Tainted Love

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Alaina was a preppy girl who stayed on her side of the tracks, that is until she was dragged to a party on the other side of town. After finding herself in the middle of a fight she had no part in she found herself face to face with Tre, her savior. He was like no one she had ever been with and she found herself falling hard for the bad boy that she knew she should stay away from. It wasn't easy being together, both had to make sacrifices and in the end, they became too much. When fate brings them back together will they find a way to make it work, or were they never meant to be together in the first place

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Night We Met

I rolled my eyes looking over at my best friend Gabbie. She had been trying to talk me into going to a party with her for the past hour. "Is this the only reason you wanted to spend the night with me tonight? You just want to go to some stupid ass party?"

Gabbie shrugged, “No, I mean you know my mom would never let me out of the house. Your mom, however, well she's..."

"At her boyfriend of the month's house,” I said making a face at her.

She nodded, "yeah, besides you are coming with me." She frowned when I shook my head, "Alaina! You have to!"

I groaned as she gave me her best puppy dog eyes. “Do you even know anybody that will be there? Last time we went to a party out of town we didn't know a single person there.”

Gabbie looked down guilty. “Umm maybe.”

I rolled my eyes. “Umm maybe like Marcus?”

She blushed her light brown skin turning all kinds of shades of red. I shook my head wondering why I let her talk me into anything, “fine but you better not fucking bail on me.”

Gabbie crossed her heart grinning jumping up and down before heading into my closet. “Yay! I promise you it will be fun, come on girl, it's time to get ready.”

I rolled my eyes sometimes I didn't know why Gabbie and I were friends. We were both popular at our highschool, both made good grades, she however was a wild child. I hated it when she talked me into going places with her. Nine times out of ten it turned out to be bad for me. I would get left alone with strangers while she hooked up with whoever she was talking to at the moment. She reminded of me of my mom how quick she rotated through guys.

As I changed Gabbie sent Marcus a text getting the directions to the party. Grabbing the keys to my mom's SUV we headed outside. I looked over at Gabbie trying one more time to change her mind. "Are you sure you don't want to stay home and watch a movie?"

She looked over at me, "positive."

Following the GPS we found ourselves in the middle of nowhere. The party was located down a long street, very last house on the left. I almost wanted to turn around, they made movies about situations like this. Cars were parked everywhere on the side of the road in no kind of order. “Umm, where the hell do we park?" Gabbie asked.

I shrugged pulling to the side a little away from everyone else. “I’m parking right here, easy out easy in.”

Gabbie groaned, “you would make us walk a fucking mile. Look at me I’m not dressed to hike.”

I shot her a look. “Shut the fuck up. It's so not a mile and you aren't hiking anywhere. Plus I didn’t tell you to dress like a hoe.”

As we walked closer we saw people everywhere. I didn't recognize anyone. Glancing over at Gabbie I saw she was on her phone texting not even looking where we were going. I'm sure she was trying to locate Marcus. As we walked by a cooler she grabbed a beer.

I made a face at her, "nasty ass."

She popped the top shrugging at me, "your loss."

Marcus walked out of the house and up to us. I was glad to see a familiar face. Gabbie was stuck to his side like glue and I began to feel like a third wheel within minutes. I tried to stand off from them a little to give them some privacy but strange people kept walking up to me trying to hit on me and I wasn't about that.

Gabbie and Marcus wanted to go into the house to smoke so I took that time to follow them in to use the bathroom. The house was even crazier than the backyard and I couldn't help but think about how my mom would kill me if I ever through a party at the house. How did you hide this?

Walking out of the bathroom I decided to slip out the backdoor. The backyard was less crowded but it was basically the same as the front yard. Deciding to walk back around to the front I pulled my phone out of my pocket and text Gabbie. "Can you hurry up! This party blows."

I wasn't watching where I was going as I hit send so when I heard people shouting near me I jerked my up surprised. I barely had a chance to look up when I was shoved up against a shed stuck in the middle of two guys fighting. They had me wedged between them and the shed.

