Tainted Love

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The Mall

***Alaina’s point of view***

It had been a couple of weeks since I had first met Tre. We now talked on the phone almost every night and he would send me random text during the day. I didn't know exactly what it was about him that attracted me, I mean besides the fact that he was hot as hell. He was nothing like anyone I had ever fallen for and it made me a little nervous.

Gabbie would make fun of me every time she was around and Tre would text or call me. According to her, I would start grinning like a damn fool. I couldn't help it. I had never been one to really care if anyone called me or not but I found myself waiting on his call every night. My heart would start beating fast the moment his name flashed across my screen.

With nothing better to do, I had decided to go to the mall in Cambridge with two of my friends Staci and Miranda. Gabbie had bailed on us, she hated Staci so the minute she found out that she would be there she found a reason to back out. Staci and Gabbie were a lot alike, both were very outspoken, so when you got them together it always ended up disastrous.

We had only been to a couple of shops before the girls wanted to stop and get some frozen yogurt. I wasn't a huge fan of it but I still bought one and sat swirling my spoon in my cup not really paying attention to the girl's conversation. Staci was mad about something her boyfriend had done and Miranda was absent-mindedly agreeing with everything she was saying. I sighed, ready to go. Staci had been in a mood ever since she had picked me up, I knew a lot of it had to do with her being mad at her boyfriend but she didn't have to take that shit out on me.

Leaning back in my seat I looked around seeing that it was mostly families sitting around us. The kid at the very next table to us was screaming his eyes out because his mom didn't get him what he wanted. She wasn't even paying him any attention, her attention was focused on feeding her other baby in a stroller. I shook my head, I had no clue how she was able to ignore the loud one. I was ready to chunk my yogurt at him just to get him to shut up. Part of me felt sorry for her. I could tell she was exhausted.

Looking up to see what stores were close to us I saw a group of guys walk out of Footlocker. It was like in the movies when you see all the popular kids walking down the hall, it seemed like the crowds had parted for them. Of course, that could be because they were all walking side by side not moving out of anyone's way as they walked.

Taking a bit of my yogurt I tilted my head as I saw him. Tre was on the far side of the guys laughing at something one of the others had said. He looked up and our eyes met. I grinned but looked down shyly. Staci and Miranda must have been watching me because Staci shook her head. "Umm please tell me you aren't looking at those guys."

Shrugging I looked back up seeing they had stopped by the fountain and had started talking. Some of them had sat down but Tre was still standing up and was looking at me. He nodded his head at me and I couldn't help but grin at him again.

"Which one," Miranda asked.

Looking over at the girls I sighed, "the one with the black shirt on."

As I glanced back over I saw Tre put his cap back on his head. "Alaina he looks straight up hood."

I laughed, "what does that even mean?" I arched my brow at her, "maybe I like hood?"

Staci rolled her eyes, "I think I've seen him before. I just don't know where."

"No telling," I said glancing back over at him.

The group of guys started to walk away and I felt myself wishing I would have gotten up and at least went and said hi. As if he could feel my eyes on him Tre stopped walking and turned around motioning for me to come over where he was.

I tilted my head looking at him but he only winked at me. "Uh, I think he wants you to go over there."

I nodded at them, "I'll be right back."

"Aliana really, no," Staci said.

I sighed, "relax it's fine. I know him."

Throwing my yogurt away I walked up to Tre not even bothered by the fact he was eyeing me. "You look good Laina," he said.

I rolled my eyes at him but had a huge grin on my face, "so what are you doing?"

Tre shrugged, "nothing. Was bored and wanted out of the house."

I nodded, "same." Looking over I saw the guys he had been with were stopped waiting on him. "Your boys are waiting on you."

He looked over at them nodding, it was like they understood some silent signal because they all started walking off. "They will be ok. I drove up here myself." I was about to question him but he grabbed my elbow, "you got your stitches out, look at you. You have some street cred now."

Shaking my head I looked down, "I hate how it looks, its freaking ugly."

He gently ran his finger over my scarring and I prayed he didn't notice the shiver that went down my spine, "it will fade." Laughing he caught me off guard, "your girls over there are starring us down."

Looking over I shook my head smiling, "yeah well they think you're hood."

Tre busted out laughing, "hood? Really, I mean why not gangsta?" I made a face at him but he only smiled back at me, "so, you think you can ditch them?"

I shrugged, "I don't know I didn't drive so..."

Tre cut me off, "I can take you home."

Looking up at him I felt nervous all of a sudden, "I mean are you sure?"

