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Chapter One



"Mr. Green, there's someone here to see you" My assistant, Tera said from the intercom.

I knew who it was, even before he barged in like he owned the place.

"Don't bother yourself, Neon wouldn't mind at all" Sean told Tera as he entered.

"And barging into your boss's office could get you fired you know that right?!" I told him as he dropped himself on my couch, helping himself with a drink.

"Yeah right!" He scoffed before he drank. "You couldn't even ask me how my trip was and you're trying your luck to fire me? Now that's bad friendship."

I rolled my eyes because he knew I would never fire him over nothing. We've been friends since we were kids and growing.

"Did you get what I asked for?" I asked him.

"It took me four years but who am I" he mocked before turning serious. "I found your girl and not only that, I found your son" I froze.

"What?!" I wanted to be sure of what I was hearing.

"Neon, the girl you slept with had a son for you. But we're not sure all I know is that it after that night you had, she had a baby nine months later. But in the birth certificate from the hospital, she didn't name the father." Sean said.

That was a lot to take in. I didn't even know what I was feeling anymore. It was confusing. I was glad I found the girl and also happy I had a son but I was not sure if he was mine or not. He could be mine from what Sean was saying.

"So did you bring her with you?" Neon asked

"No!" He said slowly as he took another sip of his drink.

"No?" Oh I was really going to fire him now.

"Chill dude." Sean chuckled "I didn't bring her here because she's here in this country. Her home is not far from here and so is her job." He checked his watch "which is about to start. She works at that club one bus stop from here."

Before he finished, I had my jacket on and my car keys in my hand, I was about to find my princess who rendered me sleepless and alone all these years and to top it all, I had a son with that. It was time to get her out of my system.

"Are you coming or what?" I shouted at Sean

"You don't pay me enough for this, you know?" He lazily stood up

"I'll give you a raise, now quit sulking and move your ass" I growled as I entered the elevator and down we went.

When we reached the club, I searched the place looking for the only person that haunted my dreams. And that's when I saw her, she looked like how she looked then. But this time with a smile on her face. I couldn't help but smile, my lady. She was here. I would remember that beautiful luscious lips that I worshipped like it held all my answers, that beautiful blond hair that felt like silk in my hands. I remember it like it was yesterday. I felt her name ring in my head. I tried it with my lips and checked if it would give me that same feeling it gave me saying it in my head. "Bianca." Well that was my answer. It gave me more than that. I felt powerless when I'm with her. I was ruined for every other girl that wanted a taste. I walked slowly to the bar post, she was busy mixing drinks for another person, her back facing me.

"Bianca?" I called slowly. She froze.


I froze when I felt a familiar voice behind me. My heart skipped a beat. Mikey's father. Neon. I slowly turned. Maybe it was another person but my head and heart did not decieve me. It was him. Neon Green.

"Bianca Hosea? Don't know if you remember me but..."

"Neon!" I didn't mean to but I interrupted.

I mean, my one night fling that stayed in my head for four years, why wouldn't I remember him. The man that owned the world's successful company, the man that had a striking image of my son, the man who had skimpy looking female models in his hands in every magazines and newspaper I had read and who was previously engaged to a really beautiful super model."What are you doing here?!" I yelled. Someone like him don't just come here for a drink. They had their own classy rich clubhouse.

"How have you been?" He asked casually

"I don't think I have anything to do with you. Mr. Green" I said simply after regaining my self from the shock "what would you like to have?" I asked formally.

He frowned. "I came to see you!" He said. "Are you alright?"

"I'm very fine sir and in every way, trying to keep my job. So...what would you like"

Before he could say another word, my shitty boss came, pushing me away from my spot to talk to Neon.

"Oh my! Mr. Green, such a pleasure to meet you in my bar. I'm Jenna but you can call me Jen. I will attend to you. Let's call it a special treatment." she winked before facing me. "Go wait some tables, I'll take it from here."

I was about to head out when he grabbed my hand, stopping me from going.

