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Chapter 18

I gasp as soon as we get through the door. Every single light is off and I’m feeling all the alcohol I’ve consumed in the past few hours. It’s pitch dark.

“I can’t see shit!” I laugh out

Cayson’s hand grabs mine as he guides me up to the rooms. I go to turn headed towards mine but he tightens his grip and pulls me in his instead.

I may be foolishly drunk but I am not having sex with him tonight.

He tucks a piece of hair behind my ear “I may want you like hell but I’d never take advantage of you because I want you to be sober so you’ll remember yourself begging for my cock.” He seductively says. It was like he read my mind.

“Oh, sure you wouldn’t.” I smart mouth him. A teeny tiny feeling what’s to see how far I can push him.

“Don’t test me, love. I’ll bend you over and spank that big ass of yours then I’ll finger that tight little...” I hurry to put my hand over his naughty mouth. I honestly just don’t know how to take him.

“Hush just hush.” I say as he pulls my hand away trying to talk again. He says the most bizarre things. It’s making me fucking insane.

“That’s it.” He huskily says. Holy smokes.

“What’s it?” I question him.

He perks an eyebrow up and smirks at me.

He quickly picks me up. I laugh out un-ladylike.

“Put me down right this instant.” I try sounding demanding but it comes out more like a squeak.

He sits down bringing me over his knee. He raises my tiny dress up to see my red lace ass.

“Mmm perfect.” He purrs as his hand comes in contact with my booty. I squeal trying to get up. As he once more does it again.

“Stoooop.” I whine out.

I feel his hand massage where he hit as his hand digs into my booty cheek I let out a slow moan as I make my body go limp.

“You like this?” He asks me as he continues his work.

“Mmm yes.” I reply.

He applies more pressure as he works his way down to the back of my thighs. This man definitely knows how to give massages.

He stops and I wiggle around not wanting him to stop. “Heyy You aren’t finished.” I whine out.

He chuckles softly as he starts rubbing again. His hand moves to the inner part of my thighs and unintentionally I open them.

“Is this okay?” He softly asks me. Honestly, it’s surprising that he is asking me and with a gentle tone.

“Yes.” I tell him. Truly it feels amazing having his hands on me but I know if I wasn’t drunk this wouldn’t happen. I’m totally glad I’m not blackout drunk because I wanna remember this gentle moment.

If he wasn’t so rude and just hating towards me I believe we could be a power couple. One where the man is dominating and hardcore to deal with while the woman is only submissive with her man but calm and collected with others.

His hand slowly goes downwards more and more. I feel his fingers brush over my core through my underwear. I tense as he does it once more.

“Can I touch you, Amelia?” He throatily says. I can tell he really wants to and so do I. So what do I do?

“Yes please.” I simply say turning my head to smile up at him.

He surprises me by picking me up once more and I’m not a light gal I weigh about 155 but he makes it seem like I’m light with how he picks me up effortlessly.

He sits me on his bed and grabbing the end of my dress he brings it up over my body discarding it on the floor.

“Hey be careful!” I shout out.

He looks at me like I’m crazy. He smiles softly “I’ll just buy you another and many more.”

“Wait hold up. I knew it was for me since it was in my room but you bought it?” I ask him. Ain’t no way he would do something like that for me especially something that beautiful.

“Well, how else do you think it ended up in there?” He grins at me showing his perfect white teeth looking like a Greek god even fully dressed.

“I don’t know.” I mumble honestly. I definitely didn’t think it would be from him though.

“Why are you so perfect? It hurts just looking at you.” He mumbles lowly but I hear him clear as day.

It makes me feel giddy with him saying this for some reason. It’s the first time he is actually being nice to me. Well.. not since the first time we met.

He climbs on the bed slowly. He opens my legs sitting in between them. He grabs ahold of my lace shorts and pulls them down.

I hurry to cover myself. “Don’t do that. Let me see what no one else has.” He grunts out like he is in pain. I search his face for any mockery I don’t see any so I slowly move my hands away.

He runs his hands up my leg tauntingly. I can already feel the wetness but I’d like for him to feel it himself.

He slowly opens them wider for his bigger frame. He starts off massaging my legs then he leans down as his hand finally makes contact with my inner part.

He spreads my lips apart slowly. What if I stink? I mean I did just get out of the club sweating and plus Kallie fingered me. I let out a gasp in horror.

“Wait stop.” I sit up hurriedly.

“What? I haven’t even touched you all the way yet.” He chuckles slowly looking at me with his head tilted watching me.

“Uh, I need to go wash first.” I rumble out sliding my foot towards to side of the bed.

“Nah uh. I don’t care.” He tells me as he pushes me back down.

“Please at least let me wash that's gross.” I say embarrassed at what I was about to let happen.

He suddenly gets up and walks out. I sit up against the headboard and put my head down. Gosh, I’m an idiot. I’m not a nasty person so why would I forget about something so small. I’ve probably ran him away.

I hear footsteps I pick my head up as I hurry to wipe a stray tear that fell.

I see him take a deep breath as he exhales softly. He sits a bowl down.

He holds up a rag showing me. “Here just lay down.”

I lay down as he starts washing me. He cleans me up the best you can with a rag and by then the mood is just completely blown. I hiccup from the alcohol.

“Hey, it’s okay let’s just sleep.” He runs a new cloth over my face cleaning off the make-up I have on.

“Can I borrow some clothes? Or I can just go back to my room. I’m sorry.” I say feeling ashamed about the whole situation now.

“No, you are sleeping in here with me.” He says point blank tossing me a big shirt.

He climbs in behind me grabbing me closely. There is no room in between us. I feel comfortable and a feel of security wash over me.

“Sleep.” He demands and that’s exactly what I do. I fall into a beautiful dream.

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