Nodding he licked his lips, "yeah, I got you."

As I watched his tongue run across his bottom lip I knew there was something very wrong with me. Nodding I looked down, "ok, just give me a minute."

Walking over to the girls I barely got out what I was trying to say before Staci cut me off, "don't tell me you are wanting us to leave you alone with him?"

Miranda and I looked at each other rolling our eyes. I sighed, "look I will be fine. I'll text you both when I get home."

"I guess Alaina but you are being stupid," Staci said making a face at me.

Miranda fanned her face, "girl you go do you because he is fine as hell."

Staci cut her eyes from her but Miranda only shrugged, "well he is."

I grabbed my bag from the table and waved bye to them not about to sit and debate what I was and wasn't going to do. Tre grabbed my hand as I walked up on him, "so where do you wanna go?"

I shrugged, "it doesn't matter. I've already picked up what I came for." Before I really had time to think he grabbed my bag out of my hand causing me to slap at him. "Tre stop it."

He was laughing as he pulled out some polo shirts, "what the fuck is this Laina?"

I grabbed my bag shoving the shirts back inside. "It's what I have to wear to work thank you." Smiling at him I shrugged, "you know I have better taste than that."

Tre's eyes looked over my body and I felt my face flush. I had worn a pair of blue jean shorts and a simple navy blue top and I hadn't felt a bit of self-consciousness till he put his eyes on me. Changing the subject I looked up at him, "so what happened to you last night? You never called."

Tre looked down, "I know, I got busy, I'm sorry."

I don't know why I felt like he was lying but I shrugged it off, "it's cool. I mean I guess I had just gotten used to you calling every night."

He looked up at me with a smirk on his face, "you know you could have called me."

The thought had actually occurred to me. He was always the one doing the calling. Still, I didn't call him. "I know, " I said simply. Tre looked over at me before he grabbed my hand as we started walking around again.

"You know I didn't think you would be as shy as you are." He looked down at me, "you know your way to beautiful to be this damn shy. You should be full of confidence."

I rolled my eyes at him, "I'm not shy."

He looked down at me, "so is it only around me you're shy?"

I looked down wondering if he could see straight through me. I mean he had to like me some to want to hang with me. "I'm sorry," I said as if that was a proper answer to what he had asked.

Tre paused looking down at me and I could see the wheels in his head spinning. I knew nothing about him and he knew nothing about me but from all outside appearances, we were night and day different. I wasn't just attracted to his looks, but also to that hint of danger I felt whenever I was around him.

We walked around the mall for a bit before I drug him into a store that sold all kinds of costume jewelry. He groaned as we walked in, "really you're going to make me come in here with all of these females?"

I glanced around seeing nothing but a bunch of 13-14 year old girls watching us and whispering. I didn't know why they were staring at us but I had a pretty good idea that it was from the whole white/black thing. To try and show him I wasn't shy and to put on a little show for them I pouted my lips at him as I looked up, "I mean you can wait outside if you really want to." Standing on my tiptoes I placed a kiss on his jaw, laughing as the girls quickly turned and walked away.

Tre shook his head looking down at me, "you could have at least given me a real kiss."

Laughing at him I took his hand dragging him with me as I picked out things I really didn't need but wanted all the same. When we approached the register and the girl told me how much I owed I was still digging in my pocket for my cash when Tre pulled out a wad of cash. "I got you," he said handing over the money.

I shook my head, "you didn't have to do that."

Tre handed over my bag, "I know I didn't. I wanted to."

Walking out of the store I stuck my package in my other bag looking up suddenly as Tre grabbed me dragging me to another store. "Now this I could get behind."

I cut my eyes at him seeing he had dragged me into Victoria's Secret. "Tre no, you aren't allowed in here," I said laughing.

He looked down at me, "and why not?"

I shrugged feeling my cheeks heat up, "cause I said so that's why."

He laughed at me, "relax Alaina. Look, we can look at this rack right here."

I immediately perked up when I saw it was a rack of PINK joggers and hoodies. "Hey, good job. I've been wanting some more of these."

Tre shook his head, "nope, you don't want to be here with me remember."

I shoved him playfully before setting the pair of joggers I had in my hand back down. "I forgot why I don't like shopping here."

Tre grabbed the pair of joggers right back up. "Is this what you want?"

I frowned shaking my head at him, "if you don't put that back down. I'm not paying that much for them when they will go on sale soon."

Ignoring me Tre kept the joggers in his hand as he found a matching hoodie, "that's fine, cause you aren't paying for it."