"I'm not done talking to you!" He half growled. He was angry.

"Yet I have a job to do. I have a family to feed!" I tried to pull my hand away but it didn't budge. Instead, he held it tighter.

"Well I believe you owe me something and I'm not letting go until you pay up!"

"Mr. Green, I owe you nothing! What do you want from me?!" I half shouted.

"My son!" He yelled back "I want my son". I froze from shock again. "You think I wouldn't find out?!" He was furious now.

"How did you...?" I tried saying from my shocks

"I had you followed for four years. Man! were you a hard one to find! And all this time, you were just within my grasp!" He growled angrily. "Right now, all I want from you is to see my son and get to know him. I also want to be part of his life."

Well, that was a surprise coming from a rich, super hot Playboy. Still, I owed him that. He had done nothing wrong either. And then something snapped into my head...

"Wait... Did you say, you had me followed. How did you find me?! I had myself hidden for long." I was really scared. If he had found me now, that means... I gasped. "I have to go now." I forced my hand away from Neon's.

"What's wrong?!" He asked as he saw me running.

"My son's not safe!" I almost sob. I was really worried now. Daniel must have followed the trace too and maybe found me and my son... No, I needed to stop thinking like that. I pulled my phone out of my apron and dailed Van's number. I waited nut there was no answer. I was about to call a taxi when a hand held me.

"I'll drive you. It's faster than a bus " Neon told me. He didn't wait for an answer as he pulled me into the passenger seat. When we were fully settled and safe, he drove off really fast. He even turned at the right coners that led to my house. When we reached, I saw a black van parked in front of my house and I rushed out still praying for my baby an Vanessa.

I felt a slight gust of wind pass me. And Neon was in front of me. He had his phone on his ear as he barked orders to the person on the other end of the reciever.

"Mommy!" I heard Mikey scream and my heart broke as I began running.

"Mikey!" I picked up my pace, running for only one goal, to reach the door but I felt a hand hold me. Blocking me from going any further. "Let me go!" I yelled. "My son is in there! They're going to hurt him.

"Calm down. Don't worry, I sent for my men. They will be here soon. I don't think they are here to hurt your son but to get something or maybe someone." He said slowly. "For you to hide yourself for four years, I'm guessing you are who they came for. Do you have any sort of enemy or something?..." He asked. I could only think of one person who would hurt anyone to get what he wanted.

Before I could answer, two cars came to a stop behind us. Four heavily built men came out from the first one, stopping in front of Neon and waited for orders while another slimer man came from the next one. Running to catch up with them.

"Neon!" The slimer guy called.

"I need you guys to go there and deal with all of them. The child and woman should come out safe" He told the men who began their mission immediately.

"Neon, what's going on?" The slimer guy asked. "The investigations I did were flawless and secret!"

"Look Sean, it's not your fault, someone had you followed. I guess they were also looking for Bianca too." Neon told Sean as he and I waited for something good to happen. I waited patiently until finally, I saw two men thrown out of the house, covered in bruises. Neon's men came out too, still landing punches on the men that were thrown out. I was done waiting. My son must be scared out of his will. I rushed into the house and saw Mikey who sat close to his godmother. In horror, I saw Vanessa on the floor, covered in blood. Fear gripped me as I went to her.

"Vanessa!" I cried. "Are you alright?"

"I'm alright." She managed. "Just in a little pain. Mikey already called an ambulance. My sweet brave boy." She laughed.

"Don't make me feel better. You were shot because of me." I choked out as sobs rushed out of me.

"Well that's just bull crap. I was saving my God child from the hands of those pathetic people." She said. "It's never been your fault, okay?". I nodded with tears in my eyes.

But I knew that, no matter how she tries to make me feel better, it is my fault. If it wasn't because of me, Dan Harsh would never have found her. I hugged my son tight as I waited for an ambulance. We looked miserable. We waited patiently until finally, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up to see Neon but he wasn't looking at me. His eyes were on my little boy. Our little boy.

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