Tainted Love

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Stay With Me

***Alaina’s Point of View***

The next morning I awoke to find myself wrapped in Tre’s arms. He was still asleep, dead to the world so I wiggled out of his embrace so I could go use the bathroom and take a quick shower. Once out I saw it was only 9:30 so I dressed in a pair of comfy black leggings and one of my school shirts before braiding my hair. I had thought about applying some makeup but decided against it. Tre was about to see the real me.

As I walked out of my bathroom I had expected Tre to be up but he hadn’t even moved. I felt a little guilty for falling asleep on him last night but I couldn’t help it. The coffee had been absolutely no help at all in staying awake. As I approached the bed I frowned as I noticed the cut under his eye. It wasn’t as red as it was last night but I still hated the fact that he had been hurt in any way no matter how small. I also didn’t know how I felt about him “taking care of shit.” That sounded a little dangerous to me.

Deciding to be nice I headed to the kitchen to see what I could make us for breakfast. I realized I had no idea what Tre even liked to eat. I wasn’t into pancakes, I couldn’t stand them. French toast was my favorite but I knew a lot of people didn’t like them so I decided to play it safe and just cook some biscuits, eggs, bacon, and gravy. Luckily for Tre I had learned to cook at an early age. Living with my mom you had to. My dad lived in Montana so I hardly ever saw him, only when I was forced to go down for holidays. Like this thanksgiving, a trip I was still trying to come up with an excuse for why I couldn’t go.

When everything was ready I made our plates and walked upstairs to my room. Setting the plates on the dresser I rolled my eyes at Tre before I crawled in the bed beside Tre and starting kissing his shoulders running my hands over his bare chest. As expected Tre started stirring. He looked up at me with sleepy, but lust filled eyes and asked “what time is it?”

I shrugged at him as I popped up, “time to eat.”

As I handed him his plate he shook his head, “you didn’t have to do all of this Alaina.”

Using his own words against him I smiled, “I know I didn’t, I wanted to. Now, what do you want to drink? We have it all, coke, water, tea, orange juice, milk.”

Tre held out his hand letting me know I had said too much, “OJ, is good.”

Nodding I headed to the kitchen pouring him a glass of orange juice and grabbing myself a coke. When I made it back to my room Tre had turned on my tv and was eating. I walked over placing his glass on my nightstand. We ate in silence. He had turned the tv on some stupid sports new show that I had absolutely no interest in whatsoever.

Tre finished eating before I did and surprised me by getting up and leaving the room. Finishing my food I went downstairs and found him washing not only his

plate but the dishes I had dirtied cooking. “Don’t you have manors,” I said pausing at the bar.

Tre looked over his shoulders at me, “man my mom insists that you wash your own plate.”

I laughed, “well don’t you want to wash mine too. I mean you’re doing a really good job at this dishwashing thing.”

Tre smirked at me, “if I do you owe me.”

“Oh yeah,” I said holding out my plate. Tre took it from my hands licking his bottom lip winking at me, “yeah.”

Whatever moment we were having was soon interrupted by the sound of my cell phone ringing. Running upstairs I barely made it in time before my mom hung up. “Hey mom,” I said a little out of breath.

She asked her usual questions. Was I ok? Did the house need anything? When she found out all was good she informed me that she would be stopping by later to grab some clothes but would be staying the night again at Eric’s. Tre walked in my room sitting down at the foot of my bed staying silent as I talked to her. The minute I hung up however he scooted beside me pulling me closer to him, “so you ready to pay your dues?”

I laughed but laid my head on his chest, “dues? I cooked for you does that not count for something?”

Tre shrugged watching as I tilted my face up toward his and as his lips met mine I felt that rush of excitement that always took over my senses when his lips connected with mine. As his kissed moved down to my neck I pushed him back looking up at him. I could tell just by the look on his face that he wanted more but I didn’t know if I was ready to give him more. This was still new to me and I was still unsure what all of this even was.

