Tainted Love

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***Tre’s point of view***

I pulled the pillow over my head groaning. I swear if my phone rung one more damn time I would chunk it clear across the room. As soon as my phone quit ringing I heard my text tone going off. Sighing I reached over and grab my phone barely opening my eyes to look at the screen.


Sighing I rolled over sending her a text back telling her I was still asleep. She quickly replied back telling me ok, to call her when I woke up. I dropped my phone, I was so not in the mood for this bitch today.

Gitting up I took a quick shower changing into some shorts before I headed up to the kitchen. Momma had already left for work so I opened the fridge pulling out some stuff to make a quick sandwich. After I ate I grabbed my phone about to text Kristi but I quickly changed my mind and sent a text to Alaina instead.

"Hey, you ok?"

Alaina didn't take long before she responded back. "I'm good. Sorry about last night, I'm sure I ruined your shirt."

Smiling I responded, "it's all good. So, do you want to meet up with me later?"

Setting my phone down I went and grabbed a coke out of the fridge. I don't even know why I had asked her that. I had a girlfriend, a fucking crazy girlfriend. Still when I heard my phone go off and saw that she had agreed I couldn't help the smile that appeared on my face. Letting her know I'd get back with her later I ran downstairs and grabbed a shirt deciding to go spend some time with the guys before I meet up with her.

Later I was at Rod's house playing the game when Kristi started back texting me. I glanced down at my phone seeing she was wanting to know where I was. Shaking my head I flipped my phone over trying to forget it but Rod started laughing at me.


I nodded my head. He laughed, "so uh, what's up with that female from last night. She was hot, well I mean besides the whole stitched elbow."

I shrugged setting my stick down to take a hit off of the blunt he had just offered me. "Alaina? Yeah, she is pretty damn hot isn't she."

"I'm just saying, you going to try and holla at her cause if you don't I just might."

I knew he was lying but the thought of it aggravated me. Taking another hit of the blunt I passed it back to him, "Actually I'm meeting up with her later."

Rod leaned back, "so she knows about Kristi?"

I shook my head, "what kind of question is that? Hell no I didn't tell her. I mean it really didn't come up last night."

Rod took a hit of the blunt, "you are going to have some female drama. For one Kristi is going to have a whole ass heart attack when you go missing two nights in a row."

I shrugged, "she'll get over it."As if on cue my phone started ringing.

Rod laughed handing me the blunt back, "here, you are going to need this."

I rolled my eyes at him but took it automatically pulling the phone back from my ear as Kristi started bitching. Like always once she had said what she had needed to say she asked me to come over. I had told her I already had plans and would call her when I got back into town. That had only set her off again only this time I put my phone down putting her on speaker before muting her.

Rod only shook his head taking the blunt out of my hand hitting it hard. I shook my head at him but after a minute Kristi had calmed back down and made me promise to call her the minute I got back into town. As I hung up Rod shot me a look, "man she is fine as fuck but damn it, that bitch is crazy."

I laughed, "if she didn't give such good head she would be gone."

Rod shook his head laughing as he picked his stick back up unpausing our game. "I'm done with you and your females."

It was close to 6 when I left Rod's. Mom was home cooking fried chicken when I walked in the door. Without ever turning around she started talking to me, "hey baby. Are you going to eat here tonight?"

I shook my head, "no I have plans. You have a hard day?"

Momma sighed, "yes, as soon as I eat I'm going to sleep. So by plans you mean you are going out tonight?"As I made a face at her she laughed, "Ok, I should have known better. Just stay out of jail and don't be bringing me home any grandbabies."

Grabbing a piece of chicken I snorted, "please mom, I got this."

Looking over at me like I had lost my mind my mom rolled her eyes slapping at my hand. "I thought you weren't going to eat."

I shrugged turning to walk downstairs to my room. I had converted the basement into a bedroom. It was the best decision I'd ever made. For one it was huge, two I could come and go as I pleased with no one any wiser.

Laying across my bed I turned on the tv stopping on some movie on HBO. Pulling out my phone from my back pocket I debated for a minute about texting Alaina but I found myself wanting to see what she was up to. "Hey what ya doing?"

"Nothing kinda bored honestly."

I had no business trying to meet up with her but that didn't stop me. "You still trying to meet up with me later?"

