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Chapter 2

“Get up!” I hear banging on my door.

“I’m up!” I shout. God lee who is banging on the door so early? It’s not even seven yet. My head is killing me. I slowly pick myself up out of bed.

I open the door to Jackie.

“Hey, bitch!” She screams.

“What are you doing here?” I ask her.

I put the palm of my hand against my forehead rubbing it trying to ease the pounding headache.

“Looks like you had a fun night.” She sarcastically says as she pushes through my door.

“No for real what are you doing here?” I ask gravely.

“Your brother and I have come back your dad said it was important.” She tells with a deadpan facial expression.

She was always known to be overdramatic and way too serious at the same time. I love her to death though. She’s been here for me more then any of the rest of my family has. My brother got lucky with this spitfire.

“Mm, I wonder for what?” I take out some medicine for the raging that’s going on in my head.

“You know I can’t tell you until he does.” She says sadly which pipes my curiosity even more.

“Okay, whatever.” I say leaving it alone knowing I will only get nowhere’s with it. This family and the secrets. I hate living here not knowing anything because I’m not good enough to know or I’m just treated like some prized thing that can’t know anything.

“I heard you get to use the car?” She smiles and starts wiggling her eyebrows up and down.

“Yes, I do actually.” I laugh out. I feel the medicine kick in working it’s magic calming the storm that was going on.

“So how did that happen? Seeing as your dad is a dick never letting you out of sight.” She tells me this same thing every time I see her. It’s really no surprise she hates him just as much. He doesn’t give a rats butt about anybody but himself and his business.

“I won against him drinking.” I smile over the moon about it.

“What? No fucking way. How?” She rumbles on looking through my dresser drawers.

“I don’t know but I did. I’d rather not find out than to stay a night with a man I don’t know.” I spit out.

That catches her attention as her head pops up with a frown.

“Yeahhh.” She says lowly shaking her head.

“Why are you being so weird Jackie?” I ask getting tired of the feeling she’s hiding something.

“I’m not. Chill out let’s just not talk about this anymore.” She bites out towards me with an attitude.

Okay. What in the heck is her problem obviously something is up because she may act out a lot but not like this towards me anyways.

She’s hiding something and it must be big for her to feel so weird about it. Mm, I wonder what it is though. Maybe I can get it out of her.

“Okay, whatever.” I mumble out taking the clothes she’s holding in her hands.

“Just get dress and meet me downstairs.” She tells me walking out the door.

I’m not the smartest person but I’m not stupid I know when someone is trying to hide something from me especially my family since they're the only ones I’ve been around my entire life.

I never got to go to public school. I never got to date. I don’t get to leave the house when I want too. Now that I’m thinking about it I don’t get to do anything. How sad of a life I’m living.

I throw my clothes on and bride my hair back. My long blonde hair sticks out the most along with my bright bluish-grey eyes. I got it all from dad. My tanned skin and curves are all I got from mom.

No time to just sit around I finally get out of the house I’m gonna take advantage of it.

The pants and long sleeve shirt along with my tennis shoes this isn’t gonna work for where I’m going but can’t just walk out with how I wanna look. I grab my backpack and stuff a sexy midnight blue dress with my black pumps and stuff it in there.

I grab my purse and sit it on top in case they try looking in the bag all they will see is my purse so it doesn’t look suspicious.

I walk out of my room locking the door since it’s my only safe haven in the house I don’t need anyone even my father snooping through it.

I hear talking as I get close down to the bottom then it stops.

“You got 3 hours girl make the most of it.” Jim my dick of a dad says.

I look to see Lolly hanging on his arm while mom is standing off to the side watching them. How can he continue to do that to his wife? I hate him for the way he makes her feel.

“Yes, papa.” I say knowing I’m lying out of my teeth. I’m not coming back In 3 hours. I mentally giggle at how pissed he will be.

Oh well, I’ll deal with the consequences on my own.

“Alright have fun bye now.” He says turning around grabbing Lolly’s ass.

I look over to mom seeing tears about to spill over. I walk over to her as she shakes her head letting me know to stay back but I don’t care I’m hugging my Mom before leaving.

“Don’t come back please leave and never come back this is your way out.” She hiccups out as I wrap my arms around her.

“No, I will not leave until I’m able to take you with me. I’ll be back don’t let him catch you saying that again mama.” I kiss her cheek.

“I love you, baby girl. I don’t know how I got so lucky with you.” She says to me.

“It’s okay just go about the normal. I’m making plans.” I wink as she smiles at me.

I walk out of the door to see Jackie already in the truck. My truck that Jim bought me when I was 18 after I graduated but I never get to drive unless I’m a good girl as he says. He makes me sick.

“Let’s go, bitch before the fun is over!” She says from the passenger side.

“No Jackie the fun has just begun!” I shout smiling wickedly spinning out of the driveway.

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