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Chapter 4

I hadn't had a drink since I've been here my legs are aching and now I'm in a shit ton of trouble. It's a little after one in the morning and I just don't have enough in me to care.

Papa has sent Ryan and Jackie to pick me up about 45 minutes ago and I ended up hiding behind the bar now I'm being escorted to the office where the boss is because I was tryna steal. Tsk as if I'd steal.

”come on man I just told you the reason why I was hiding is because I didn’t wanna go home with my brother.” I say jerking my arm away from his grubby hands.

”yeah and I don't believe you bitch.” he snarls out.

”whoa dude you have some serious issues.” I fold my arms and looking up at his towering figure this dude looks made of steel but not in a good way. He should probably stop taking steroids. I mentally giggle at my own joke.

We walk to a big wooden door before his hand strikes out and knocks loudly. You can hear something going on in there. I raise my eyebrow and lean in closer to hear fucking moans on the other end.

Oh for fucks sake out of the whole day can’t I catch a break?

“Uh, they sound busy I’ll just be going.” I hurry to say turning around quickly.

“Uh Uh not so fast.” He reaches out grabbing my waist in a not so appropriate way. Ugh, nasty fucker! How the hell did I get into this mess? All because I was hiding?

“Come in.” A deep voice rings out. I shudder hearing that voice it sounds like papa’s voice but I know there is no way in hells he is here.

“Uh before we go in what’s the boss's name?” I inquire quickly.

“Thomas. I’d be careful the way you talk if I was you he doesn’t like back talkers.” He leans in my ear to say then steps back and licks his lips running his eyes up and down my figure.

“Ew fuck you, dude.” I stomp on his toe and quickly runoff. I hear shouts and hollers. I run as fast as my stupid heels will let me. I open the side door and slam into something extremely hard.

“Ow fuck.” I quietly say rubbing my forehead it feels like I ran into a damn wall.

“Uh, are you okay?” The wall speaks to me.

I hear a few shouts and turn my head quickly.

“Yeah yeah I gotta go.” I rush out going to run off when I feel hands grip my waist with gentleness and I’m flung softly into the wall.

“Wha..” I go to ask when the stranger leans in just as the door gets kicked open. I grab ahold to the man's shirt in front of me and hang on for dear life hoping he doesn’t rat me out.

“Oh shit sorry Mr.Logan.” The ugly guy made of steel says quickly.

The stranger that I know now name is Logan turns his head and looks at him with such intensity I hold my breath.

“What the fuck do you what Jorden?” He snaps.

“Have you seen a very pretty girl with braided blonde hair in a midnight blue slutty dress?” He smirks and then laughs.

Mother fucker my dress ain’t slutty sure it's short and my cleavage is showing but In a sexy way not slutty! I shout in my head. Now I just wanna strangle this fat head dude.

“No, I haven’t. Why? Did she do something?” Logan asks Jordan tilting his head as his body is still facing mine keeping me in like a cage place. I don’t mind though I’m not going to that sick man's office.

“I caught her hiding behind the bar counter tryna steal and your dad wants her in his office.” He laughs out like that so funny. Wait. Did he just say, dad? Oh my fuck. Stupid Amelia you just ran into the son of the man that wants you.

Logan runs his hands down my sides making my gasp softly as he starts pushing me back ever so lightly then he turns his body where his back is now facing me and I’m in the shadows.

“I haven’t seen her bud and I’d like to finish what I started before your dumbass showed up.” He says smirks slightly.

“Well if you do bring her to your dad her black truck is still in the parking lot so she’s here somewhere’s.” He winks and walks back in.

“Holy fuck that was close.” I whisper out.

“Would you like to explain?” He turns back towards me and I see his deep blue eyes shining back to me. I could get lost in those forever. Shut up Amelia now you have another obstacle in the way.

“My brother came to take me home and I was hiding behind the bar before big dipshit there dragged me to the office then I heard some moaning and I was not about to go in there so I stomped his toe and ran.” I explain as fast as I can so I can hopefully leave.

“Mm” he says as his hand is still on my side.

“I swear I did nothing wrong now I really need to get home before my papa kills me.” I tell him hoping he will understand.

“I’ll believe you this once but you have to do something for me?” He says and I step back not liking that seeing how I was raised around a man if he does something for you there’s debt to be paid.

“No, I’m not having sex with you!” I shout backing up into the wall now cornered.

He lets out a belly laugh and I’m star-struck. It’s beautiful. I watch him seeing his little dimples show as he continues to laugh.

“No love that’s definitely not what I want but if you do..” he says stepping closer to me.

I shoot my hand out stopping him.

“No no please no.” I begin to beg.

“Relax I only wanted a kiss.” He smiles softly at me.

“Oh.” I say dropping my hand.

“I Uh I never you know... kissed anyone.” I say shamefully. Oh good god, I’ve embarrassed, caused trouble, and fought enough today. I just wanna go back to my prison room and never leave again.

“Good, then I get to be the first.” He says as he swoops in and places one hand under my jaw lifting it as his other hand grabs ahold to my braided hair.

He gets closer and I can smell the mint gum as he places his lips on mine delicately and kisses me slowly. I close my eyes wanting to never forget my first kiss and kiss him back. He opens his mouth a little and runs his tongue across my lips so I open in return and his tongue starts exploring my mouth with such passion and slowness. I’ve never in my life thought a kiss would be this sweet or good. I run my hands through his hairs and tug as he groans in my mouth and I gasp as he reaches down groping my ass.

He leans back and smiles at me with a million-dollar smile. I almost melt.

“Name?” He asks.

“Amelia.” I whisper feeling shy now.

“I wanna see you again?” He asks like it’s a question.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to after tonight.” I say as he towers over me. He takes my hand and walks around the building towards my truck keeping me in front at all times. This man is gorgeous now seeing him in the light.

“Number then?” he asks me.

“Only text me at night then.” As I make it to the truck opening the door. I grab a pen and paper and quickly write it down.

“Oh, I will love see you soon.” He winks shutting the door. I drive off looking in the rearview mirror as 5 guys run out the clubs pointing towards the truck. I see Logan smiling at the idiots and walks back in just as I floor it heading home. I laugh out what a fucking day and night.

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