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Chapter 3

“This is the sixtieth store we’ve been too Amelia!” Jackie shouts complaining beside me with her arms full of her shopping bags.

“It is not. This is the last store I promise then we are going to the club!” I smile with a stupid grin.

“Oh no no that’s not happening your father said three hours and we’ve been out for four already! His head will explode if he finds out you went to the club with his guest.... never mind.” She goes to say something but stops.

I cock an eyebrow up at her in questioning.

“His guest what?” I ask stopping to look almost losing my hold on my two arms full of my own shopping bags.

I probably should’ve stopped by the truck and put everything in there but I didn’t feel like walking that far just to walk all the way to the opposite side again. I huff out maybe I should’ve. While I’m over here thinking I look back to Jackie to see her staring at the ground with a deep thoughtful look.

“Nothing. You’re completely right let’s just have fun!” She gives me a small smile and walks past me.

“Your fucking hiding something Jackie Lynn!” I go to point my finger and my bags fall loose!

“Fuck.” I mumble under my breath.

“Just let it fucking go! You don’t have to know everything.” She shouts at me now red in the face.

Whoa, this girl needs to chill the fuck out! She’s been acting weird since in my room. She’s definitely hiding something considering she’s trying so fucking hard.

“You know what? Fuck you! Better yet call fucking Ryan to come get your ass because I no longer wanna hang out with somebody that’s hiding shit from me.” I feel my neck heat up knowing my blood pressure is spiking because of this ignorant ass conversation that wasn’t even meant to happen. I know without a doubt that she’s hiding something now because she wouldn’t be this uptight about it. I wanna know what it is.

“You know what bitch I will. Have fun with being a play toy at least I’ll be comfortable in my own bed with your brother!” She spits out and it shocks the hell out of me. I stand there looking at her retreating figure.

What in all names of fuck is she talking about? I pick up the few bags I dropped and head towards the truck losing all happiness of still wanting to shop.

“I need to find out what’s going on.” I talk to myself all the way to the truck. I left my phone in here and I pick it up seeing I have 52 missed calls from papa. Ugh this man doesn’t quite does he?

My phone lights up and rings I look down to see Ryan calling breathing out maybe I shouldn’t answer. Well, fuck it the day can’t get any worse.

“What?” I ask him. I don’t need him pissing me off any more than I already am.

“What the fuck is going on with you and Jackie?” He shouts through the phone.

This is exactly why I didn’t wanna answer.

“Nothing we just got in an argument.” I tell him not wanting to further talk about it seeing as everyone knows something that I have yet to find out about.

“Hello? Are you fucking listening to me?” He is still shouting through the phone.

I roll my eyes and put him on speaker.

“Yeah, Ryan look I have to go.” I say actually not hearing a thing he said to me.

“Look sis I love you okay and whatever Jackie said we will get through this stepping stone.” He quietly says as his voice turns to a much better tone.

“Look about what she said will never happen. I’ll die before I become some sick fucks play toy. Good day brother love you bye!” I rush out not wanting to say anything else about it.

If my papa thinks for a second I’ll be with someone I don’t love he has another thing coming. I turn my truck over and drive out heading to a new destination before I run off and have a good ass night.

I make it to the pawnshop and step out. To an outsider, they probably will be thinking what the hell is this uppity up is doing here but I’ve always loved used items and seeing different things other then the fancy shit I was brought up with.

“Hello, Welcome to Rudolf’s pawn shop. How can I help you?” The older gentleman sitting behind the counter says as I walkthrough.

“Yes, I’d like to buy a handgun suitable enough for me.” I say sounding like a complete idiot. I blush and shake my head before looking up at him.

He chuckles and waves me to the opposite side and where a big case full of small handguns are. My eyes go huge now realizing I have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about there are so many different ones.

“Little Miss, can I ask do you even know how to properly shoot a firearm?” He says gently to me.

“Uh no sir but I need one for my protection.” I mutter out feeling embarrassed. I rub my hand up my arm nervously thinking now he might not let me buy one. I should’ve put more thought into this maybe searched a little bit but can’t when papa is so overbearing.

“What about we make a deal you buy this little Smith and Wesson 38 special and two days out the week you come back and I get my great-grandson to help you out.” He smiles at me taking a small gun out smaller than his hands but just the same size as mine.

“That won’t work sir. I’m only allowed out... oh silly me never mind.” I laugh out trying to fix my mistake I almost just basically told this old man about my imprisonment.

“Dear it’s okay. If anything just try your best but if not listen up.” He says to me as he shows me the on and off safety how to load the bullets and to place your finger on the trigger and shoot. I end up paying $300 bucks and then paid extra for the gun holder and extra bullets just in case.

I walk out with a big smile on my face. We went through all paperwork and background checks everything was great and the entire time he would tell me everything I need to know and also talked a bit about his family. It didn’t turn out so bad after all now for sure I'll be safe without a doubt as long as I don’t freeze up if someone tries to seriously harm me.

Time to hit the club dance my ass off and head home for a good ass chewing.

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