Tainted Love

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A Glance Inside

***Tre’s Point of View***

After I dropped Alaina off I met back up with the guys at Jacorian's house. Walking in I grabbed a coke out of the fridge before going to the den where they were getting ready for our trip to Flint tonight. Rod and LaShaun could barely sit still. Tonight would be the first time for them to make a run with us.

Jacorian and I had started out at an early age selling weed and coke for Trill. He had taken both of us under his wing and had shown us the ropes. In return, Jacorian and I had become one of his go-to people when things started to go wrong. He had older more experienced guys working for him but he had trained us from the very beginning and he trusted us more than any of his other men.

Tonight we were making a trip to Flint because he had fronted some kilos of coke to a guy who was now dodging paying him back. Trill wanted us to go rough him up. I had hopes that it wouldn't go past throwing some hands tonight but I was always prepared if gunplay got involved. This was a part of my life that I kept from my mom. She would kill me if she knew what I was doing out on these streets. I wondered what Alaina would think, I'm sure she would run screaming the other way.

Our ride to Flint was made in silence, music played softly in the background but not a word was spoken. Jacorian parked a few doors down from the house we were hitting. I glanced over at him and nodded, we both knew it was time. Sliding my phone out of my pocket I sighed seeing Kristi had text me. I sent her a quick text telling her what was up before throwing my phone in the armrest.

As we stepped out of the car I let out a deep breath before we walked up to the house. Jacorian and I had already done our surveillance and knew when and where the best spot was to hit. Walking to the back door Jacorian and I stood on either side of the door before we nodded at LaShaun and he kicked the backdoor in.

I don't really know what happens when I fight. I blackout, I can remember the first punch then my adrenaline takes over and I don't remember anything till the last punch. There were more people in the house than we had expected but in the end we managed to fight our way out of it. All of the guys managed to hold their own. When all was said and done we all had some cuts and scrapes before the guy called for a truce and brought out half of what he owed to Trill.

Taking the bag from him and throwing it over my shoulder I looked up at the guy, "this will do for now but don't think this is over. Trill expects the rest in two weeks, if not you can expect a repeat of tonight only this time it won't be so nice."

Turning to walk out the door I led the way trusting Jacorian to have my back and make sure no guns were pulled as I walked out. As we approached the car Rod and LaShaun started jumping around. "Man we did that shit," LaShaun said.

"Hell yeah we did," Rod said laughing.

Jacorian and I looked at each other shaking our head. We still remembered what it was like our first time going out. He was going to have a black eye in the morning and he had a visible cut across his right cheek. As I got in the car I pulled the visor down shaking my head seeing I had a cut under my left eye and a busted lip. "Man, Mom is going to have a fit when she sees this shit."

Jacorian laughed as he handed me the blunt he had just lit up. "We've been watching that place all damn week. They ain't ever had more than five people at one time in that damn house."

I shrugged, "I know but it wasn't anything we couldn't handle."

Pulling out my phone from the armrest I text Kristi letting her know everything was over. Even though she got on my nerves she was always my alibi if anything went south. When she asked me if I was going to come over I told her no, I would talk to her in the morning.

When Jacorian pulled up at his house I pulled the bag of money out of the car and put it in the trunk of my car. Rod walked over to me, "you heading home or you chillin' tonight?"

Looking up at Rod I shrugged, "Yeah I think I'm going to head home, take a shower, and watch some tv."

He nodded, "can I catch you out. I rode here with LaShaun and he wants to get on the game."

"I nodded, "yeah no problem." I glanced over at Jacorian and LaShaun telling them bye."

As we got in the car Rod looked over at me, "so are you going to Kristi's tonight?"

I looked over at him, he knew that after nights like this I usually stayed with her to chill out. I shook my head at him, "naw, what for so I can hear her bitch."

He laughed, "I mean it's what you usually do. Me, I plan on going home taking a shower then head to Jazmin's."

I cut my eyes at him laughing, "why, so she can baby your ass."

Rod smiled, "hell yeah, I'll let her clean me up then put me to sleep." He laughed turning his head to look over at me, "what about that white girl?"

"What about her?"

Rod only shook his head catching on that I didn't want to talk about Alaina right now. When I dropped him off I glanced down at the clock. It was a little after two. He only lived a block away from me but as I approached my driveway I found myself going straight instead of pulling in. Glancing in my back mirror I made sure my bag was still in the backseat. I always tried to keep a change of clothes and other stuff I may need in case I didn't make it home.

Picking up my phone I hit Alaina's name wondering if she would answer. She had said to call her no matter how late it was but I didn't know if she knew just how late my late would be. I knew I had woke her up by the sound of her voice when she answered the phone.

"You said to call you whenever, is this too late?"

She yawned, "I know I did. You are good"

I took a breath, "so is your mom still out?"

"She hesitated, "yeah, she is still at her boyfriend's. Why are you trying to come over?"

I knew she was only playing but I smiled, "I was actually thinking about it. Are you ok with that?"

Alaina yawned, "yeah if you want. I'm going to have to get up and drink some coffee though."

I rolled my eyes, "you wound like a little old lady."

"Keep on and I'll go back to sleep. How much longer do you think before you will be here?"

I looked down at my radio, "25 at the most, long enough for you to get some coffee and wake your ass up."

