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Chapter 22

“Wake up love you're slobbering everywhere’s.” A husky voice sounds throughout my ear pulling me from my sleep.

I crack my eyes open to see Cayson sitting up looking down at me with a grin. Oh fuck, slobbering right. I wipe my hand over my mouth to feel nothing there. I frown as he busts out laughing a big hearty laugh.

“Not even close to being that funny.” I snap out in a playful pout.

I sit up as the sheets pools at my hips leaving me bare. I smile mischievously as I start cat crawling off the bed. I hear a gulp and a large exhale of air. I stand on my feet and twirl around towards him to see his member tinting the sheets and he is no longer laughing.

“Mm seems your slobbering over there.” I tap the corner of my mouth letting out a little laugh as his face drops before walking off into the bathroom.

I make it right through the door before I’m pushed up against the wall with a strong grip in my hair. I slowly grin turning my head sideways. “You didn’t like the show love?” I sexually drawl out.

“Oh I loved it a little too much,” he says as he thrusts his hips into my butt. I feel his rock hard member waiting by my entrance just begging to be embraced my now hot wet core.

I push into him as the tip tickles my wet hole. “Are you sure?” He asks me as his hands wrap around pulling softly on my puckered up nipples. Of course, I’m not gonna say no because since last night was the best night of my life I will now vow to myself to get it anywhere’s I possibly can. I might be setting myself up for a disaster but I will welcome it with open arms if that is what it takes.

“Yes, I’m positive. Just put the damn thing in me already.” I barely manage to say as he thrusts in me. He nudged my leg open a bit to get easier access and continues to stroke me deep and hard. He suddenly turns me around picking me up without hesitation and slams back in me making me cry out holding on to his shoulder as he fucks me up against the wall. I tighten my legs around him as I ride out my climax and he soon follows behind me releasing his seed in me.

He carries me in the shower before finally settling me down on my feet. “Jesus I should’ve done that way sooner,” I mumble out.

“We need to talk.” He suddenly says tensing up. I go to put my hand on his shoulder before he stops me by flinching Okay, that’s weird but now isn’t the time to start thinking like that. I scold myself.

“Okay.” I quietly say back not know what else to say.

He hurries and washes off before getting out. I hum to myself enjoying the feeling of after sex and an amazing shower. Whatever it is he needs to say I’ll understand the best I can. I will not fight with him. I continue to tell myself that over and over.

I wrap a towel around me before going into the room. Cayson is nowhere to be seen but a shirt and some boxers are laid out for me. I quickly put them on and pat dry my hair before throwing it up in a loose bun. I walk in the small living room to see him sitting down on the sofa with a glass of whiskey. Mmm must be serious if he needed a drink.

I sit beside him and turn to look at him. “Is everything okay Cayson?”

“No, it isn’t.” He replies rather harshly.

“Okay... what’s the matter?” I softly reply to his nastiest when it wasn’t like this just before our shower together.

“Why didn’t you tell me before last night?” He asked. I knew he was referring to my virginity but that couldn’t possibly be what’s causing him to be so uptight.

“Well, it actually isn’t that big of a deal.” I shrug my shoulders. I mean I’ve played with myself to many times to count so sticking a dick in me isn’t that much different.

“Of course it was because I wouldn’t have touched you if I would’ve known you were a virgin. How in the hell could you be a 22-year-old virgin anyways?” He fires shots at me. I laugh at the confusion on his face as many other emotions are hiding behind his eyes he isn’t wanting me to see.

“Look I never had the opportunity to be around men that I actually wanted to go for, As far as you touching me I wanted this to happen so it really isn’t a big deal. So chill out! I’m not expecting anything out of you from it.” I smile a tight lip smile trying to not let the feeling of my little heartbreaking by saying that out loud. I already knew of the chance of us being together was little to none.

“So it meant nothing to you right?” He asks. I guess he is wanting to cross his T’s and dot his I’s making sure we are on the same page.

I sigh a small bit and look him in the eyes which is extremely painful and say what felt like acid coming out my mouth. “No Cayson it meant nothing.” I put my head down not wanting to see his face any longer. It hurt to much because it meant everything.

“Glad we are on the same page. I’m not ready for a relationship anyway.” He spitefully says. He gets up leaving into the room only to come back dressed.

“Your dress is clean. Stay behind and clean up the mess we’ve made last night.” He angrily says before storming out slamming the door shut.

What have I done? I’m not understanding the anger. Isn’t this his choice? He is the one after all not wanting to be with me. I felt loved last night. It was the best night of my life and now it just makes me feel as if it was a night of fucking with no meaning behind it. I feel a few loose tears drop from my eyes as my heart breaks from the need of just wanting to be in his arms once more and never leaving them. Now I know even though I said I would welcome the disaster I had lied to myself I’m more attached to him then I would like to admit.

I wipe my eyes as I start singing to myself constantly going over the images from our passion making last night and start cleaning everything up.

I finally finish. I decided to leave a note of my feelings that he would one day find. Hopefully, it wouldn’t be too late and he will open the drawer at the bottom left one day and find it there. I seal the envelope and neatly write his name on it along with mine at the bottom. In a little over a month, I’ve fallen for someone who would never return the feelings for me. Good things don’t last for me. You did this to yourself, Amelia.

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