Pushing at them was useless. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a guy walk forward away from the crowd and shove the guys out of the way pulling me behind him. "Ya'll what the fuck. How did ya'll not see her?"

The two guys that had been fighting stopped looking up at him before they both instantly started to apologize. Instead of accepting their apologies, I looked up at the guy who saved me wondering who he was that could stop a fight by just his words.

My elbow was stinging and as I reached down I felt blood. "Damn it," I said seeing the gash on my elbow.

The guy who had stopped the fight reached down for my arm, "let me see."

I looked at him for a moment before I lifted my arm letting him take it. As he looked at my arm I studied him. His dark skin was marked with tattoos. His hair was freshly cut and you could tell he was one who cared about his appearance. He was undeniably hot and here I was bleeding on him.

“You’re bleeding pretty bad.” I jerked as he touched my elbow slightly. You need to see if you need stitches.”

He turned to a group of guys. “Rod bring me some water.” A tall light-skinned guy nodded his head at him and took off walking. The guy in front of me pulled his white t-shirt off pressing it against my arm. I looked at him crazy, he had a wife beater on underneath but Jesus he was built.

The guy named Rod came back with some water handing it over. I watched the guy pour water on his shirt and hold it up to my elbow again. He glanced up at me. “So what's your name?”

I looked up at him, “Alaina, you?”

He kept his focus on my elbow. “Tre’vion, most people call me Tre.”

I let out a small laugh I hated when people said things like that to me. “OK so what do I call you?”

He moved his shirt back frowning at my arm. “You can call me whatever you want but you need stitches. That cut is deep.”

I felt the color drain from my face. “I'm sure it will be OK. Thanks for your help.”

I started to pull away but Tre put his shirt back against my arm. “Who did you come here with?” I shrugged a little aggravated that it was even clear to him that I did not belong at this party. “My friend Gabbie. We met Marcus Grissom up here. Do you know him?

” Tre nodded, "yeah, let me see if I can find them.”

Nodding I sat down on the porch holding Tre’s shirt to my elbow not brave enough to look. When he came back out he looked aggravated, "they are both fucked up. Do you want me to take you to the er?”

I bit my lip. "No I'm sure it will be ok. I'll put some peroxide on it when I get home."

He laughed. “No, you're not. Come on. Did you drive? I rode here with one of my boys.”

Nodding I pulled my keys out of my pocket. "Yeah but I can't just leave Gabbie here."

Tre grabbed the keys out of my hands, “I told Marcus where we were going. He said he would take care of Gabbie until we got back. Do you want to go talk to her?”

I shook my head. I knew when Gabbie got drunk she passed out and I trusted Marcus to take care of her. I’d known him for a long time and honestly the only reason I wasn’t a fan of him was because of Gabbie. We took off walking toward my car.“Where the fuck did you park.”

I looked down shrugging, "way down there.” Tre laughed shaking his head.

As we walked side by side I looked up at Tre and he glanced down winking at me. “So are you danger prone?”

I laughed. “Not usually. Do you always step in to rescue people?”

Tre snorted shaking his head, "naw, I usually stay out of it but I saw your ass not paying any attention get shoved right into that building." I made a face at him but he only laughed at me

As we approached my moms SUV he hit the unlock button. “You cool with me driving?”

I nodded. “Yeah this shit is starting to hurt.”

Tre looked over at me as I hoped in the car. “Maybe you should have hit a blunt cause you're getting stitches.”

I looked at him crazy as he cranked the car. “I don’t smoke.”

Tre cut his eyes at me. “My bad, I just assumed. Your girl gets high. You know that right?”

I rolled my eyes. “Yeah I know, she tries to hang.”

He laughed at me as we pulled out onto the main road. The ER wasn't far. Maybe 15 minutes. As he drove I pulled my wallet out of the armrest. I had no idea how I was going to explain this to my mom.

As he pulled into the parking lot I looked over at him. “You're going in with me right?”

Tre shrugged. “I mean if you want me too.”

