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Chapter 15

”Is she okay?” I hear a males voice ask in a whisper.

“Yes. She’s been through a lot in the last few days Ky.” Liv says whisper back to him.

I still have my eyes closed not wanting to wake up and deal with the problem or actually life at all.

I thought Cayson would be different but somehow he is just the same. He gives me toe-curling kisses and makes me feel wanted then he says the most absurd things to me making me feel worthless. I guess Jackie was right I’ll be nothing but a sex toy.

I can’t let someone like him get me down though and I will save myself but how strong is my resolve when it comes to him? It seems he knows a woman’s body without even touching it and making it crave for him?

The whisper continues as I block it all out. I need to think of ways to get out of here also. I mean the man did pay a lot of money. For what though? I’m not even worth it. I can barely cook because I was never allowed. I can clean. I don’t know a thing about sexual intimacy.

What exactly have I done to be in such crappy situations?

”When she wakes my brother is waiting for her in the lounging room.” I hear Kyle says followed but the shut of a door.

”Amelia I know you're awake.” Olivia says to me as her hand comes in contact with my hair stroking it lightly.

”Yes I am.” I pitifully say still with my eyes closed.

”I think we will like it here. It's beautiful and we can actually leave the room and not be cooped up like an animal.” she says optimistically.

Easy for her to say she isn't the one having to deal with a sexy ass man that will do literally anything he can to hurt me out of spite because of papa.

”Yes I'm sure we will.” I slowly say not liking the taste of those words.

I wonder how many enemies papa has because of all the bad things he has done towards people? Nope. Not going there right now. I need to take it day by day and the last I need is stress. Hopefully today I can just relax. Yes, that’s exactly what I will do today.


I fucking take it back. It's stressful as fuck here. This gorgeous ass man has me scrubbing toilets in a way to damn short skirt. One wrong move or turn and my shit will be on full display. I hold back a grunt as I lift myself up off my knees. I’ve been sitting on them the past 30 minutes cleaning fucking toilets. Are you absolutely fucking kidding me?

Let’s rewind a bit to when I finally got up and walked in the lounging room where he was sitting in a beautiful luxurious black recliner drinking whiskey from a glass in his very expensive suit looking like a damn Greek god.

“Oh, sleeping beauty awakes.” He calmly smiles.

Okay, great start let’s get this over with.

I smile back “Yes sorry I was very tired.” I say as nicely as I can.

“Acting innocent are we?” He chuckles. Gosh, that sounded delightful coming from him.

“No. Just still a bit tired. I was wanting to explore a bit?” I nervously say pulling my lip into my mouth chewing on it.

Please give me a break? I don’t wanna deal with bullshit.

“Mmm do you now?” He says tilting his head studying me from head to toe.

“Yes, Cayson I do.” I prop my head on my shorts and just look at him getting bored with the games he is trying to play with me.

“Yes well, I see that you're bored now.” He stands up walking over now standing in front of me with his towering height. I don’t dare look up out of fear what might happen.

“No just hungry and wanting to explore as I’ve said.” I whisper out smiling his cologne making my head dizzy. Jesus his smell alone can make a woman dizzy and want to come out on her panties. I scold myself I shouldn’t be thinking like this.

He leans over me pushing me up against the counter and leans in. I hold my breath waiting for his next move.

“Well, that’s too bad. Put this on and here is the list of your chores.” He smirks at me handing me a small black bag.

You’ve gotta be fucking kidding? Can’t I just relax today? I blow out my air and reach in the bag pulling out a blue and red mini maid dress. I reach in once more and find a note.

~chores for Amelia~

Clean all toilets

Clean my room

Fold my clothes

Bring me whiskey

Take my trash out

And if I’m lucky bend over.

— Signed by Cayson.

“You’ve gotta be joking. This thing will barely cover my ass and what are you a horny teenage boy? ‘If I’m lucky bend over’ What in the world is wrong with you?” I question him laughing at the stupidity.

What kind of chore list is this crap? It’s literally fit only towards his personal needs.

