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Chapter 19

I turn over then I do it once more. This bed is like laying in heaven on thick luscious clouds. I snuggle my head in the pillows and smell the Cologne that drives me wild once I get a whiff of it. How does one get such a comfortable bed like this? I mean I’ve always had nice beds but nothing that feels like this.

I continue to move around trying to wake myself so I can get out of bed but it only seems my brain is working and not my body.

“Could you perhaps stop fucking moving so much?” A deep mumble comes out.

I still myself. Ahh fuck. Cayson? I remember everything last night but crap I thought he would have already gotten out of bed by now. I don’t wanna do the walk of shame out of his room because we didn’t do anything but it would look like it.

“C’ mere,” he says as he pulls me closer smushing my back towards his stomach.

“What time is it?” He asks me as his breath blows past my ear smelling like cinnamon. Did he wake up and brush his teeth? He had to of. I don't answer him because there is no way in hell will I open my mouth as I know for a fact I have morning breath and I will not embarrass myself once again in front of this man.

I slowly pry my eyes open and see the room still dark with the help of his dark black curtains covering the window where no sunlight will spill through.

He lets out a sigh an leans over me checking the clock which says 8:05 am.

He leans down and kisses my cheek I remain still as can be as he whispers “I have a toothbrush in my bathroom if you want to use it.”

I jump up and walk straight into the bathroom seeing the new toothbrush packet sitting there I quickly tear it open getting to work on brushing my teeth and tongue.

Once I’m done I hop in the shower and scrub myself down even though he tried the best he could with washing me I still needed this. I now can’t be shy in front of this man since he saw it all last night. I’m just glad I stopped anything before it happened and he was very understanding about it.

I step out smelling just like him. I smile feeling very happy and relaxed. I hope this means we’ve taken a step forward from the rudeness.

I see a shirt with some boxers sitting on the sink. I didn’t even hear him come in or go out. This man is sneaky.

I quickly dress smiling the whole time but as I go to step out I hear loud moans. I stop as my hands go to shaking. Please don’t tell me that he is in there doing that.

“It’s okay Amelia just suck it up and walk out,” I tell myself but it doesn’t work as my heart is beating so fast it feels like it will explode out of my chest. I try calming myself down as I step out. A tear falls out from my eye.

There’s a redhead layed sprawled out on the bed right where I was just laying with her legs high in the air. I feel my heart sink straight to my ass. The worst part is I couldn’t move. I just watch as he pounds into this girl without any gentleness.

Her eyes roll in the back of her head as he pulls out and quickly flips her over where her ass is now high in the air. He plunges into her as he wraps one hand around her throat and the other in her hair.

I’m sick for just watching this but I can’t will myself to get the fuck out. I have tears in my eyes continue to fall but I still can’t move.

He hammers even harder if possible this girl looks like she will snap in two if he keeps this up. He smacks her ass a few times earning some lustful moans from the girl. She yells out that her orgasm is coming. He pushes her on her side as one leg is now in the air and starts all over.

I don’t know how long I’ve been standing here but I need to leave. I can’t believe he would do this. I mean I can because he is a fucker but in front of me? He really is a ruthless son of a bitch. I hate him and I want nothing to do with this man ever.

I hear a door slam and I jerk my head sideways to see a very very pissed off Cayson. Wait.... who the fuck am I watching and crying about then?

“Amelia?” He asks me in disbelief as if his eyes are playing tricks seeing me standing there.

“Cayson?” I answer whisper as my voice sounds to be going out.

He walks to me at a fast pace and pulls me into his chest and lets out a deep breath that sounds shaky.

“I thought that was you.” I cry whisper pointing towards the couple that is still fucking each other raw in the bed.

“Never.” He says but it doesn’t make sense. Never what?

I don’t ask him because as he bellows out I’m stunned. “Father? What the fuck are you doing in my bed?”

Father? That’s his dad. Oh god, I’m mortified that I was just standing there watching his father fuck that redhead. I’m truly a messed up person. I start rubbing my forehead trying to make sense of this whole ordeal.

I can clearly tell the resemblance because Cayson looks just like his father. Like literally an exact replica of him. I turn to watch the man finally pulled out of the woman and he stands up in all his nakedness not giving a single fuck his son is in the same room.

Cayson turns my head gently back towards him. He doesn’t want me to see his father like that but a little too fucking late because I’ve watched this man fuck that woman like it was a porn movie. I shudder I need to rinse my eye if possible.

“Ahhh, my boy. Sorry to do that on your bed. Looks like you’ll have to buy another.” Mr. Logan says like no biggie as if he just didn’t do that nasty shit.

“Father, what the hell are you thinking?” Cayson looks murderous while talking to his father. I watch him clench and unclench his hand multiple times. I slide my hand into his hoping it will calm him down but the next thing comes out Mr. Logan's mouth sends Cayson over the edge.

“Well, son I thought I’d break Amelia in for you. Let me say she is an amazing fuck. If Jim can use my daughter as a sex slave I’ll use his the same way.” He wickedly says and it sends fear straight into me. I slowly hide behind Cayson griping harder into his hand not wanting to let go.

So this man thinks that was me? While I thought he was Cayson. This whole situation is so fucked up and I’m right smack in the middle of it all. I feel my throat start to contract, I hurry and start counting myself down not wanting to make a bigger scene. I finally calm myself down only to have my hand let go and Cayson rushing towards his father.

“You son of a bitch. You’ll never touch my Amelia she’s mine! You better realize that now father so we don’t have any future problems.” Cayson is seething now.

“Little late huh son?” He asks Cayson as he motions his hand towards the female that is standing on wobbly legs putting her clothes back on.

“No father,” Cayson smirks and extends his hand towards me. His father runs his eyes up and down my figure as I only have Cayson’s shirt and boxers on I feel completely exposed and uncomfortable under his watchful predator eyes.

“I guess I made a mistake,” he says licking his lips.

“Yes, I guess you did because this is Amelia Morgan.” Cayson steps behind me wrapping his hands around my waist.

I step back more into Cayson as his father stalks towards me. “Beautiful she is and mmmm then curves,” he says reaching up to touch my face and I grab ahold of his hand.

“Do not ever touch me.” I hiss at him. I feel Cayson’s body shaking a little knowing he is laughing.

“Trained her already son? I’m proud.” Mr. Logan grins.

He is still freaking naked can’t he put some clothes on. It’s disgusting.

“Come we have matters to tend to.” Mr. Logan says as he finally picks up his boxers and tugs them on. I watch as he and the girl both walk out.

I let out a breathe and lean back.

“That was fucking something else,” I say.

“You like watching others fuck?” Cayson has the audacity to ask me.

“I thought that was you!” I scream at him pushing away.

“And if it was?” He quirks an eyebrow up.

“Hell, I don’t know. I definitely would never talk to you again I would hate you.” I honestly say.

“Glad to know but I promise love I’d fuck you way better than what he did with her.” He arrogantly says.

I feel a blush heat my cheeks as my core starts to throb.

“Mm.” is all I could respond.

He leans down catching my lips it’s such a demanding kiss I melt into it as his hand cups my bottom roughly massaging it. I moan into the kiss. He steps back and looks at me.

“Soon love soon you’ll feel my cock deep within you.” He pinches my nipple then walks out leaving me completely breathless wanting more.

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