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Chapter 11

I toss over slowly opening my eyes. I see Ky and Liv on the floor watching tv. I smile at the sight in front of me. I love seeing them comfortable and relaxed it warms my heart to see both of them doing so well. They've had it hard here. I've seen such a strong young lady like Liv go through the shit she had and still come out with a bright smile. Ky is remarkable also he will make a fine man one day.

I sit up and make it known that I'm up now.

"oh, your awake." Liv looks over her shoulder.

"yes, I'm awake. I've got things to do." I smile at her.

Since now I have no clue what will happen tomorrow. I need to change my plan. I get out of bed and look at the time on my phone it's a little after ‪9:00‬ pm and I have a few hours left until the other men show up and papa leaves his office. I write out a message in my notes and shut the phone off.

"Are you guys hungry?" I ask as I slip my flats on.

"Yesss I'm too scared to leave the room though." Liv says as a flash of fear and hurt crosses her eyes but as quickly as it comes it leaves.

"It’s okay Liv I’ll go get us something to eat." I say to her.

"I’ll go with it’s best if it looks like you actually make us do something rather then just keep us locked in the room like protected children." Kyle says to me while getting up.

"Well, you guys are almost like my children." I smirk at him.

"I so can't wait for you to meet my brother." he shakes his head laughing.

"oh? Remember I already have." I wink at him.

"How did that go for you? I completely forgot you saying that you to went to our club when my sister showed up." he asks me.

"It just went. This stays in here though. I got it pretty bad when I got home I’d hate if papa found out I went in there when I told him I didn't." I say as we walk out the door. We make it halfway down the stairs when I forgot I didn't lock the door.

"Shit I didn't lock the door," I say hurriedly as we both turn around going back up.

we get to the room door to see in half-cracked. What the hell? I quietly rush in with Ky on my heels.

"Come on baby girl you liked it last time." I hear a manly voice say out.

"If you don't get the fuck away from me. I will tell my lady that I'm living with and she will kill you." Liv lashes out at him.

"I’d like to see that bitch try." he laughs out wickedly and steps forward to Liv as she backs up in the bathroom.

"Just get the fuck out seriously. You disgust me!" she shouts out.

"Bitch you weren't saying that when you were chocking on my cock." he says as he attempts to grab her.

"Yall raped me you bastard don't touch me. Amelia!!!" she screams out.

I look at Ky behind me and then look at the gun lying by the bed floor. Liv tried to get to it but obviously failed. Was this sick fuck just waiting until we left the room? How did he get in so fast? I feel a tap on my shoulder as Ky now has the gun. I reach out and take it from him and push him closer to the wall in case something bad happens.

I slowly approach the bathroom as Liv is standing on the sink and the big bear looking man is touching her legs as she kicks him. She looks over and sees me she slowly grins widely.

"What the fuck are you smiling about? You've come to your senses?" he asks out licking his lips.

"No, I think she's smiling because she knows if you don’t stop touching her you will die.” I voice out letting this fucker know I’m here.

He whirls around quickly. I see his nasty shitty face as he looks me up and down.

”Hey darling. What's your name?” he drawls out questions me.

”You’ve gotta be joking?” I inquire him.

“Nawl I’m not but you are a feisty hellcat I can see.” He says as he continues to runs his eyes up and down my figure.

“You have 10 seconds to get out of my room or I will shoot.” I tell him seriously.

I really don’t wanna shoot him but if he doesn’t get out I will. This is one of the types of danger I was thinking about when I bought this gun.

“Ohhh sexy I like. You’d make a fine wife and a slave in my bed.” He says as he rubs his chin looking in deep thought with a big fat grin. This is a sick predator that is just looking for his next victim.

“Sorry, bud wrong place and fucking wrong bitch.” I say as I pull the trigger pointed at his leg.

Blood squirts out and he falls to the floor shouting.

“Now get up and limp your way out of my room or this next bullet will be in between your eyes.” I say deadly.

I’ve had enough of this rapist, abusing, and these men around here doing whatever they please bullshit.

