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Chapter 1

“Amelia!!” Dad shouts. God, I wish this man would die already.

If I would ever kill someone it would be him. I hate my father as much as I hate being in this world. If it wasn’t for my momma I would’ve been long been gone. I don’t understand how she could ever marry and have kids someone like him.

If only I just would’ve taken the high road and left with my brother I wouldn’t be in this shitty ass caged in place. I probably wouldn’t be able to make it out of the driveway anyways with how strict he is.

He hates me just as much as I hate him.

I don’t know how I’m this man's daughter.

“Yes, papa?” I ask sweetly. I almost gag with the sweetness in my voice.

“Fix me a crown and coke will you?” He asks. Doesn’t he have a personal slave for that? The woman he sleeps with even while my mom is in the room with him.

“Yes, papa.” I nod. I wanna tell to go fuck himself but I learned a long time ago to keep my mouth shut for whatever I do or cause mom gets it ten times harder on her.

I walk over towards his wet bar and mix him his drink out. I wonder if maybe he will let me have a drink too knowing what the answer is I ask anyways.

“Papa?” I say in my sweet voice.

“Yes, Amelia?” He looks up from his paperwork.

“Could I happen to make myself a small drink?” I finish with his and take it to him.

“No.” He tells me not missing a beat.

I let my shoulder fall. I just wished he would treat me with more respect but this is also coming from a man that has absolutely none whatsoever.

“Okay.” I say walking back out.

“Wait. Two shots that’s it with water only.” He says after I’ve made it halfway out the door.

I turn to look at him and see his face relaxed. That’s weird considering he was just so tensed up.

I go over to pour two shots and drink them in a hurry it burns all the way down I almost gag and cough it up. I will not drink water with them I’ve learned the hard way with that it will only make me sicker.

I go to put the bottle up and he stops me.

“Now take three shots.” He says standing up. I see his pants completely undone. Oh no, what have I walked into? I cringe and start backing away.

“I’m okay I just wanted something for my headache.” I lie quickly. A headache? Really... I’ve gotta be stupid.

“Mm really?” He walks over to stand on the other side of the bar.

I nod my head as I see his mistress stand up licking her lips. He turns his head to see me looking at her and he grins.

“Don’t act like you don’t know. Take three more shots girl.” he tells me watching my every move.

“I’ll tell you what every shot I take you take.” I say and he laughs out. I can handle my alcohol but not near as much as he can.

“Don’t you know not to make deals with the devil little girl?” He says quirking up his eyebrow.

“Deal or no deal dad.” I say feeling those two measly little shots giving me a slight bit more confidence.

He laughs booms across his work office.

“Lolly come here.” He snaps his fingers and his mistress speed walks over.

“Yes sir?” She asks with her head looking down.

“My daughter and I are going to take shots and you have the privilege of serving them.” He says to her watching the way her chest rises up and down.

Ew, I shudder seeing how disrespectful he is even with my mother not here I can only imagine what she goes through when she is there to see and hear it all because Ms.Lolly here doesn’t give a rats ass with how loud she is.

“Yes sir.” She grins licking her lips.

She takes out 20 shot glass pour them to the rim along with some lime and salt.

“Ten for you and ten for me.” He says.

Easy no problem I tell myself. I can do this. I sneak more alcohol then he realizes.

She slides ten shots to me and ten to dad along with the lime and salt with it.

“Ready for the deal?” He asks. I knew it was coming I just don’t know what it will be.

“Yes, papa.” I say hoping it’s not out there but knowing my sadist father it is.

“You beat me you use the car for the whole day, and get my purple card.” I get excited. That thing has no limit and I’ve never got it the twenty-two years I’ve been in this world. I do get the car sometimes but I have bodyguards always with me and I never get more than an hour.

“If I win though.” He starts cackling with a mischievous smirk.

“You spend the night with one of my men.” He says.

“No that’s disgusting dad.” I say knowing my face is full of hatred. How could a father say that to his only daughter?

“Too late.” He says as he knocks back one of his shots picking the next one up.

I get out my stupor gaze and start downing mine. The burn is pleasant and reminds me that I need to win.

I look over to see him down to three only and I have five left. I’m gonna lose. I pick up two at a time and just as I slam my last one down I look over to see he is already finished. My head spins a bit but not as bad as it normally would to someone that doesn’t drink.

“Looks like you lose girl.” He says pulling his phone out.

I look over to his shots and smile wide.

“What are you smiling at?” He growls out.

“Papa you lose.” I jump up laughing and clapping like a seal.

“No fucking way. I drink all of them.” He shouts. He still has one full glass once the shots kick all the way in my head spins more and I feel giddy.

“You lose papa.” I holler and laugh out so hard I don’t know if I’m even making a sound.

“Leave. NOW!” He booms out making me stand straight.

I put my head down knowing I better leave while I still can walk properly.

“Wait!” Ms.Lolly says to me making father look over at her with a hard glare.

“What you whore?” I spit out. I see tears well up in her eye but I don’t care she’s getting what she deserves my mother and I hate her. I feel all a sudden very aggressive towards her.

“Don’t fucking speak like that to her you drunken brat.” Papa says to me.

“It’s okay sir Jim I just want to give this letter to her apologizing for all the pain I’ve caused her.” She says with a low sweet voice.

“You don’t owe her a damn thing.” He says walking over with no problems. I feel myself sway a little and notice Two or three of papa. Okay, I need a bath and some sleep.

“Here just take it anyways. Go lay down too it’ll help.” She says sticking the crumbled up letter in my pocket.

“Yeah.” I said walking out up into my room.

I thank myself for changing my room into dark colors since there’s no afternoon sun shining through my dark black curtains to hurt my eyes.

“Son of a....” fuck! I growl out. I just stubbed my toe. I hop on one foot. A big mistake I toppled over and end up on the floor crashing into my side dresser.

I'm gonna have a bruise tomorrow from that. I get on all fours feeling the effects of the liquor making my head feeling like a solid brick. Okay maybe I shouldn’t have drink or made a deal with Papa but I won.

I pull myself up switching the lamp on and fall back on to my bed. I pull out the letter and can barely make sense of it. I toss it under my pillow and lean up.

A shower and my teeth brushed might help the sickness feeling. I see the time flashing and it’s a little after seven. Why did I agree to get drunk so early?

I shower and start brushing my teeth. I activated my gag reflex and start puking. This is absolutely disgusting. I brush once more after getting sick. I walk in my closet and pull out a long shirt and some underwear. I lock my door feeling my head still spinning if not worse now because I’ve puked.

Some sleep will do me well. Tomorrow I get to use the car and go shopping or whatever else I wanna do. I smile as my eyelids shut knowing exactly what I have in mind to do.

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