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Chapter Two


It was like seeing myself when I was his age. I had a fucking son. A little boy. An heir. We looked at each other for a minimum amount of time.

"Mummy?" He called Bianca.

"Yes baby?" She answered.

"Is this daddy?" He asked.

I guess she couldn't answer that. She just watched her little boy for a while. I took the opportunity to answer myself. I wasn't letting my child go that was for sure because he had captured my reason to breathe. I snatched the little boy from her arms and smiled at him.

"Yes sweetie. I'm your daddy." I answered.

"Mummy said you had gone far far away. You traveled for so long that we couldn't get you and mummy didn't want to give me you cell phone number." He told me. "Other kids in school used to tell me that I didn't have a Daddy and that you were dead. No one wanted to be my friend too." He finished sadly.

"Oh. Baby, why didn't you tell me." Bianca asked as she caressed his back.

"Because you'll just call the school and no one would still like me." He said firmly.

Well, he was a really blunt little boy for his age. I hugged him until I felt him hug back. When I released him to look at him, he was smiling. My heart skipped a beat and judging from the way my heart skips, I should be dead.

"Well, now I'm here and I'm not letting you go okay." He nodded furiously, making me laugh at that uncanny show of cuteness.

Sean entered, telling us that the ambulance had arrived and not long after, some men dressed in nursing uniforms came in with a stretcher to take the lady I believe was Vanessa, Mikey's godmother to the hospital. After they had taken her away, I turned finally to Bianca who was still, unsuccessfully, holding back tears.

"You and Michealo need rest." I told Bianca. "Sean is going to go to the hospital and take care of Vanessa for you. Then tomorrow you can visit her."

One of my men came back to report to me. I had asked them to get information from those two before sending them away, even if they had to beat the information out. I turned to him, Bianca did too. I guess she wanted to hear who the mastermind was too.

"Sir, we had one to talk. It wasn't easy." Man, do I hate intro- talk. "Just spit it out already!" I exclaimed.

"They say his name is Daniel Harsh. He had asked for the girl and to kill the child. Apparently, for punishment to never run away from him again."

I looked back just in time to see her legs give out and catch her. Her skin was as white as snow. Her eyes were filled with utter fear. She was really scared but who wouldn't. I knew Daniel Harsh. He was at least my age of thirty by now and had the corrupt mind of his father. We had a really long past together. But what confuses me was how he was related to Bianca. I mean she was so innocent in every way possible. She gripped our son very tightly and kissed his forehead before turning to me.

"Help me." I strained to hear the words. Her voice we're so low. "Please, help me. I'll do anything you want. Just please save I and my son." I was going to help her even if she didn't say the word. But a man will always be a man and hearing the word 'anything', evil guy or none, I had my needs.

"Get in the car. I'll be right there in a sec." She obliged. I turned to my man. "Have you released them?" I asked him.

"Yes sir." He answered and I released him.

I saw Sean talking to one of the medical personnel and called him to me. He came almost immediately.

"What's the relationship between Harsh and Bianca?" I asked him angrily.

"Look, Neon, I had no idea that she was related to Dan. She was hard to track." He sighed. "This was all my fault. I can't believe I flunked in something I know how to do best. Now someone got shot because of me."

"I do blame you, Sean but i don't and as the case may be, Harsh might be here." I sighed. "That's why I want you to go to the hospital and take care of Vanessa." He nodded.

I knew he felt really guilty because Sean hated hospitals more than anything. He entered his car and drove behind the ambulance. I stood there for sometime, taking a bit of fresh air before I went back to my car. Bianca was already asleep and so was Mikey. I smiled. They both looked beautiful. Bianca's hair was packed in a messy bun, little stands were escaping and her eyes were closed. Her lashes touching her cheek. Dried tears plastered on her cheek. And her lips were still pink. I couldn't wait to get another taste of it but first, I needed to get them home. This was a very eventful night that I don't think anyone would try to forget.


I shifted with comfort. This was the most comfortable bed I had ever laid on. I turned and laid my hand on a horizontal wall that wasn't really that straight. It smelled like Neon. The wall rose and fell. Well, this was confusing. A hand rested on my back and I knew then that I wasn't holding a wall. I opened my eyes to see Neon staring at me with a smile on his face.

"Good morning." He said finally. I jumped out of the bed.

"What are you doing here?" I asked him angrily. I looked at myself to find that I was wearing a really nice satin nightdress. "What... What happened to my clothes, I don't remember changing?!"

