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Chapter 17

“Another one!” I shout to the bartender.

“Damn girl. You drink a lot!” She shouts back at me as she passes me my whiskey and coke drink.

This is my fourth one. I’ve drink way more than this before. I don’t even feel a buzz yet.

“Yeah I can but I haven’t here lately.” I tell her as I bob my head up and down to the music. I’ve lost my crowd but I’m sure if I actually looked for them I could find them.

We’ve been here for about thirty minutes now. I’m just tryna catch a good buzz before I go shaking my ass like Shakira on the dance floor.

“You have a high tolerance. I can tell just by looking at you.” She gives me a wide smile showing one small dimple. Damn, she’s cute.

“Yeah, I reckon you could say that.” As I chug my drink back.

“Another?” She asks me but I shake my head.

“Line me up three tequila shots with lime and salt on the rims.” I smirk at her.

“Go to that table over there and I’ll fix us up a tray of them. My shift is over in 5 minutes.” She winks at me pointing at a table that’s almost in the middle of the floor.

I walk towards it and sit down I look back over and see her making about 15 shots. Holy fuck I ain’t drinking that much. I see her cut up the limes with ease as she places everything on a tray she takes her apron off and hands to the next worker. She slides a card through the machine then proceeds walking over here with a tray balancing in one hand with a pitcher of water in the next.

“Hi, beautiful.” She says as she sits the tray on the table.

“Hi yourself.” I grin at her. I mean shit why not? Better to grab life by the balls while you can before it dry fucks you in the ass.

Okay, that did not come out the way I wanted it to but fuck it.

I watch her line up seven shots for me and and eight for her.

“Ready to see who can get em down faster?” She asks with a playful grin.

“Oh yeah baby bring it.” I say rubbing my hands together.

“If you lose you kiss me.” She quickly says then looks away.

“Deal. If you lose you give me a lap dance in the middle of the floor.” I grin evilly at her.

I got this. I’m a pro at drinking after all this is what I did on my free time being kept up in my room all the time.

She takes her phone out and sets a timer for five seconds “okay when is goes off we start. Ready?” She asks me.

“Hell yes.” I say as I pick up one glass. I note that she did exactly what I said and salted all the rims even the limes are peeled.. mm even better for me.

The timer goes off and I start pouring each one back after I slam my last one down I quickly throw two limes in my mouth and chew them as the burn kicks in sliding on the way to my stomach. I look over to see her struggling with the last one to go down.

“Argh that was fucking hell.” She says wiping the side of her mouth.

“You did good but you lost.” I grin.

“Yeah yeah. How in the hell did you take them so fast?” She questions me with a perfect raised eyebrow.

“I’ve had practice.” I give her my biggest smile.

“No shit.” She says as she walks away. Wait.. where the hell is she going? I’m supposed to be getting my lap dance. I lose her in the crowd then a loud voice speaks through a microphone coming from the DJ table.

“Everyone clear the dance floor and to the gorgeous lady in red please bring a chair with you in the middle.” He shouts grinning from ear to ear as he points directly at me. Everyone turns there head staring at me. I hop off my chair bringing it with me in the middle I sit back down to see the lights all go off and one big bright beam lightens up the middle exactly where I’m sitting.

“Alright alright! Who’s ready for this show?” He once again shouts making the very packed club go wild.

Pony by Ginuwine starts playing so cliché but I roll with it. The club is going crazy.

I start fanning myself as ole girl slides through on the floor. She starts humping the ground and then slowly makes her way towards me. I laugh out not able to contain my excitement. The liquor had definitely kicked in and making me feel all types of good.

“Gotta be compatible Takes me to my limits

Girl when I break you off

I promise that you won’t want to get off”

She stands sitting on my lap as she slowly grinds into me. All I hear is hooting and hollering. Her hand runs up my body she lightly grips the back of my hair making me lean my head back.

She let’s go and flips downwards as her ass is now in my face sorta and she’s shaking that thang like no tomorrow. I reach out and smack it a little she comes back up and walks around the chair slowly while rubbing all over me then she reverse cowgirl’s me. This is the first lap dance I’ve ever had and it’s hand down the best!

“Hell yeah ladies. Alright, time to play some more oldies so we can let off some much-needed stem because woo whooo that was too sexy!” The DJ laughs.

I stand up as ole girl takes my hand. I need to find out her name.

We dance for I don’t know how long just shaking ass and grinding the whole time. I laugh out many times at the things she says. I’m just completely enjoying myself the more we drink then harder we dance.

We finally take a break as I look over I see Cayson standing there with his sexy built arms crossed. He stares right at me and then jerks his head in a motion for me to come. I start walking behind him with the girl still holding my hand as we make our way upstairs to the VIP lounge. Pfft, of course, that’s where he would be.

“Bitchhhh!!! That was so fucking hot. Jesus look at you!” Someone shouts right In my ear. I feel arms around my neck making me stumble a bit. I step back seeing Jackie is a beautiful maroon dress with a slit showing her whole thigh off.

