small sad smile on her face and touched my cheek. "It'll be fine, Anca. I'm here for you okay?"

"Van. I don't know what I'll do without you. You're like my guardian angel." I said making Vanessa smile.

She left the room and I began my part of the assignment, getting as much as I can down the house to reunite with my baby. I smiled, my baby and I would finally have a life. I promised to be the best mother I could be and I would never break that. The image of Mikey's father flashed on my mind as I packed. The man that haunted my nights, Neon Green. I couldn't get him out of my head ever since that night and I knew I would not but I will still stand by my baby even if he would grow to be a spitting image of his father. The last word that came to my mind as I used the blanket like rope to reach the ground was Neon. As I walked out the gate to catch up with the car that was picking us up, I knew then that I would never turn back and I knew my life had started. This was never the end.

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