When she replied, yeah I sighed. It wasn't that I didn't want to see her again it was that I hadn't thought about what to do with her. She sure the hell couldn't come here, not today. Kristi would find out in record-breaking time. "Have you eaten?"

When she told me no, I told her to meet me in Cambridge at The Diner. It was perfect, almost exactly the halfway spot between us and somewhat secluded. We had agreed to meet up in 45 so I quickly went to find something to wear that wasn't basketball shorts and a white tee.

Pulling up at the restaurant I wasn't sure what to expect. I really didn't remember what her car looked like, or at least what it looked like during the day. I didn't have to wait long before a car pulled in parking off to the right. The minute the door opened I knew it was her.

I would be lying if I said I didn't think this girl was hot. Stepping out of my car she saw me and smiled as she began walking up to me. As I shut my door I looked down at her gently taking her arm, "you rebandaged it?"

She nodded, "yea, well not me but it was done."

I nodded at her, "you ready to eat?"

When she nodded I slipped my hand in hers leading her toward the door. As I walked in I scanned the room to see if there was anyone I knew, or better yet anyone Kristi knew. I didn't' recognize anyone and was pleased when we were taken to a back booth. People stared at us enough as it was, I didn't' need any extra attention.

Alaina sat down scooting over and instead of sitting across from her, I moved to sit beside her. I could tell Alaina was nervous so after the waitress took our drink order and I ordered us some appetizers I elbowed her gently. "You still sore?"

Nodding Alainna looked up at me, "yeah. My mom went and had that prescription filled but I hate taking pills."

I shook my head, "girl you're crazy, you better take those pills." Alaina bit her lip looking up at me and I had to resist the urge to lean down and kiss her. I already knew what her lips felt like and I wasn't opposed to feeling them again. To refocus myself I glanced down at my menu. "So what are you going to get?"

Alaina shrugged. “I think maybe just a burger and fries. What about you?”

"Same, can't go wrong there huh?"

Alaina looked up at me about to speak when our waitress came and sat our drinks down along with the appetizer I had ordered. Looking over I saw Alaina was now quiet so I leaned back, “So tell me about yourself Alaina St. Claire.”

She took a sip of her coke as she looked over at me smiling, "and what is it that you want to know?”

I shrugged taking a sip of my drink, “whatever you want to tell me. I mean let's go basic, age and grade, for starters I guess.”

Alaina shrugged, "I’m 17, I guess you would know that from last night.” I nodded at her listening as she continued to talk. “I’m a senior this year. What about you?”

I took a drink of my coke. “Same age, but I’m a Jr.”

Alaina nodded, "so what's up with Marcus and Rod not being cool with each other?”

I looked at her laughing, “well honestly it's all over some female they were both talking to at the same time not too long ago.”

Alaina made a face, “Yeah I can see that being a problem.”

The waitress came bringing us our food and I have to admit I was kinda glad for the interruption. If she knew I had a girl there was no way she would ever be sitting here beside me. As we started eating my phone began ringing. Taking it out of my pocket I saw it was Kristi. That girl always had the worst timing. Silencing the call I sat my phone down and looked over at Alaina seeing she wasn't really paying me any attention.

"So you got any plans for later?"

Shaking her head no she looked over at me, "no Gabbie wanted to go to the movies but I told her I had other plans."

I arched my brow at her, "oh yeah, you tell her what you were going to be doing?"

Alaina's cheeks turned red and it brought a smirk to my lips. "No, I just told her I was going out."

"Well, what do you want to do after we leave here?"

Alaina shook her head, "I don't know anything about Cambridge really. I mean besides the mall and I'm not feeling that. Do you?"

I shrugged, "not too much to do honestly but I'm sure we can find something to get into."

When we left I wasn't really paying attention when I heard my name being called. Looking up I shook my head seeing Jacorian and Shaun. "What's up man," Jacorian said walking up on us.

"Shit, just caught a bite to eat. What are ya'll doing?"

Both guys just shook their heads seeming to be more interested in Alaina at the moment. Putting my arm around her I nodded, "well I guess I'll see ya'll later."

“Ya’ll should come by the house we going to be chillin later.”

I nodded. “Yeah, we might.” I knew damn well I wasn't about to take her around them.

Saying our goodbyes to the guys Alaina and I started walking toward her car. "So how about you meet me at the park?"

"Ok, but I have no idea where it is."

I nodded, "you can follow me."