I tilted my head walking toward Tre but he turned and grabbed a pair of thongs, "how about these to go along with it."

I opened my mouth to speak then shut it right back not sure how to respond to him. He started laughing, "I was just playing damn Alaina. I mean I don't know you well enough to buy you thongs, maybe next week."

I narrowed my eyes at him but he started walking toward the front to check out. "This all you want?"

I shrugged, "I don't even want that." He looked down at me but went and stood in line. "Tre do you ever listen," I said aggravated.

He handed me over a bag and shrugged, "sometimes. Come on."

Shaking my head I crammed my bag into my other one before Tre took if from me and grabbed my hand. We hadn't made it too far before we ran back into his friends. Rod nodded at me and I gave him a small smile. The other guys had their full attention on me and there was a noticeable awkward silence.

Tre nodded at me, "I'm about to take her home. I'll see ya'll later."

Jacorian nodded, "you're still going with us right?"

Tre nodded at him before grabbing my hand and leading us away from the guys. I glanced back and saw them still standing watching us walk away. Tre was quiet as we walked to his car. I really wasn't ready to go home, I liked spending time with him. As he hit the button unlocking the car we both got in. Tre sat behind the wheel for a minute before looking over at me.

"What's wrong," I asked.

He reached out grabbing my hand. "I'm not really ready to take you home but I have some shit I need to handle."

I looked down nodded, "it's ok."

He looked down at our intertwined hands, "look I'll be out late. I probably won't be able to call you tonight."

I glanced up at him wondering just what would have him out so late. How late was his late? I nodded, "well then just text me when you get home so I know you're ok."

Tre looked over at me licking his lips before he leaned over and started kissing me. He seemed to make me lose all train of thought when he was near me. Any questions I had about what he would be up to later faded.

Breaking the kiss Tre leaned back not speaking as he hit the button cranking the car. It wasn't until we were on the road before he looked over at me. "I have a run to make tomorrow night. Do you want to go with me?"

I arched my brow glancing over at him. I wanted to ask what kind of run but the look on his face made me think I might not want to know. Staci's voice telling me he was hood entered my brain and I had to push it away. "Yeah, where to?"

Tre changed the song on the radio before he shrugged, "Mason, it will be late. I'm not leaving till ten. You think you can still go?"

Mason was like a two hour drive from my house. I nodded at him, "please I practically raise myself."

Nodding Tre looked at me smiling, "I'll call you when I'm on my way to pick you up."

I nodded ok glancing out the window at the passing houses. I wasn't ready to be home. I had missed Tre. Talking to him was fine but when I was with him I felt alive. I knew it was crazy, I barely knew him but when we were apart I felt like something was missing. It was crazy, if I hadn't of let Gabbie talk me into going to that party I would have never met him. I would have to thank her later, well maybe not cause she would let that go to her head for sure.

As we got closer to my house I started giving him directions. My neighborhood was dead as usual. It wasn't even that late, the sun had just set yet no one was outside. Tre pulled into my driveway putting his car in park. I sighed unsure of what to say to him. "Thanks for buying me this stuff. I mean you really didn't have to. I feel kinda bad about it."

Tre reached down taking my hand, "I know I didn't have to Laina, I did it because I wanted to.

I smiled at him leaning in and kissing him. Pulling back I looked at him, "you know it doesn't matter how late you get home you can call me."

Tre smirked at me, "you sure?"

I nodded leaning back over and kissing him again. I knew I needed to get out of his car but I didn't want to budge. "thank you for bringing me home."

He nodded licking his bottom lip looking intently at me. I recognized the look in his eyes because I had the exact same feelings. He looked down, "I'll call you later ok."

Before I could change my mind I reached out opening the door and sliding out waving bye before I walked to my door. As Tre started backing out I unlocked the door waving bye one more time before I shut the door and headed straight to my room. Throwing my bags on my bed I sunk down beside them laying back. Tre had me all in my feelings.

My last relationship hadn't been the greatest. I had dated this older guy who had tried to pressure me into sex. When I had finally agreed to sleep with him I found out he had been messing around behind my back the entire time. He tried to blame me when I confronted him telling me it was my fault for making him wait. That he had needs and he was forced to get his release elsewhere.

After we had split I wasn't really interested in dating but then Tre appeared before me. Pulling out my phone I searched for Tre's Facebook or Instagram page for the millionth. I tried every variation of his name I could find. There was no Tre Porter, or Tre'Vion porter anywhere. I shrugged, I guess Tre would remain a mystery a bit longer.

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