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Chapter 23

It’s been two months a while fucking two months. Finally, I’m getting somewheres though as Cayson said he would help me get mama and Tabitha which I knew he just wanted his sister and I wanted my mom. He had kept to his word.

Tomas had asked me to draw a layout map of our house. I figured it was best to start with first name basis since I’ve lived here for over three months now. I circled each entrance and exits. I even pointed out all surveillance cameras. In a week's time a big gathering which all men and women that runs business and such will be held.

Which we will all attend like normal then Tomas will take papa somewheres to talk as a team will be waiting on Cayson’s or Tomas’s orders to infiltrate the house getting all the people out into a van and take them to an undercover spot to be checked and nursed back to health if needed. I don’t know where that spot will be but I don’t really care as long as they will be alright and be able to go back to their homes and families.

Liv and I will get mama and Tabi as I’m all most positive they will be around since every time something like that went on papa always brought them along with him. His wife and mistress. It was downgrading and disrespectful towards my mama but she never once complained. I now knew why because all along Tabitha was forced against her will.

We’ve worked continuously on all the nooks and crannies of our plan making sure in set in stone with no mistakes. We all have certain things to do and we must work at a fast yet slow pace. It has to be mixed balance as to be suspicious to anyone.

I finish the last stack of papers on Cayson’s desk. We fought for about two weeks. It’s was absolutely exhausting. I understand that he is not ready for a relationship but he has gone back to his cold heartless ways of being a complete ass towards me. The tension is certainly heavy between us as I’m pulling and he is pushing but as we made clear we are both grown so we need to be able to still deal with each other. My feelings for him have not once faded. I still wait sometimes for him to tell me he wants to be with me but it never comes. Some nights throughout the two months he has come and slept in my bed as I in his but it’s never anything more. He still acts out and I still wait for him.

I know I’m only digging myself a deeper hole but I absolutely do not think of another man touching me or giving me the pleasure that only Cayson can give. It’s a letdown for sure but I try to take anything I can from him. It has been three weeks since we have last been intimate though. I think maybe he has finally moved on. I spy on him which is totally creepy but I need to know if other women come out of his room which isn’t that hard since it’s next to mine. I haven’t seen any yet but it doesn’t help that he doesn’t come to me anymore.

“Amelia?” A deep voice startles me.

I turn around to see him leaning against the door frame. He is dressed down in some black sweats with a white t-shirt.

“Yes?” I whisper out.

“Would you like to come to sleep in my bed tonight? No sex just sleep?” He asks softly.

I widen my eyes because I’m sure I’m hearing things. He is being nice? No nasty remarks? No sex? Just sleep and cuddles. My body instantly warms at the thought of just sleep with him. I blush and nod my head.

“Words Lia. I need words.” He demands walking towards me. I hold my breath and look into my favorite deep blue eyes. It’s like looking into the deepest part of the ocean only through someone’s eyes.

“Yes, I would love too.” I smile gently.

“Come then let’s go to bed you look pale and worn out.” He says noticing my features which as I have for the past weeks. I feel different and look a bit different. My breast are bigger and my complexion has a bit of a dull glow and my hair is shedding like way more than usual.

I thought maybe it was because I’ve been stressed about the plan on top of missing my family along with Cayson. I hardly ever see him. I don’t think too much of it though because maybe it’s just a small phase I’m going through.

“I’m actually very tired,” I say rubbing my eyes.

He grabs my hand and leads me to his room. “Go shower I will be in bed waiting for you.” He says.

I walk into his amazing bathroom and run a bath instead of a shower. I settle in and let my body relax.

I must have snoozed off because I’m woken to cool water and a Cayson softly smiling at me.

“I’m sorry.” I frown standing up feeling a bit dizzy I reach out trying to grab something.

“Amelia are you okay?” He asks as his hands are planted on my hips steadying me upright.

I inhale and exhale a few times. “Yes, I’m alright. I did not mean to fall asleep Cayson. I’m super sleepy.” I yawn while telling him.

He helps me out before handing me a towel. “Dry up and come to bed.”

I walk in the room as he is sitting on the end of the bed looking at nothing.

“I’ll be back I need some clothes,” I tell him tightening the towel around me in case I run into Ky that damn boy is always up through the nights because he gets hungry. He is like a little rat as well as Liv. I usually go to get something to drinks or pee only to hear them laughing their hearts out on the floor of the kitchen eating up everything. I’m happy for them though they really even each other out.

“No, you can wear one of my shirts.” He gently grabs my hand. I look at it and then him. What’s changed? Not that I don’t mind because I love him and I want to be with him but I don’t want the hot and cold treatment each time he gets scared.

“Okay” I decide to say because I’m just actually too tired for anything else and if I go to my room I’ll probably just go to sleep there.

He hands me a big shirt and some boxers. I drop my towel and put the boxers on first rolling them up at my hips.

“When did this happen?” He asks and I raise an eyebrow in question.

“What?” I ask about to pull the shirt over my head.

He comes in front of me and rubs my belly. I step back not watching to be touch all of the sudden.

“I’ve been eating a lot.” I shyly whisper because I have.

“Mm, you look somehow different from the last I saw you naked though, and trust me your body and everything is ingrained in my head.” He softly says reaching out to rub it once more.

“Yeah well I’m stress about the plan and I’m lacking sleep.” I harshly say patting his hand away once again. “If you want sex go find someone else I’m not in the mood tonight I’m tired.” I cranky say. My mood is switching everywhere’s and it’s just pissing me off more because I just want to be loved on by him and now I just don’t what him to touch me. What the hell is wrong with me?

“Alright get in the bed then.” He tells me in a deep rough voice. I shiver before getting in bed. He gets in behind me “can I at least fucking hold you tonight?” He asks me.

I don’t say anything as I scoot back into his chest. I hum out feeling content now. I grab his arm and wrap it around me and moving his hand to cup my heavy feeling breast. “Goodnight love.” He whispers kissing the back of my head. I don’t reply as I fall into a dreamless sleep.

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