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Chapter 26

“Nope, I’m not leaving,” Cayson growls out.

The nurse looks at me for confirmation because if I want him out I know he will have to leave. I want him here with me because it has just as much to do with him too. I also know Cayson’s temper and what if he gets mad? Or worse what if he asks me to abort it? Oh god, I’m not ready for this.

“Cayson I think it best,” I whisper out.

“No Amelia whatever you are thinking just stop.” He demands me as he cups my face making me look into his eyes.

“Okay.” I give in to him.

“Let’s hear it.” I smile a tight lip smile at the nurse.

“Okay well, would you be up for an ultrasound?” She asks me.

A what now? What is that?

“It’s a little machine and with a little wand I’ll move it around your belly to see any movement inside.” She says with a small smile.

“Wait, I’m not understanding why do I need that?” I frown at her.

“I’d like for you to look at it yourself. It’s always a bit easier this way.” She says with a knowing smile. I’m clearly missing the damn point. I look over to see Cayson looking over everything and I’m guessing something clicked because he raises his eyebrows and slowly turns towards me.

“Oookay.” I drag out.

She wheels a machine over just like she said an on the big screen tv blackness pops ups “please pull your shirt up under your breast.” She says and as I do so she takes out a bottle. She squirts this jelly shit all over me. She pulls out a wand next.

“Okay. Ready?” She looks at both of us and I barely nod. She starts moving this thing around and the next thing I see I start pouring tears.

“You are three months and some days pregnant Miss Morgan.” She says happily.

I stare numbly at the screen seeing the baby just float around in there as his or her heartbeat pumps strong through the wand. I never even look at Cayson because I’m truly scared of what he thinks. Hell, I don’t even know what to think.

“So my next question is..” she goes to say as she starts wiping everything off and putting it in its place.

“No.” Cayson cuts in.

“Sir. It isn’t up to you.” She says frowning at him.

“I don’t care. It’s still N.O.” He says harshly. I start crying even more. Oh god, all this time it’s been my pregnancy hormones that have been acting up. That’s why those chips smelt bad earlier. How did I not see this?

“I’m sorry but your opinion here doesn’t change much unless it’s her choice also.” She says.

I get up and run out. Are they talking about me getting rid of my child? I will never let that happen. I quickly slow my run so I don’t look crazy even more and walk outside. Great just fucking great it’s pouring raining out here.

I walk to the car as I place my hands around my stomach. That’s why that little pudge has started coming out more. I thought it was because I’ve been eating a lot which I have but it’s also because I have a tiny human in me. Holy smokes I actually have a baby growing inside of me!

“Amelia!” I hear a shout as I reach the car. I turn back to see Cayson running towards me in the rain. When the hell did it start raining anyway? It was just cool weather before we got here. My clothes are stuck to me and I’m getting cold. That was a stupid idea to run in the dang rain and now I have to be extra careful to not jeopardize my child’s life. I’m not ready for this. I have to be though. I continue to argue with myself.

I feel arms wrap around me as I look up into my favorite deep blue eyes.

“Baby talk to me.” He says.

“I’m not getting rid of my child Cayson. I know I just found out but this is my Kid.” I cry out. Sobs wrack my body.

“No no love that isn’t what I won't either.” He coos in my ear.

“You’re lying! I heard y’all in there!” I scream at him.

“She was gonna give you the option of Abort, adoption, or to keep the child. That’s my fucking kid too!” He shouts at me.

We look like two idiots standing in the rain fighting with each other.

“I don’t care if you don’t want the baby I do!” I say angrily.

“Amelia stop. You’re acting fucking crazy I want my fucking kid!” He snaps at me.

“Go find another girl if you don’t want us! I’ll tend to my child on my own!” I hurry and say back. It then clicks as what he just said “wait.. you want our baby?” I ask pathetically.

“Yes god yes! Why wouldn’t I want my child? I’m so happy to be a papa Amelia! I told you to stop whatever it was you were thinking in there but did you listen? Hell no. I want this with you, Amelia. I fucking love you. You literally piss me off because how can you be so blind for my feelings towards you!” He shouts over the pouring rain and strong blowing wind. I stand in shock as I process the words over and over again.

I’m a crying mess and shivering in the cold. He stalks towards me pulling me into his embrace.

“I’m sorry. I thought you wanted me to get rid of the baby. I swear I didn’t even know this would happen. I don’t wanna tie you down Cayson.” I grab hold of him trying to feel any warmth I can from him.

I feel so dumb. Who runs out of a clinic and starts yelling with their partner in the pouring rain. I guess we are a little dysfunctional. We will learn as we go though.

“Let’s talk in the car Amelia it’s pouring and I don’t want you getting sick.” He whispers in my ear after giving me a peck on my head.

He opens my door as I slide in and then he goes to his side getting In the car cranking the heat up. “I might have a shirt in the back give me a minute.” He says getting back out in the rain.

“Here love strip.” His husky voice replies gently as he hands me a black shirt.

I quickly peel my wet blouse off and putting it on the floor. I also kick my soaking shoes off and shimmy my pants down leaving myself in only underwear as I look over after putting the shirt over my head I see Cayson staring at my belly with a small grin.

“What?” I ask him as I pull the shirt the rest of the way down crossing my arms to find more warmth even though the heat is on full blast.

“I just honestly can’t believe I’m gonna be a papa. I swear Amelia I will do whatever it takes to make this the best I can for you. I know it wasn’t planned hell I should’ve known better but I really am happy that you are carrying MY babe inside of you.” He admits out loud. It takes me by surprise as his gentle words float around the car. Many unsaid things were in his words but I can’t help but let out a sob as the happiness rips through me.

I quickly climb on top of him I roughly run my hands through his hair and yanks him towards me smashing my lips with his.

I finally come up for air “Cayson I thought you hated me and would hate me even more now that I got pregnant. I don’t know what to do. We have all these things planned to help my mama and your sister a-and all them other people and now I don’t even know what to do. We have a baby on the way and I can’t take the chance of being in danger.” I lean my forehead against his telling him my thoughts.

“Never will I allow that. We will still go through with the plan for tomorrow. Just minor adjustments need to be made.”

He reassures me.

“I don’t want you in danger either. I can’t do this on my own.” I whine out.

“You won’t have to. I love you remember that.” He softly kisses my nose and then my lips. “Come let’s go home. These clothes aren't helping me any.” He lets out a chuckle.

I giggle feeling happy but scared as I climb back in my seat. Thinking of endless possibilities that could happen or might go wrong gives me a headache.

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