Tre must have read my vibes because he leaned down kissing me again before he got up and grabbed his shirt off of my chair and pulled it over his head. I frowned knowing that this meant he was getting ready to go. As he grabbed his shoes and some socks out of his bag and came to sit beside me on the bed I sighed, “you’re not mad at me are you?”

Tre shook his head, “no, I just have some stuff to do this morning but I will be back for you tonight. You are still riding with me, aren’t you?

I nodded leaning over and running my thumb over the cut on his lip. “yeah, somebody has to keep you out of trouble.”

Tre grabbed my hand pulling me into his lap, “you think you can handle me?” In response, I leaned forward grabbing his face and pulling it closer to me before kissing him. He laughed, “you keep this up and I will never leave.”

As Tre stood up I stood up beside him. He leaned down tilting my face up to his, “I’ll call you when I’m on my way. If you need me before then text me.”

I made a face at him, “and just why would I need you?”

Tre smirked at me leaning down like he was going to whisper in my ear but instead he started kissing and sucking on my neck. I could feel my knees started to feel week as he put his arms around me and whispered, “you better be glad I have to go.”

I walked with Tre downstairs and out onto the porch pausing on the steps. He turned back around to look at me grabbing my hand, “I’ll see you tonight.” When I nodded at him he pulled me closer to him placing a kiss on my lips then turned around and headed to his car. I stayed outside long enough to watch him back out of the driveway before I turned and went back into the house.

Going upstairs I grabbed my phone and tried calling Gabbie, only to groan when her voicemail picked up. Hanging up I sent her a text, ”Gabbie, get your ass up. I have to talk to you. Guess who spent the night here last night?”

Setting my phone down I laid back down in bed catnapping. It was almost an hour later when my phone started bringing and when I picked it up she didn’t even wait for me to say hello before she started in. “Well, did ya’ll fuck?”

“Gabbie,” I gasped laughing. “No, we didn’t thank you. He had been in a fight and he came over here afterward. I mean we made out a little but I ended up going to sleep on him.”

Gabbie groaned, “you work me up for that?”

I laughed at her knowing she was just teasing me. “I like him, Gabbie. I like him a lot.”

“I know, I can tell. Every single time you talk about him your whole face lights up. It makes me sick.” She laughed, “but I have been trying to get Marcus to give up some information about him.”

I bit my lip, “and what does he say?”

Gabbie sighed, “nothing really. Just that they are cool but don’t hang out a lot because of Rod.”

“Yeah, I heard about that. So how are things going with you and Marcus?”

Gabbie giggled, “well, funny story. He actually came over her last night, snuck in my window and everything.”

I rolled my eyes deciding to do her like she did me, “so did ya’ll fuck?”

Gabbie busted out laughing, “umm yeah we did. I got some last night, don’t be jealous.”

I shook my head, “trust me I’m not.”

We talked a little bit longer before she had to go and after that, the day just seemed to drag by. I had no idea what to ever wear tonight. Tre hadn’t really given me any specifics. I just knew we were leaving late to make a drive that was 2 hours there and 2 hours back. Sounded like we would be spending most of our time in the car.

Around 8 I decided to get up and start getting dressed. I knew it was way too early but since I had no idea what I was even going to wear I decided the more time I had the better. The one thing I knew for sure about was my makeup so I pulled my makeup box out of my bathroom cabinet and went to sit down in front of my mirrors on my closet door. I don’t know why I preferred doing my makeup here. I had better lighting in my bathroom but comfort over practicality always seem to win over.

Turning on some music I took my time applying my makeup and the end results was perfection, at least in my opinion. Getting up I went and put my makeup box up then ran a brush through my hair. I really didn’t feel like straightening it but I decided what the hell, I had the time.