“You look fucking great. What are you doing here?” I ask her.

“Oh, Ryan has to talk to you.” She says like no biggie. Yeah, she is very intoxicated like the rest of us.

“I’ll go get us some drinks.” The girl next to me says.

“Wait. What’s your name?” I ask her really wanting to stop calling her ‘the girl’ and ‘ole girl’ in my head.

“Kallie. And yours?” She smiles.

“Amelia. Oh, I want Rumchata with a small thang of apple juice.” I say then handing her a twenty-dollar bill.

“Sure thang.” She swings her hips from side to side walking off. That girl is very beautiful but obviously, she doesn’t swing the way I do but tonight I might just swing her way.

“Uh, Amelia?” Ryan speaks up.

Yup, I’m caught but who gives a fuck? Not me. I mentally laugh at myself.

“We need to talk about papa come sit.” He talks to me once more.

I sit beside the little thang that hanging all of Cayson but he isn’t paying a bit of attention to her as his eyes keep roaming my whole body.

“Nah not tonight bro. I’m here to have fun no stressful shit will bring me down.” I say waving my hand.

“Alright, I will respect that. We will be going then. Take care little sister.” He tells me leaning down to give me a hug.

I feel bad once more tonight since I should hear him out but I just can’t. I want one night to let loose and have a good night which is exactly what I’m doing.

“You too big brother. Love y’all.” I shout at his and Jackie’s retreating figures.

“You’re drunk.” Cayson speaks up glaring at me.

“Yes and horny.” I smirk.

“I thought you liked whiskey? Why the Rumchata?” Cayson asks tilting his head studying me.

“I love it but I also like many others. Plus Rumchata mixed with Apple juice gives it a unique taste.” I shrug my shoulders.

“Okay.” Is all he says as he takes a sip of his whiskey.

The girl beside him didn’t like that one bit as she turns her nose up at me.

It’s just us three up here and very awkward tension then my lovely Kallie comes back.

“Here you go, babe.” She hands me a glass with my drink and a bottle of apple juice. I hurry and mix the two and dip my finger in it to stir it a little more. I take a big gulp and give a little moan at the sweet taste.

“Your moans are as sexy as you are.” Kallie says running her hand up my thigh.

“I can go louder.” I laugh opening my legs a bit.

I’m feeling very frisky and the drinks have fully kicked in making me want to go wild.

Her fingers slightly trail up my thighs going farther towards my core but I never stop her. I close my eyes enjoying the slow sensual music that’s play and her hands on me. A part wishes it was Cayson but I quickly throw that part away and just enjoy.

She takes ahold of my head as her lips come in contact with mine. We kiss until we run out of air.

“You taste so good.” She softly says.

I hear a throat clear. I look up to see both Cayson and his play thang looking straight at us. Cayson seems to be having a hard time controlling himself while his girl looks furious.

“Can’t you lesbian bitch go on somewheres. I’m tryna have a good time with my man.” She sneers out at us.

I jerk up and take Kallie’s hand pushing it right where my core is hot and throbbing. I open my legs more knowing they can see a full view. I grab my thin lace shorts moving them to the side as I insert one of her fingers in me. I let out a moan while looking both in their eyes. The girl makes a disgusting face. I feel Kallie speed up then I rip her hand out of me. I watch her lick her fingers clean and give a little moan herself.

I stand up now “bitch what did you just say? First off He ain’t your man, second off say it again and I’ll throat punch you.” I’m pissed off now.

“Do it fucking lesbian.” She smiles at me.

I stalk towards her and throw a fast punch connecting her face. She lets out a scream and cradles her now bloody nose.

“Don’t fucking play with me.” I growl at her. She stands up and grabs my hair.

Mm wrong move baby. I wrap my hand around hers then I swing punching her in the stomach she lets go of me and I swing hard once more her in the jaw.

“Cayson get your whore and take her away. Bitch don’t ever talk shit when you can’t back it.” I stalk back to my side and sit on Kallie’s lap as the bitch cries on and on.

“That was so fucking sexy.” She says rubbing her fingers through my hair and pulling my lips towards her once more.

“I need a drink. I’ll be back.” I tell her as I get up and make my way to the bar not waiting on her.

“Yes I want whiskey straight no ice.” I say.

I wait on it then I smell a very familiar Cologne invade my nose.

“I’m taking you home. You’ve been very naughty and it’s time to show you what I can do.” Cayson’s deep tone whispers in my ear. I shiver clenching my thighs together. His voice alone does things to me.

“Whatever.” I say short and simple.

“You won’t say that when I have you under me.” He nibbles on my neck causing a moan to come out.

The bartender comes back with my drink and I swallow it in one go.

“Let’s go.” He grabs my hand and we start walking out.

“I was ready anyways my feet hurt.” I smile at him walking ahead of him. I make sure to add a extra pump in my step as I know my ass looks great in this dress.

I feel him catch up behind me and I then know without a doubt I’m in deep shit when we get home I can just feel it in my gut.

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