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Chapter 20

It’s been two weeks since what happened. In the past two weeks, nothing has changed. I’m still a freaking maid and wear this shitty ass maid dress. Cayson and I continue our flirty banter. We’ve haven’t spent much time together besides the occasional when I prepare his drinks to give to him.

Little miss redhead (Tallia) has moved herself in even after pretending to be me just to sleep with ‘Cayson’. Yeah like I believe that shit. She prances around like she owns the place since she’s sleeping with Mr. Logan. It’s absolutely disgusting she is around my age maybe a little older. Something about her doesn’t sit right with me and she seems very familiar, for the life of me I can’t figure it out.

“Hey, Amelia could you possibly help me clean the kitchen up before you head to bed?” A pretty petite girl asks me. I think her name is Tiffany but I can’t be sure. I’ve never been that great with names.

“Of course.” I sleepy reply back.

I look down at my wristwatch to see it’s a little after ten at night. I walk in the kitchen to see a sight that splashed water all over me and woke me from my tired and sleepy state.

Beautiful red roses paired with sunflowers littered the floors as candles set lined up leading towards the back door. I look over to the young girl smiling sheepishly at me.

“Here you go. I’m now off duty and should return to my room.” She hands me a red sticky note and turns walking out.

“Follow the flowers and come to me love.”

This sly man. I fold the note gently sticking it in the front of my dress pocket. I wonder what crawled up his butt to make him do this? Not that I’m complaining because my heart is beating extra fast making my stomach clench in anticipation of what will be waiting for me.

I slowly walk to the door sliding it back as a small gasp leaves my lips. The stars are shining bright as he lays back on a blanket with an assortment of foods spread out. The walkway is lit up by trail lights with more flowers tossed everywhere’s.

“Cayson?” I whisper out not believing my eyes. It’s may not be much to others but it’s perfect for me. I fear if I fall I may not be caught and who would want that to happen?.

“Ahh, my special guest has arrived.” He sits up turning towards me to give me a dazzling smile that takes my breath away.

“Why?” I ask out not really know what I’m asking.

“Why what?” He asks tilting his head slightly the way he does when he is curious to know more of something.

Instead of words I wave my hands wildly around gesturing at the flowers, light, and different foods.

“Can I not take care of you?” He says casually making my stomach flip. No one has ever said that to me. Hell, no one has ever done this for me. Cayson is different I always knew that since I first ran into to him at his club.

I stare into those deep blue eyes seeing nothing but honesty. I step towards him and sit next to him. I pull my little dress down to cover my exposed thighs.

“Maybe I should have changed.” I chuckled.

“Well as it may be bad for you it’s good for me since I get to see everything I’ve been wanting too.” He grins as he then holds up a small blanket. I go to snatch it but he pulls back. “No, no love you’ll have to come closer.”

I sigh pouting scooting closer to him as my dress bunches up at my hips. “Why do I have to wear this Cayson? The others in the house don’t wear anything this provocative and your dad gives me weird chills every time he sees me in it.” I complain to him as he puts the blanket on the both of us.

“Does he mess with you?” He asks seriously.

“No, but what if one day he might?” I say then a yawn comes out. My cheeks ting with redness.

“Are you tired love?” He sweetly asked me.

I nod. He sits closer and wraps an arm around me. “I promise you no one will ever touch you.” He whispers in my ear.

“I trust you.” I lean into him even more.

I stay still looking up at the stars wondering if my mama is doing okay or Tabitha is okay as well. I miss them more than anything. It hurts being here and not knowing if they are well.

“Cayson?” I whisper out not wanting to kill the mood but needing his help even if it’s the last he will do for me.

“Yes, love?” He answers rather quickly.

“I need help. Like, help get my mama out of my papa’s grip.” I say. Knowing the situation is a very sad one but I have no one else to turn to.

“I know. Did you know Tabitha was my sister?” He suddenly asks the question I know he has been wanting to since I first came here. I have a feeling that’s why he is so rude towards me. When he looks at me he imagines my father doing all the things no one wants to think about towards his sister.

“I didn’t know until I met Kyle and by then I was sent to that horrible place. Cayson, I have to help them all even if it means giving my safety up for them.” I tell him honestly because he deserves to know how I think.

“That will not happen. We will find another way.” He tells me. I hum out. He grabs my face gently turning it towards his. I watch many emotions flicker through his eyes until the last one stays and it takes my breath away. Adoration swimming in the deep blue of his eyes as his gaze roams my face.

“I like you way more then I should Amelia. What are you doing to me?” He says sincerely. I move my hand up to cup his face. I turn my body now toward his and lean my face up a little more to capture his soft lips. His stubble scratches my face lightly as I deepen the kiss.

His tongue runs across my teeth wanting to be let in which I happily oblige. He grabs my hair giving it a small tug as I moan into his mouth. The kiss has such intensity behind it I forget to breathe. The emotions thats pouring into the kiss I don’t think I ever want them back. He gently lays me back as he climbs on top of me.

He sits back looking at me and smiles “beautiful” he mumbles catching my lips once more. His hand trails up my thigh going under my dress reaching my belly and caresses my skin. His hand goes farther up reaching my breast. He suddenly stops and looks at me.

I knew he was asking for approval but I want to give him this and more.

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