After my hair was decent I wento to my closet opening the door and tried to decide what I should wear. The jeans were easy, I picked my favorite pair of ripped jeans. It was the top that was giving my problems. During the day you were fine in short sleeves but the nights were turning cooler and I’d have to bring a jacket. Groaning I pulled out a long sleeved black v neck shirt. It would have to do. Pulling on my converse I looked at the clock sighing when I saw it was barely past 9. Damn I could never take forever getting ready even if I tried.

Tre called me around 9:30 letting me know he was leaving his house and I don’t know why but I instantly grew nervous. I had no real reason to be, I mean he had spent the night at my house last night. I had sleept in his arms. I had to admit though, I hadn’t slept that good in weeks and it was kinda nice waking up to him.

I sent Gabbie a quick text letting her know that I was about to leave. Earlier I had told her about going with Tre tonight, I needed somebody besides me to know where I was going. She sent me a text back telling me that her and Marcus had just gotten back from eating and they were on their way back to his house. I sent her a text telling her to stay out of trouble and she replied back telling me to do the same.

From my position in the livingroom I could see headlights turn in. I didn’t want to seem anxious so instead of meeting him outside I waited untill he came up to my door and knocked. Opening the door I couldn’t help but smile up at him as he pulled me into his arms. “You ready to go?”

I nodded yes looking up at him meeting his lips. “I think so.”

He laughed turning around and leading me to his car. As we got in I considered questioning him a little about where we were going but I didn’t want to seem annoying. As he started the car I frowned at the radio, it ws up so loud that I jumped. He laughed as he backed out of the driveway. As soon as he put the car in drive he turned down the radio before reaching over and putting his hand on my thigh, “is that better?”

I nodded, “so you wannat tell me where you are taking me?” Fuck not sounding annoying, I would ride and die but I didn’t know him well enough to do it blindly at this point in time.

Tre turned his head glancing over at me, “I just need to drop some shit off to my boss.”

I looked over at him with so many more questions than I ever thought possible before he patted my leg, “you want anything to eat, I’m about to grab a burger.”

I narrowed my eyes at his quick change of subject but I shook my head, “no, I just want a drink.”

Tre pulled my hand into his resting them on the armrest. “Are you sure you deserve a drink.”

I cut my eyes at him, “are you sure you deserve my company.”

He laughed as he pulled through sonic, “that’s all you want?” I nodded watching as Tre reached out hitting the red button. The girl on the speaker sounded like she was maybe ten years old and Tre ended up having to repeat himself about 3 times. “I swear to God if she fucks up my order I’m going to act an ass.”

I laughed, “I mean as long as she gets my drink right, she’s ok.” Hearing thunder I looked up, “Is it supossed to rain tonight?”

Tre nodded reaching back down and grabbing my hand. “Hell yeah. You don’t have to worry, I’ll take care of you.”

I looked over at him catching his smirk. We both turned seeing a girl approaching us on roller skates. “Look at this bitch, she better not drop my shit.” I couldn’t help but laugh as he rolled his window down. Thankfully, our order was correct and he didn’t have to yell at anyone.”

The trip to Mason seemed to take forever. It hadn’t started raining yet but the sky was starting to light up wiht lightning. Tre’s phone kept lighting up but he never answered it, he would only glance at it. After a bit he threw it in the arm rest. I cocked my eyebrow at him but he only winked at me. I shrugged wondering what that was about but just turned looking out the window instead. I noticed that the houses we were passing by were starting to get nicer and nicer. Some of them were gorgeous. They made my house look small.

Tre pulled into a huge two story tan house’s driveway. Tre grabbed his phone hitting a number, “Yeah, “open up I’m here.”

I glanced at Tre, he reached down grabbing my hand. “When I get out just stay in the car ok. I just have to talk to Trill for a minute.”

I snorted, “yeah, you don’t have to worry. I don’t really want to meet any drug dealers today.”

Tre smirked at me, “you know your riding with one right?”

I shook my head, “shut up.”

I jumped slightly as the garage door started lifting slowly. The light coming from the garage about blinding me. Tre didn’t seem fazed as he slowly pulled up. Tre stopped the car infront of the scariest looking guy I had ever seen. He was tall and built, “is that Trill?”

