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Chapter 21

*Matrue content* blah it’s got sex so if you ain’t comfortable don’t read it. Last warning I will probably give. Enjoy.😏

“Take me, Cayson. I will gladly accept anything you want from me.” I whisper out.

I run my tongue across my lips wetting them as I sit up looking around not seeing anyone then I reach down and bring my dress completely off of me. I’m left bare in front of him only in my under clothing.

“Are you sure?” He questions me as I watch him take me all in with an approval glam shining through his eyes. I want him to ravish me and make me completely at his mercy even if it’s only for one night. I need this.

“Without a doubt. Take what you want from me.” I say trying to contain my excitement running through my body at being devoured by him. He hesitates only for a moment before picking me up and carrying me farther away from the house.

We come upon a smaller house.

“This is my man cave when I just need to get away and think.” He says slowly wanting me to understand. I nod my head once as we walk through the door.

It has a huge tv mounted on the wall along with a nice black leather love seat. I next notice the island bar in the middle along with a small kitchen. He continues forward into a rather small but cozy room decorated in black and white. It’s such ordinary colors but blends in creating a cozy and relaxing atmosphere.

He tosses me on the bed and I giggle out. Mmm, time to play shall we? I look up at him as he hurries to rip his shirt off throwing it to the side. He fumbles with his pants going to fast. I hurry towards him and place my hand over the top of his as his head jerks up looking at me in question.

“Let me.” I shyly say. Shoot can’t be shy any more this is what I wanted. I unbuttoned them and drag the zipper down. I settled on my knees looking up at him through my eyelashes. I dip my fingers into his waistband and push them down.

His member flops out and my eyes bulge.

Holy crap I’m in deep. No pun intended for later either. I gently grab it and it slightly pulses in my hand. I feel his body tense as his member jumps a bit. I giggle out.

“Stop fucking with me.” He says aggressively. It runs straight through me.

I lean in and take him into my mouth. I push him to the back of my throat and I still can’t fit him all the way in as I bob my head a few times trying to take more and more of him. Thank goodness for no gag reflex. I hear him grunt and it turns me on even more. Yes! I shout in my head I’m doing this right. I massage him up and down with my hand as I continue to suck him with my mouth.

“Fuck this is sooo goood baby.” He drags out. His hand grabs ahold to my hair and pushes me farther making me take him deeper In the back of my throat. My eyes well up with water as I struggle to catch hold of my breath he pulls me back and then shoves it down my throat once more. He is fucking my mouth and I can’t help be so turned on that I’m literally dripping wet.

He grunts and lets out a hiss as he shoots his load in the back of my throat. I swallow it as he pulls out. “Open.” He tells me. I open wide for him to show him it’s all gone. He grins as I use the back of my hand to wipe my mouth. “Look how red them perfect sweet lips are after I fucked them.” He naughtily says. I stand up and he pushes me back as I land on the bed.

“My turn.” He grins evilly ripping my panties right off me. I can’t help the gasp that leaves my mouth. He picks both legs up sitting them on his shoulder as he runs a finger between my folds. His shoulders are wide so I’m spread out. I watch him as he runs his tongue where his finger just was. He spreads my lips apart and lets out a throaty hum. He suckles on my clit and I moan out. I feel two fingers enter me as he starts to devour me like I was his last meal. I feel my build-up coming on I try to clamp my legs close but as his body is in the way I can’t. His hand runs up pulling my bra down to pinch my nipple in between his fingers. I lean up to undo it as I sling it off his tongue then prods my hole and he nibbles, licks, and sucks until he plunges his fingers right back in me he curls them up and hits my sweet spot making me let go as he drinks up my juices.

“Tasty.” He says climbing on top he smashes his lips to mine and we taste each other. I moan into the kiss. He sits back as he wraps my legs around his hips.

“Are sure love?” He asks me once more.

“Yes, I’m sure,” I say as he plunges into me stretching me to the max I scream out tryna to get away as the pain sets my crotch on fire.

“No.,” he says with sadness In his eyes as he completely stills his movements.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know Amelia. I-I thought. Ah, fuck.” He rumbles out as a few tears release out the corner of my eye. He goes to move out of me. The pain is subsiding as I adjust to his large member so I wrap my legs around him.

“I-it’s o-okay.” I whimper out. I move my butt a little where he is now snuggled in tightly against me.

“I hurt you love. I didn’t know. I would have never done that. You’re so fucking tight squeezing against me right now.” He says breathlessly. He starts moving slowly as the pain and uncomfortableness fades the pleasure replaces it all. I moan out as he goes deeper and he grounds his hips into me. He pulls out then slides back in moving his hips in a circler motion.

He continues moving slowly making me feel loved and cherished but I need him to pick up the speed so I thrust my hips up meeting his movements.

He quirks an eyebrow up looking at me with delight. “Please move faster Cayson.” I finally groan out.

“Can I turn you around?” He asks me.

“Yes.” I moan out at the slowness just need him to pound in me with his thick long member now.

He quickly pulls out turning me on my stomach he pushes my knee up and splays a hand on the arch of my back making my stomach hit the bed as my butt is all in the air now with my back arched like no other. He spreads my legs and I feel him guide his thickness at my entrance but he plays around not push it in. Every time I push back he moves it away.

“Cayson.” I snap at him gritting my teeth.

He laughs out which makes me tighten up as it rolls through my body. “You’re a needy little thing now huh?”

He finally pushes in and I meet him halfway. Fuck, this position makes him go so much deeper than I thought possible. I moan out feeling him fill me up with his member.

He picks up the pace as I clench against him and grab ahold to the sheets bunching them up in my hands as he fucks me with no mercy now.

“Oh yesss,” I scream out as I cum.

“You like my love?” He whispers in my ear slowing down. “Yes yes, I love it, Cayson.” I continue to moan out. He tugs my hair and picks up speed once more.

He grinds into me giving me exactly what I need. His other hand reaches down and rubs my clits as I clench around him.

“Let go love let me have it once more.” He drawls out.

I let go again as he pulls out and releasing his shot all on my back. I hum out feeling completely worn out after our intimate intercourse.

“Come love lets shower then we can sleep.” He gently tells me. I get up as my legs feel like jello I mentally shake it off and walk in the tiny bathroom.

I get in the shower with him as we both wash off. He gets out first then I step out behind him.

We quickly dry off and I toss the towel in the hamper and stumble to bed exhausted. I get in between the sheet and comforter. I feel Cayson get in behind me. He wraps me up in his arms and kisses my forehead.

I close my eyes feeling myself fall asleep I faintly hear “I think I’m falling in love and I don’t even know how.” I try to open my eyes but I’m so tired I lose all sense of understanding and chalk it down to hearing things as I fall into the best sleep I ever had in the arms of a man I’m falling in love with.

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