I nodded happy that he wasn't going to leave me on my own. I knew that coming to the ER wouldn't be fun but I hadn't expected the woman at the front desk to be rude as fuck. I could tell she was bothered that I was with Tre and when she called my mother because I was still minor, I half expected her to tell on me.

Tre picked up on her vibes to and as the woman started calling my mom to get her consent he looked over at me. "So is this going to be a problem?"

I shook my head no, "she will be fine as long as she doesn't have to stop doing whatever she is up doing to come here."

The woman wrote down some information before getting off the phone with my mother then printed out my information telling me to go sit back in the waiting room until my name was called.

As we sat back down my mom called my cell. “Yeah.” I said answering it.

“Alaina are you OK, Eric and I are out of town.”

I rolled my eyes, she was always out of town. “yes Mom I’m fine, that receptionist was just a bitch.”

Mom let out a breath, I’m sure of relief. “Good well if you’re ok, I’ll call you tomorrow. Just text me and let me know what they do.” I looked down as I heard the click of her hanging up. "Mom of the year there," I said setting my phone down. Tre glanced over at me but I just shook my head.

“So do you go to Prescott with Marcus or are you from Cambridge?”

Tre looked over at me shaking his head. “Prescott. And you're from Liberty, right?”

I nodded. He leaned back in his chair, "so how did you meet Marcus? Your friend Gabbie?”

I shook my head no. “I actually met him first, his grandma lives by me so we kinda grew up knowing each other.”

Tre nodded. “Cool.”

A nurse opened one of the doors looking down at her chart before she called my name, "Alaina St. Claire". I stood up looking down at Tre. “Come with me.” He looked up at me and nodded OK standing up. When we went to the back I had to answer for the millionth time what had happened. I felt like that should be in the notes and not be something that needed to be repeated.

As the nurse walked out to get the doctor I looked at Tre. “I swear I’m going to get a sticky note and attach it to my head. Cut elbow on tin shed.”

He looked up at me smirking. “You can always get it tattooed.” I laughed. “I’ll leave that up to you.”

The doctor that came in looked like he was straight out of med school and I about cried when he told me I would need stitches. Tre had shot me an "I told you look." The nurse came back in with everything they would need to stitch my arm.

I hadn't been prepared for the shot they gave me to numb my pain and if I would have known what they were going to do I would have never come in. As they started cleaning my skin getting ready to put the stitches in I looked over at Tre.

He got up out of the chair and came and stood beside me grabbing my uninjured hand. As they began stitching my cut tears started to run from my eyes. I didn't feel pain but I felt the pulling and it was super uncomfortable. My anxiety was at an all time high.

“You’re ok, just breath.”

I frowned. I was so not going to be OK. This had always been my number one fear all of my life, stitches. The nurse reached out handing Tre some tissues. He shook his head at me as he wiped tears from my eyes making me feel stupid. I didn't even know this person and here he was taking care of me as if we were a couple or some shit.

I gasped feeling the stitches tighten and I could feel my heart start to pound double. I closed my eyes praying they would finish and when I opened them I looked up at Tre. He looked down at me for a second before he wiped my tears away with his thumb and kissed me.

The shock of his kiss worked better than any shot could have because the minute his lips met mine I forgot everything. As he pulled back we just watched each other and before I knew it the doctor was putting gauze and tape on my arm giving me instructions. My mind wouldn’t absorb anything he said. All I knew for sure was I had to wait 2 weeks before I could get my stitches out.

As we walked out of the ER I clutched my papers to my chest. I was at a loss as to what to say to Tre. He unlocked the door and I went and took my seat quietly. As Tre started the car he looked over at me. “Are you OK?”

I nodded not even looking at him. “Yeah, I think so.” We pulled off heading back to the party and I glanced out the window. I wanted to talk to him but I had no idea what to say to him, especially now. Glancing at the clock I saw it was after 1. “Do you think they will still be here?”

Tre looked down. “Hell yeah, it's still early.” I nodded OK leaning back in my seat wondering what the hell I was going to do. I was ready to go home.