Tre nodded as he popped his trunk, “just stay here, ok.”

I nodded slapping at Tre as he ran his hand up my thigh, “I’ll be back.”

Tre walked to the back of the car leaving the trunk up as he walked up to Trill. As they started talking Tre handed over the bag. Trill threw the bag on a hood of another car and unzipped it before looking up at me. He looked up at Tre saying something that made him glance over his shoulder at me. What I would give to hear what they were talking about. It appeared I was forgotten as Trill laughed patting Tre on the shoulder. Whatever he was looking for in the bag must have been there because he handed the bag to another guy and nodded.

I jumped a little when four guys appeared out of nowhere putting black duffle bags in the trunk of Tre’s car. What the fuck, I know Tre didnt’ bring me with him on some kind of drug runs. I turned back around finding Tre and Trill in front of the car looking at me.

Tre looked down before motioning for me to come here. I wanted to shake my head no but something told me to just do as he said. Openign the door I stepped out slowly shuting the door before making a beeline to Tre.

Approaching him he reached out pulling me closer to him. “Aliana, this is Trill. He wanted to meet you.”

I looked up at Tre before turning my attention to Trill. He was watching me curiously, “I take it you’re feeling my boy?” I only nodded not knowing what kind of response he would be looking for. “Can I trust this will stay between us?”

I nodded, “yeah, I didn’t see a thing.”

Trill laughed, “I like this one.”

Tre looked down at me and winked, “yeah she ain’t so bad is she?”

Tril nodded, “alright, I have you and the boys shit in the car. If you need me call.“Tre nodded, as Trill handed him another bag. “I have your cuts here.”

Tre nodded, “you need anything else?”

A clash of thunder and lighting made me jump. “Nah, you put your work in last night,” Trill said. “Take your girl here home and get her out of this weather.

I could feel my a blush creeping up into my cheeks as I turned with Tre to walk toward the car. As he backed out of the driveway the garage door slowly let down. Tre reached out grabbign my hand, “I’m sorry about that Alaina. Trill just wanted to speak to you.”

I glanced over at him, “you mean to see if I can keep my mouth closed.” When Tre looked down I knew that was the truth. “So what did they put in the trunk.”

Tre glanced over at me, “just some shit Laina. Nothing for you to worry about.”

I cut my eyes at him, “Tre I know you didn’t bring me along on some drug run. What if we get pulled over? I don’t want to go to jail. My mother woud kill me.”

Tre shook his head, “Laina stop tripping. I’ve never been pulled over on a run, I’m smarter than that. If anything ever happend I would take full blame and say you didn’t know shit about it.”

I shook my head, “I just wish you would have told me.”

Tre sighed, “I know Laina but if you knew would you have agreed to come?”

I shook my head no looking at him. He reached out putting his hand on my thigh, “I’m sorry Laina. I shouldn’t have brought you out here. I just wanted to spend time with you.”

Sliding my my hand in to his I felt the fight fade from me. How could I be mad at him when he made that face at me. “I guess the less I know the better right.”

He nodded at me, “right.”

Rain started hitting the windshield softly at first then so hard we could barely see the road in front of us. I was a nervous wreck but Tre focused on the road an stayed as calm and laid back as he always was. It was close to two when we approached Liberty.

Tre looked down at me, “Do you want me to drop you off at home or do you want to ride wth me to Prescott?”

I looked down at my phone, “you going to bring me back when you are done?”

Tre looked over at me frowning, “naw, I’m going to make your ass walk.”

I rolled my eyes, “ok stupid question.”

When we arrived in Prescott Tre drove down a county road before pulling down an old run down road that if he hand’t have known where it was you would never find it. The more he drove the further into the woods we went. I glanced over at Tre kinda nervous, “and where are you taking me now?”

