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Chapter 13

I awake with my hair being played with. I snuggle my face in my pillow and let out a content sigh.

I hear a small giggle. “Amelia you should really wake up now.” Olivia’s voice rings throughout my ears.

“I can’t believe I went without a bed that long. I miss it.” I say then a yawn comes out.

“I don’t even wanna think about it Am I cried every night for you.” She tells me.

“It’s okay now. We just have to get through the bullshit papa has going on now.” I sit up and stretch out my arms and legs.

“I’m scared Am. What if you have to leave? What will I do?” Her voice cracks.

“Whatever happens you will be with me.” I say sincerely as I grab her hand.

“Okay.” She says giving me a small sad smile.

“Let’s get dressed then.” We both get up at the same time. I walk in the bathroom I brush my teeth and braid my hair back.

I put on some sport shorts and a long t-shirt. I’m not about to dress up for no one unless I want too.

“You could literally pull off a trash bag. How do you manage to look that good in some shorts and a big ass t-shirt?” Liv questions me laughing. I honestly didn’t think I looked as good as she is making it out to be.

“I probably look like shit and you are just saying that to make me feel good.” I pull a sour look on my face and she laughs harder if that’s possible.

“Don’t ever make that face again and no girl that ass looks amazing in them shorts. “She grins flirty at me.

“Okay stop.” I put my hand up and let out a small laugh myself. This feels good seeing her laugh and I get to be the reason.

We have come a long way from what happened to her but it’s a big step we just have to keep moving. I’m beyond happy that she is making such great process even though she hasn’t completely told me everything I got the gist of what all happened and I don’t need to know anymore.

“Liv when I meet my papa today I need you to make pack two backpacks full one for me and one for you. Stuff whatever you think is necessary for us.” I seriously tell her.

Just in case something bad goes wrong I need to make sure we are ready without any complications.

“Yes ma’am.” She salutes me.

I laugh at her goofy self I bend down and slip my flats on thinking of everything that’s happened.

I hate this house. I wish I wasn’t this man’s kid. He treats me like I’m dirt at the bottom of his shoes. As if I’m not his or not his responsibility.

A knock rings throughout the room. I shoot Liv a look and nod my head as I get up and open the door.

“Your daddy says to come here.” Mom tells me with her head down.

“I hate him, momma.” I whisper out to her tears filling my eyes.

“I know baby be strong.” She hurry’s to kiss my cheeks.

I hate this man he won’t even let me and momma be close anymore she isn’t allowed any contact with me or he will beat her senseless. His wife is more just a trophy than anything else. I feel my heart cry out for her but I stuff it away.

I step back and shake my head knowing if she’s seen by the cameras littering all in our homes it won’t end well for her.

“No momma. I love you.” I say to her reaching out after realizing drop my hand and sighing. This is absolute hell not being able to touch her. I wish we could just hold each other then everything would feel okay.

“I love you too my sweet girl.” She smiles a shaky one and takes a breath in.

I walk in front of her as we both head to papas office.

I knock twice waiting for him to answer.

“Come in child.” His deep voice booms through the doors.

I hesitate before opening the door. I feel a gentle nudge and know it’s mama standing behind me.

I open the door and walk in with my head held high.

“Yes, father?” I say wanting to puke with how scared I sound. I really just wanna scream and shout out at him.

“We have company and they wanted to meet you.” He says ending it with a sadistic laugh.

My body goes ridge as I look up now seeing 4 men sitting more like lounging in the room with my disgraceful dad all smiling and looking me up and down. Goosebumps pop out all over my body feeling gross with the way they look at me.

These men are just like him! Disgusting and downgrading towards women.

“You’ll do well to satisfy there needs. You understand?” He says to me like I’m a child. Hell, He is acting like I’m some low-grade whore that has no self-respect.

I don’t say anything feeling completely hurt because this man is supposed to protect me not try giving me away over and over again.

“Do you understand?” He shouts at me. I see in the corner of my peripheral vision mother jumping back.

“Yes, father.” I say wanting to just get this over with.

“Good, now that is cleared. Only one of you men get to touch her any other of you will be killed. Is that understood?” He says like it’s the most normal thing ever. My body tenses up and my breath gets caught. Did he just say one gets to touch me? My eyes bulge out.