As I pulled up I grabbed my bag out of the backseat and walked up Alaina's porch. The minute my hand went to ring the doorbell the front door opened. Alaina stood in front of me in some grey and blue striped shorts and a blue tank top. I bit my bottom lip but she started yelling at me, "Tre, what the fuck? Are you ok?"

I had forgotten all about my cuts. I shrugged as I pulled her hands down from my face, "I'm ok, we can talk in a bit. You ok with me running and taking a shower real quick?"

Alaina tilted her head frowning at me but nodded, "no, I mean yeah. Come on."

As she led me down the hall to the stairs I couldn't help but look around at her house, it was huge. Upstairs she opened her door and I was a little surprised by what I saw. Her room was mostly white, turquoise, and black, and was the cleanest room I had ever seen in my life.

"The bathroom is through there," she said pointing at a door.

I walked closer to her pulling her up close to me, "maybe when I get out you can help me take care of this."

Alaina nodded looking up giving me a soft kiss. "I will, hurry up."

I walked into the bathroom shutting the door. Her bathroom was decorated in black and white and there was no evidence at all that she even owned makeup let alone hair brushes. I threw my bag on the counter wondering if she wasn't a clean freak.

Opening a closet to my left I pulled out a towel setting it down before I turned on the water letting it warm up. The hot water felt amazing as it rained down on me. I hadn't realized how tense I had been. I wondered what Alaina was thinking about me showing up on her door wanting to take a shower. I should have showered at home. Shrugging I sighed, I had just wanted to see her.

I had just stepped out of the shower when I heard my phone going off. Picking it up I saw it was Kristi. Sighing I turned the phone on vibrate and continued getting dressed. I pulled on some basketball shorts throwing my shirt over my shoulders as I walked out.

Alaina glanced up from her bed where she was sitting watching tv. I sat my bag down in a chair in the corner of her room setting my shit atop it and my shoes underneath it. Turning around I smirked at her, I had defiantly caught her off guard tonight. "Thanks,' I said as I moved to sit down beside her.

As I bumped her knee with mine she looked up giving me a smile. I looked down at her, "why are you so quiet. Do I make you nervous?"

She looked up at me, "what? No. I mean you did just show up at my house all beat up."

I snorted, "I am NOT beat up, I mean you should see the other guys."

She rolled her eyes and I laughed leaning down to kiss her, her soft lips had barely met mine when she leaned back putting her finger on the cut under my eye. "Let me put something on that, OK?"

When I nodded she jumped up disappearing in her bathroom. When she came back out she had cotton balls, peroxide, and Neosporin. I laughed, "girl aren't you going a little overboard. I mean you can doctor me all you want to but..."

She hit my chest, "somebody needs to doctor you, shit."

I sat still as she ran a cotton ball with peroxide over my wounds. Her eyes glanced down at me, "does it hurt?"

I shook my head, "no, but you better be careful I could get used to this."

She looked down, "so does this happens a lot?"

I looked over at her, "if you keep pampering me it might happen more." She rolled her as she squeezed some Neosporin on her finger and applied it under my eye. I arched my brow, "you're not going to put anything on my lip?"

She shook her head looking up at me smiling, "no, I don't want to taste it when I kiss you."

I licked my bottom lip putting my arm around her as she leaned in kissing me. As I deepened our kiss I pulled her closer a little aggravated when she pulled back. "So are you going to tell me what happened to you or not?"

Shrugging I looked down at her, "I just had some shit to handle, it was nothing."

Alaine looked at me and I could almost see the disappointment in her eyes. As she stood up I almost reached out for her but I realized she was just going to put the stuff back up in the bathroom. When she came back out she sat down beside me reaching out for my hand. "I know you've been in a fight. You can't tell me why? I mean are you in a gang? Is it drugs? Are you fucking with some dudes girlfriend?"

I looked down shaking my head, "you got me." I glanced up seeing Alaina's face and it took everything in me to keep a serious face, "I'm sorry Alaina but your man done found out about us."

Alaina shoved me but laughed, "seriously Tre, you can trust me. I mean if you don't tell me something all I'm going to do is worry every time I don't know where you are."

I leaned down kissing her lips gently, "You don't have to worry about me Alaina. I can take care of myself. I just had to go take care of some shit for my boss, this guy owned him money and didn't want to pay up."

Alaina nodded looking down, "so drugs."

I couldn't believe I had just told her all of that. I nodded, "does that scare you away."

She turned her head looking up at me before shaking her head no. As she leaned toward me I pulled her closer feeling her lips on mine. This girl could make all rational thoughts leave my head. As I leaned back I moved a stray piece of hair out of her face. Laina blushed and I couldn't help but grin at her, "look at you blushing and shit."

She looked down bitting her bottom lip, "I am not."

I couldn't help but laugh as her face turned even redder as she tried to deny it. Alaina cut her eyes at me as she scooted back so that she could lean against her headboard as she flipped the channels on her tv. I pouted my lips at her but she only rolled her eyes patting the bed beside her, "come up here by me."

Moving to her side I adjusted the pillows so that I could prop up. Alaina stopped on some old movie. "There is shit on tv," she said standing up. I watched as she went and turned her lights off before coming and crawling back in the bed.

"It is late as hell," I said picking up my arm as she scooted closer to me laying her head on my chest. Looking down at her I thought about taking things to the next level. I shook my head laughing as I noticed she had already fallen asleep. Brushing the hair out of her face I wondered once again just what I was going to do with her. She didn't fit in my world but I wanted her all the same.

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