Tre nodded and I looked up seeing a house come into view. “My grandparents used to live down here. When they died my mom just boarded it up because it was so run down it would cost more than it was worth to fix it up.” He parked, “I keep our shit stashed out here.”

Tre leaned over caressing my face before placing a kiss on my lips. “I’ll be right back ok?“I nodded at him and watched as he made a couple of trips back in forth in the pouring rain. When Tre opened the door and got back in he was soaked.

“You need a change of clothes, ” I said shaking my head as I reached down and felt his shirt.

He shrugged, “well I usually keep an extra set of clothes in the car but I ended up at your house last night.”

I smiled, “well it’s not my fault you didn’t replace them.”

Tre backed up, “you don’t wanna come home with me?”

I looked over at him, “isn’t your momma home?

“Yeah probably but she won’t care.”

I glanced over at him not believing a word he was saying. “Ok, and when she starts yelling at me you better stand up and protect me.”

Tre laughed, “man my momma isn’t like that. She will be passed out when we get there. She has to be at work at 5:30.

I nodded, “ok.”

We pulled up at Tre’s house a little after 3. I was exhausted but wide awake at the same time. It was still pouring down rain and I was dreading getting out in it. Tre grabbed a bag out of the backseat before he looked over at me. “We have to run around to the back, are you ready.”

I looked out the window then back at him. He smirked turning and pulling a jacket out of the backseat, “here.”

Grabbing his jacket I pulled it over my head before opening the door. Even with Tre’s jacket I was getting soaked. I tried to watch where I stepped as I followed Tre but I still seemed to hit every hole in the yard. When Tre stopped I watched him open the sliding glass door. As I stepped inside he shut the door behind us and reached down grabbing my hand leading me through the dark to another door that lead us down stairs.

Tre’s room turned out to be a converted basement. I threw his jacket at him, “I’m so cold,” I said shivering as I took in how large his room was.

Tre put his arms around me, “I don’t know you’re kinda sexy soaking wet.”

I rolled my eyes playfully shoving him, “pervert. Can you get me a towel or something?”

Tre made a face at me before he walked to his dresser pulling out some plaid pj pants and a black wife beater. Walking back over to me he leaned down kissing me as he handed me the clothes. “Go to the bathroom and change. I’m going to change and get us something to drink ok.”

I nodded at him before heading to his bathroom. I don’t know why but I expected to find it a mess with clothes all over the floor but no, the bathroom was clean and everything seemed to be in it’s own place. Peeling off my wet clothes I stripped down to my bra and panties before changing into the clothes Tre had given me.

Tre’s pj pants were big on me and I had to roll them up at the waist but I was just grateful for warm dry clothes. Opening his cabinet I grabbed a towel running it through my hair before I walked out to find Tre.

As I walked out I glanced at Tre and froze. He was sitting on the edge of his bed rolling a blunt. He had changed into some long army print cotton shorts and was shirtless. His tattoos still fascinated me, I was shocked he had so many and wasn’t even technically old enough to have them. He glanced up at me and licked his lips. “Your coke is on the dresser.” I nodded walking up to grab the can sitting down beside him on the bed.

As he lit up I looked over at him taking a sip of my coke. “Your mom dosen’t care that you smoke.”

Tre shrugged, “She is in denial.”

I laughed, “ok, well what does she say about all your tattoos.” I reached out grabbing his hand running my finger from his wrist to his shoulders, all of which was tattooed.

Tre shrugged as he took a hit of his blunt, “she says as long as I keep it off my face she is cool.” I laughed at him, his mom sounded pretty cool.

“What?” Tre asked.

I shook my head, “I bet you’re spoiled.”

Tre took another hit of his blunt giving me a look. “maybe a little.”

Tre reached for his phone and I watched as he sent a text to the guys telling them he had their share of the cut. Laying my head against his shoulder I yawned. I was beyond tired. Looking down at me Tre leaned his head against mine. “So why don’t you stay with me tonight. I’ll run you home in the morning?”

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