"I changed it for you. You don't expect sleeping with a sweaty cloth on do you?." He asked as if it was normal to change my dress.

"Oh my God!" I covered myself

"What are you doing?" He chuckled. This was really amusing him? "I think the time for that is long gone. I have seen all of you...twice." I felt my cheek grow red. Yep, I was really blushing. "You should have kept me in another room."

"And give Mikey a reason to doubt that we are not together? C'mon, the boy thinks I travelled and that's why I've not been at home." He still up from the bed, walked to the wardrobe and took out a pair of sweatpants. After putting it on, he took out another one and gave it to me.

"After your bath, come down and have breakfast. Then we can talk, okay?" He told me before he left the room.

After doing what I was told, I went down to a heartfelt scenario. I saw my little boy, sitting on his father's lap, laughing. I saw something I had never seen before in Mikey's eyes. He was happy and complete. I know I should not be, but I felt really jealous. I sat at the other end of the table and I really felt like the third wheel to their happiness. The maid dished my meal for me, I thanked her before I began my munching process. They finally looked at me.

"Good morning Mommy." My little boy said, happily bouncing on Neon's lap.

"Morning baby, how was your night?" I asked him. Trying to make small talks with my baby.

"It was okay. The bed was really comfortable too." He told me before turning to Neon. "Daddy, can you take me to where you work?" He asked.

"No." I said exactly the time he said...

"Yes." They both turned to me as if I grew another head.

"No." I told Mikey sternly. "You can't just follow strange people around." I told him without thinking.

"But he's my Daddy." He said with those his cute sad eyes that looked exactly like the eyes Neon was giving me. Cute overload!

"I too want to spend some time with my son." He told me.

I didn't want to give in but they just had that cute puppy dog eyes. Did it run in Neon's linage because if he did, Mikey would be getting into trouble and still be walking away like a free man. I had been called to his school twice because he had fought with a classmate of his but he was let go because he told the teacher he was sorry with his cute puppy dog face. It still happened again and again and again but he was still let free.

"Does puppy dog eyes and stubbornness run in the family as well?" I mumbled as I took a big bite out of my food.

"Yes but it is only used for severe cases." Neon told me as he pecked Mikey and told him to go get ready.

"Well luckily, Mikey knew that rule when he was born." I said to him as I watch my baby run up the stairs with a maid following suite.

I turned to see Neon watching me with a smile on his face. His eyes was filled with more though. I turned away and focused on my food, my face was going pink. Was it hot in here or was it just me. I fanned myself with my hands.

"You really are beautiful, Bianca." He told me. I fumbled with my food for sometime.

I felt someone and I looked up to see Neon. He supported me up and into his arms. I couldn't lie that I needed that hug. It had been long. I missed him dearly. After that night with Neon, he was all I could think about. He was the reason, I had courage to leave Daniel's mansion.

"I missed you so much, Bianca." Neon told me. I felt his breath on my neck, then his lips. His lips trailed from my neck, to my jaw and finally, on my lips, it landed and stayed. There was no space left between us but yet, he pulled me closer to him. He slid one hand down and gripped it on my ass, it didn’t even affect me at all, well, it did but not in any of the bad ways, I liked it, I wanted more. His other hand cup my breast. He kissed me hungrily, massaging my breasts. His mouth travelled down my neck, making me shiver with desire. I slipped my hand under his sweat shirt, tracing the muscles on his chest, making him moan. He slowly moved his hand down to the bottom of the shirt and slipped his hand under, trailing his fingers along my skin, moving it up slowly until he got to my breasts where he massaged them through my bra making me moan breathily.

After a few minutes, he pulled away, smiling at me, his eyes dancing with excitement. He put his forehead to mine, we were both breathing heavy. “I’m very possessive, you know?” he said, kissing the tip of my nose before letting me go. "We need to talk?"

He left me and moved to another room. It was his home office. Apparently, where he talked business. So, I guess we were about to talk business. I walked in and closed the door behind me. I waited for him to start talking but he just motioned for me to sit in the chair opposite him. I sat down and he gave me a folder. I opened it slowly and read through. My eyes going wider and wider in every page. What the hell!

"A prenuptial agreement, adoption papers, what is this?" I asked, dropping the paper on the table.

"We are getting married. And since you didn't put my name as the father of my child, so, I have to deal with it. All I just need is your signature." He told me. He was really calm. I wasn't. "In exchange, you get you security. And I get to be part of my son's life."

That got me. Looking at Neon, I knew he would protect his son. And if he wanted to take Michealo from me, he would. I had no choice.

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