Tre parked my car closer to the front turning so that when I left all I had to do was pull out. As we walked back up to the party he walked with me into the house. We separated with him going to the kitchen and me going in search of Gabbie. I found her asleep on the couch by Marcus who was playing dice. I sighed wondering if I should just wake her up so we could leave.

“You wanna go outside with me?”

I look up at Tre and shook my head yeah. I mean I wanted to go home but I was also kinda intrigued by him. We walked outside and I watched as Tre nodded at a group of guys. The guy he had called Rod was over there so I assumed they were his friends. The guys were are all sitting on the top of a picnic table smoking.

I let out a deep breath trying to think of an excuse to leave when Rod handed Tre a blunt. He took a long hit before he looked up, "man somebody better get up and let her sit down.”

The guys stopped talking and looked at me as if they just noticed I was there. I could feel the blood running to my face. Two guys both jumped up and Tre nodded at me to sit down. I wanted to tell him I was going back in the house but instead, I sat down.

Tre walked over to my side. “Does your arm still hurt?”

I shook my head. “No, I think the pills they gave me have kicked in.”

Tre arched his brow holding up his blunt, “are you sure you don’t want a hit.”

I looked down and Tre laughed. “Girl I’m just teasing. Chill out.”

As he passed the blunt to another guy I sat looking around feeling kinda awkward being the only girl in the group. The guy beside me got up and Tre moved to sit beside me. Nudging my knees with his he looked over at me, “Why are you so quiet.”

I shrug looking up at him. “Kinda out of place.”

Tre leaned back reaching in his pocket pulling out a pack of cigarettes. I watched him light up and hold out his pack to me. I shook my head no. He snorted, “what do you do?”

I grinned shrugging. “I drink some, just not beer, or whiskey, or....”

Tre laughed, "Ok I got you. You're a good girl huh."

I rolled my eyes, "what?"

He shook his head not answering, "let me see your phone real quick."

I frowned but reached in my pocket unlocking it and handing it over blindly. I watched as he put his number in my phone saving it. "You going to text me in the morning."

“Are you asking or telling me.”

Tre winked at me, “both.”

Looking up I saw Gabbie and Marcus walking toward me. Tre sighed, "you better go meet your girl. Rod and Marcus have beef."

I glanced at Rod who was already watching Marcus and stood up. "Thanks for tonight."

Tre nodded at me. “Text me when you get to the car so I have your number.”

Now that it was time to go I didn't want to. I wanted to know more about this stranger who had gone out of his way to help me. Gabbie was complaining about being ready to go the moment I walked up to them and I could have hit her. She had no idea what I had been through.

Saying my goodbyes I gave Marcus a quick hug waiting as Gabbie kissed him bye. As I turned to leave I looked back at Tre wanting one more look at him and found him watching me. He nodded his head at me winking and I couldn't help but grin as I turned around.

"Look at you blushing and shit."

I rolled my eyes giving Gabbie a look. “where were you when I needed to go to the ER. Oh yeah passed the fuck out.”

She smiled at me, "ok true but you got to hang with a whole group of hot ass guys. Spill it I wanna hear it all. I'm kinda jealous.”

As we got to the car I pulled my phone out sending Tre a quick message. When I looked up I found Gabbie watching me. "What?"

She tilted her head, "come on Alaina I know that face. I can tell you like him.”

I looked over at her as I pulled out onto the road. "It's not like that." I told her about the fight and about how he got the guys off of me. When I told her about him kissing me at the ER she screamed. “No fucking way.”

I nodded. I felt the same way. "He gave me his number. I really don't know what to do with it."

She laughed, "oh my God Alaina you text him girl that's what you do. He was fine as fuck. I mean shit, I'd have ran off with him too."

I rolled my eyes, "I didn't run off with him. He took me to the hospital."

She shrugged, "look at my Laina liking a black boy."

I cut my eyes at her, "if you don't shut the fuck up."

She laughed, "I mean I told you if you hung around me long enough it would happen."

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