As we pulled up at the park I made sure to leave my phone in the car. Kristi was now blowing up my phone and I didn't have the time to see what the hell she wanted. I had other things on my mind. Things like Alaina who was walking up on me now.

“Can you put my keys in your pocket?”

Nodding I took them slipping them in my pocket before I grabbed her hand and started walking down one of the trails. “So are you going off for College?”

Alaina shrugged glancing at me. “I have a Scholarship for Texas A&M, but I don’t know. I thought about just staying down here and going to community college. I mean I have a part-time job now that I can work full time when I graduate.”

I nodded. “so is that what you want to do.”

She shrugged. “I don’t know. I kinda just want to say fuck it all.”

I laughed at her. “No you need to get your education, make something of yourself.”

She nodded looking up at me.“Well what about you?”

I shrugged. College and I didn’t really mix. I was smart enough, I just didn’t care enough. I made my money on the streets. “I don’t know, I don’t really feel it.”

Stopping to sit down at one of the benches by the pond I pulled out my cigarettes and lit up. Alaina had sat down beside me and was watching me. It was getting dark and I really didn't want her to leave me yet. I had thought about bringing her back to my house but I just didn't know. She didn't strike me as that type of girl. Of course, she didn't strike me as the type of girl who would have agreed to meet up with me yet here we were.

Noticing me watching her Alaina smiled, "what?"

I shook my head, "nothing. You are just quiet tonight."

She shrugged, "I could talk too much."

I laughed at her, "I guess that true."

Alaina shrugged, "well I mean I haven't injured myself tonight."

"We haven't left yet, you might end up in the pond."

Alaina pushed me, "what, no way."

We sat a little longer talking before we decided to head back to our cars. I had no idea what time it was but I still wasn't ready to let her go. She leaned against her car holding out her hand so I reached in my pocket taking her keys out. Holding out her keys in front of her she gave me a look but reached for them. Catching her off guard I pushed her back up against her car and kissed her.

Alaina was shocked at first but the moment she gave in I felt her body relax and her hand moved to my chest. When I leaned back we were both out of breath. Reaching out I moved a piece of her brown hair out of her face. Her lips were still swollen from our previous kiss and they were distracting me.

"I guess I'll see you later."

I nodded looking up at her, "yeah maybe next weekend?"

She looked up at me with those big green eyes of hers and I couldn't help but pull her back to me and give her one last kiss bye before I released her and headed to my car before I did something I'd regret later. As I made it to my car I turned around seeing her give me a tiny wave before she backed up. Fuck this girl had me feeling all kinds of ways.

On the way home I turned my phone on and shook my head as my notifications start going crazy. Kristi had been blowing my phone up. I didn’t even bother listening or reading any of her messages. I just called her, as soon as she answered the phone she started going off. “Where the fuck have you been and why the hell aren't you answering your phone.”

I sighed. “I told you I was going out, why the fuck you blowing up my phone.”

She let out a deep breath. “Where the fuck you go Tre, where have you been?”

I shook my head. “It doesn’t matter where I've been. I told you I was with the boys.”

Kristi smacked her lips. “So your boys are more important than me?”

I rolled my eyes not in the mood to fight with her. “Naw Kristi why are you always tripping on nothing.”

Kristi was quiet for a minute. “Whatever Tre.”

I let out a breath. “You know what I don't have time to argue with you, I’ll call you tomorrow.”

Kristi sighed. “Really Tre you're going to do me like that.”

“Kristi I told you I don't have time for this I’m trying to hang with my boys and you are fucking tripping.” I quickly hung up the phone before she had a chance to say anything else.

I end up going to Jacorian’s house and as I walked in I sat down on the love seat reaching out to grab the blunt. “Where the fuck you been?” Rod asked.

I shrugged. “Out.”

Jacorian shook his head. “No, tell him all about that little white girl that was with you at the diner.”

I shook my head. He talked too damn much. Rod glanced over at me. “As in not Kristi?”

Jacorian laughed, "hell no, that wasn’t Kristi.”

Rod looked over at me. “That girl from last night?”

I shook my head yeah, “but it ain’t like that we are just friends.”

Passing the blunt to Jacorian he snorted, "friends my ass, when I started checking her ass out you got all possessive

Ignoring him I shrugged, "man whatever. So what's up with this game?"

Rod glanced at me, "ok, change the subject. Just know we are going to talk about this later."  

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