“No papa please.” I say tears filling my eyes up. I will never let anyone touch me unless I initiate it and that won’t be happening with these weirdos.

“Leave! We have important matters to discuss one where you are not needed anymore.” He waves his handoff. I shake my head standing my ground.

“No papa don’t do this!” I try it again.

“I said, leave girl.” He looks at me with his evil eyes leaving no room to say anything else.

“Jim she’s our daughter.” Mother cuts in. I almost start crying knowing that’s the wrong thing for her to ever say to him in front of his business men’s.

“What the fuck did you just Cora?” He stands up walking towards us. I step in front of my mother unintentionally and he glares at both of us with his towering height.

“Move girl now.” He says and I shake my head. He grabs me by my hair and pushes me as I fall to the floor. I look up and see him just in time to slap the crap out of her. She lets out a yell as he screams in her face.

“You will listen to what I say or it’ll be worse for you later.” As he yanks her by the hair throwing her out the door.

He stands by the door and looks at me as tears fall down my face. I stand up walking shakily out the door.

“Momma.” I say to her as the door slams.

“Baby Ryan has someone coming for you. Go get ready.” She says as she runs towards Ryan’s room. I only know that because it’s in the same direction as mine when hers is way on the other side of the house.

I knock on the door twice only to hear a small “who is it?” I almost snort out.

“It’s me Liv.” I try to control my laugh.

“Oh thank god!” She squeals out I hear some moving then the door swings wide open.

“What are you doing?” I ask as I see my small dresser right by the door.

“Well, I didn’t want anyone coming in while you were gone.” She says like it’s the most obvious thing ever.

She hands me my phone and I look at her as I see someone is on the line.

“Hello?” I say through the phone.

“Amelia? Oh god, you're okay. Liv tried to tell me but I needed to hear your voice for myself.” Kyle's voice comes back through and my eyes water.

“Oh, Ky. You have no idea how happy I am to hear your voice.” I sappily say as my emotions tighten in my throat.

“Are you okay? You sound very emotional.” He asks. He has always been very observant and this just goes to show exactly how much he was just by the sound of my voice.

“Hey, I tried to sound happy and be sappy about it.” I let out a small laugh.

“It sounded more strained than anything.” He tells.

“I’m okay. Things have been rough.” I truthfully tell him.

“I gotta go. I’ll see you later Am. Love you bye.” He rushes out.

I didn’t even get to tell him it back or that it was highly unlikely we would see each other later.

I let a few tears fall then I pull myself together.

“I miss him so much.” Liv says with few tears falling.

I look at her and I mean really look at her and she has the face of someone who is in love. Not that I would know what it looks like but I can just feel it in my gut.

“You love him?” I question her quietly.

“Yes. I didn’t mean for it to happen but I told him everything and he never once judge me and he was just there to help pull me together and when you left he didn’t leave until 2 days after just to stay with me. He called his brother to pick us up and begged me to go with tears but I could never leave you behind knowing all that you’ve done for us it just didn’t feel right. somewhere along the way though I fell for him and he doesn’t even know it or he does and never persuaded me out of respect.” She smiles. I walk towards her and embrace her in a big hug with everything I have.

“Come let's go eat before shit hits the fan.” I tell her as we make our way out of the room.

I pull out the condiments to make four turkey sandwiches. What can I say? Girls like to eat good too.

I finish making the sandwiches and pour some chips on the plate along with two cans of soda. We just want to feel normal one last time. I have no clue who my brother has coming but I pray he is good to us.

We talk about anything and everything until papa, Ryan, and someone else walks in the room. I only looked up enough to see papa and Ryan then I put my head back down to enjoy my last meal.

“I have someone I’d like you to meet Amelia.” Ryan says to me.

I look down as I see brown leather shoes as my eyes follow up I see light khaki pants then tattoo filled arms in a dress light blue button-up. Mm, this man is built good and looks good. I now want to see the face that matches the body. I pick my head up and look directly in his deep blue eyes.

“Hello, Amelia.” He says as my name rolls off his tongue and I’m shocked to my core.

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