He strips his shirt off and ties it around his leg that is just gushing blood. He slowly raises himself off the floor and looks me dead in my eyes.

“I will have you next time bitch. Watch your back because I’m coming for you.” He says threaten me.

I see it in his eyes he means it and because of that my finger pulls the trigger for the second time tonight and he falls flat cold out.

“Hell yeah, that was badass.” Liv shouts jumping off the sink.

I’ve forgotten they are even in here still.

“We have to leave.” I whisper out as emotions I wasn’t ready for surface.

I just killed a man. I just took a life without a blink of my eye and shot him dead.

I see Ky in front of me then he pulls the gun out of my grasp and chucks in somewheres in the room.

“Someone’s coming Amelia.” He says to me.

My mind is on overload. I feel numb. Should I feel like this? It was either me or him, right? He would’ve killed me and did way worse if he had the chance right?

I slowly blink and tears stream down my face.

“What the fuck is going on in here?” A voice booms throughout my room. I know who it belongs to. How will I get out of this now?

“Sir May I speak?” I hear Kyle ask.

“Somebody better fucking tell me why one of the best men I had is laying on the floor dead.” Papa says storming in. If looks could kill we all three would be six feet under right now.

“This man came in while we were sleeping trying to get in the bed with Miss. Amelia and she fought back then he proceeded to pull a gun on her she somehow managed to knock it out of his grip and well...” Ky lies making up a story and then trails off at the end.

“Hmm, I see.” Papa says.

I turn around and face my papa. I don’t look roughed up and I don’t even look like I just killed someone but on the inside, I’m a mess just as bad as my room is with blood everywhere’s.

“Papa I’m tired of having these incidents happen. If you don’t start getting these fools on a leash I’ll kill em all.” I say aggressively to get my point across.

“Oh?” He grins and raises one eyebrow like I’m joking.

“Yes oh. This man didn’t even know who I was. What the hell do you have going on here? Rape the first female you come across or beat her half-dead? Are those really the options we have in this shitty place?” I yell out letting my anger get the very best of me.

“Lower your voice now girl when talking to me.” He lowly says and I know I’m overstepping but why stop now? What’s he gonna do beat me? I’d rather go through it than to see these girls have too.

“Or what? Papa.” I sneer out.

In the snap of a finger, he is in front of me grabbing ahold of my neck and hold it with force. I struggle to breathe but I don’t fight back.

“You think you have it bad now? I can make it worse remember your place child.” It’s now his turn to sneer in my face.

“Fuck you old man.” I spit out.

He chucks me on my feet and grabs me by the hair. He drags me out of the room behind him but before I leave the door hold I take my phone and slide it to Ky.

“Cays.” I say out looking at him in the eyes. Papa pulls harder as he drags me behind him.

“Jim no!” I hear and turn wide eye at mama. I haven’t seen her in a week and she looks very sick and pale.

“Shut up Cora.” He snaps at her.

He finally lets me go as he then grabs my arms and picks me up. We go outside into that shed that I’ve noticed on my runs that guards usually come out of.

We get in and I’m immediately brought to tears. There are men and women everywhere’s in here. All broken looking.

“What the fuck is this?” I holler at him as I wiggle trying to get out of his clutch but papa is a strong man and he tightens his hold on me.

“Until you learn your place you won’t come out of here.” He tells me taking me inside one cell that no one is in and places me against the wall with locks and chains.

“You’ve gotta be kidding me? What the fuck is wrong with you? Your twisted papa! You need help!” I scream at him.

“Oh hunny I’m beyond help and the faster you learn the faster you will understand.” He says grinning like some sick fool. Oh, wait. He is a fucking sick fool. He shuts the door and locks it. He turns around and walks out.

“Ahhh you stupid fool. I have no idea how you are my father.!” I shout out. I fall back on the floor and sit with my head in my lap.

A/N. Thank you all that’s reading this book. I hope y’all are enjoying it so far. I’d love some feed back on what y’all think about it. Much love! ~bre~

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