“Well, what can I say you do have a phenomenal ass.” He says in my ear making my body shiver.

“Ugh, pig.” I step away from him.

“Either you do this or you get punished whichever you like dear. I’ll have fun either way.” He cockily says downing the rest of his glass walking away.

So I chose what I thought was the easier path but I reckon I was wrong. I thought oh I’ll only clean his toilet so I hurried and done everything else besides occasionally making him his drink which doesn’t bother me. No, this fucker has done made me clean 3 different toilets! These damn things don’t even look dirty like nobody has even peed in them and I’m over here scrubbing them.

“Uh, Amelia?” I hear a grunt behind me.

Shoot I’m bent over slightly rubbing the ache in my knees. I shoot up straightening my back immediately.

I blush as I turn around and see a red as a tomato Kyle looking awkward scratching the back of his head.

“Oh my goodness I’m sorry.” I squeak out.

“Uh, why are you scrubbing my commode, and what the in the world are you wearing that for?” He asks still not looking at me.

I’m so freaking embarrassed. I hurriedly mumble out through clenched teeth. “Cayson. He gave me chores and this is my outfit.”

If I clenched them any harder I’m afraid they might break. I relax my jaw and then I try pulling my dress down but the thing is skin tight and so short it doesn’t help any.

“Well well, what’s going on in here?” You say his name and the devil shall appear apparently.

“Bro why the fuck is she wearing this? You do realize she’s the ONLY one who is wearing something like that.” Kyle says pissed off pointing at me.

I’m so mortified because I’m one hundred percent positive he just saw my thong and bare ass cheeks. Shit, I look at this kid as a baby brother, and here he is seeing this.

I huff out. Turning my attention to Cayson as his eyes run over my figure sucking his bottom lip in his mouth as his eye cloud over in lust. I clear my throat giving him a pointed look.

“Yes, I know. Sexy isn’t it?” Of all things this bastard could say that’s what he comes up with? Why am I not even surprised.

“Come on man I just seen her ass cheeks at least give her something so she can cover up with! Amelia took care of me while I was there bro. Seriously you aren’t gonna treat her like some whore. I ain’t gonna let that happen!” Kyle ends up hollering. Okay, he is completely pissed off. I’m grateful he is taking up for me but I know it might make matters worse later on.

“Mm, I see what’s going on here. You’ve fucked her?” Cayson says in the most normal tone I’ve ever heard someone say like it’s no big deal. I stare at him and really take a look and notice he is actually fucking bother by it but he is trying to play it off. Oh big boy you are so caught. I giggle as both of them turn and look at me.

“Oops was that out loud?” I full-on laugh now. They both step back looking at me like I’ve lost my head.

“Fix this shit Cayson you are to damn grown to be acting like this.” Kyle says before storming off like a toddler throwing a tantrum.

Cayson steps towards me in a Predatory way. I keep a smile as I watch him. I won’t back down not from him.

“Cover-up and don’t let me catch you around Kyle alone again.” He says harshly. Whoa, talk about whiplash this man just did a whole one-eighty. Could he be bipolar? I seriously think he is.

“Or what?” I sassily say.

His hand reaches out grabbing me as I’m now smushed against his chest his hand runs down my back and sits upon the top of my ass.

“Or my cock will be so buried in you that you’ll never even knew what his felt like.” He tells me.

His words go straight to my core making me rubbing my thighs together. Lord have mercy.

Next thing I know I feel a swift yet sharp slap on my bare ass. I almost moan out at the sensation it gave me. I steady myself by holding on to his arms.

“No thank you.” I lean in his ear and say.

I step out of his arms and make my way to the door as I walk by I purposely kick a shoe by the door I look back to see him staring after me.

“Oops let me fix that.” I bend straight over giving him a clear view of my red thongs as I set the shoe back in place. I hear a deep intake of breath.

“Amelia.” He warns me as I stand up and walk out the door.

Ha in your face Cayson. I mentally laugh at my success. Cayson-0 Amelia-1

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