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Chapter 5

I roll over hearing a crunch and some plastic of sorts. Ugh, I wish I was one of those people that could sleep all day but I can’t. I see it’s 8:00 in the morning and I just went to sleep at 4:00 I’ve only had four hours of sleep and I can feel the toll it’s taken on my body.

I lean up and look over to see all the bags still on my bed that I have yet to put up. Picking up the bag and dumping everything out on the bed as I sort through everything putting it in its place around my room.

I pick the last bag up feeling the heaviness knowing it’s my gun I bought yesterday completely forgetting all about it. I squealed in excitement and stuff it in my bedside drawer and lock it putting the key around my neck on the necklace that I never take off.

My mama gave it to me once I turned 5 years old and I’ve had it since then. The only time it comes off is when I shower.

Mmhh that should work. I start making my bed and a crumbled up note falls to the floor. What’s this? It’s like my brain flickers through and I slightly remember Lolly giving me a note. I wonder what that dang girl wrote. I sit down and start reading.

~ Dear, Am I know you an your mom hates me and you guys have every right too. I even hate myself! I hate it here I cry every night not that you care. Anyways you won because when your papa wasn’t looking I added another shot because you deserve to be away from this hell hole even if it’s for a day. I see you and I hear everything about Jim’s perfect prized daughter. He treats you more like a thang rather than a girl that just needs her dad. These next few days will no doubt be hard for you. I’m sorry I couldn’t do more for you sweet girl.

Signed, Tabitha ~

I feel wetness on my cheeks as I’m now crying. I never ever knew she cries and she hates it here. I always thought she was here by choice. What if she is here against her own will? Oh god! What is going on in this house? This past year has been changing dramatically right in front of my eyes but I’m so naive and dumb I don’t notice anything and even if I did like I have been this past week it’s not like I will get told anything.

I stand up opening my drawer back open sticking it in there and locking it once more. What did she mean though “the next few days will be hard for me”? Mm, I wonder if it has anything to do with what Jackie said yesterday as well.

I strip out of my tiny shorts and pull on some leggings and a bra on. Tabitha is her name? So not Lolly... I always wondered who the hell would name there kid that. I need to find out her last name.

I hear my phone start going off. I lean down to retrieve it from my desk.

*Ding* “hey gorgeous”

*ding* “oh this is Cayson the sexy one you met last night”

*ding* “the guy that took your first kiss? Which was amazing I still taste cherries”

*ding* “well well are you ignoring me?”

This freaking guy is blowing my shit up. He was sexy I just wish I could see him in broad daylight instead of the few street lamps that were nearby. He still looked yummy under them. The way his shirt cling to him I could definitely tell that man works out and he is well built. His five o’clock shadow subtle. Mmm, he was such a good kisser I wonder what else that mouth could do. Wait... Cayson? I thought it was Logan?

To Cayson: Uh I thought your name was Logan? Am I missing something here?.

I laugh a nervous laugh. Oh gosh, I made out with someone I don’t even know his name.

*ding* “no sweetheart my name is Cayson Logan”

Oh okay well that makes sense I guess.

To Cayson: okay well now that’s out of the way. Can I help you with something?

From Cayson: I’d like to see you.

To Cayson: haha yeah right that isn’t gonna happen. My papa is an overprotective fool.

I lay my phone down not bothering to continue with foolishness because it will never happen. I put some slow jams on and just dance around the room for an hour before someone starts banging on the door.

“What’s up?” I open the door and see papa standing there fuming pissed off.

“In my office now!” He tells out as a few spit drops fly out. Eww, that’s just nasty.

“Yes sir.” I mumble out.

I hurry and turn my tunes off and slip on some flats. I walk slowly taking my time going to papa’s office scared not wanting to know what’s going on but then I’m a little curious.

“Yes, papa?” I ask sweetly wanting to just get this over with knowing if I give him attitude it will only make it worse.

“Where the fuck did you go yesterday? Why the hell I ask Ryan to pick you up and he couldn’t find you?” He snarls at me scaring the fuck out of me.

“I was shopping papa and then lost track of time. I swear I didn’t do anything wrong.” I hesitate saying to him.

“Don’t lie to me girl! I know you were at Logan’s night club. Being a little whore I see?” He says with malice in his voice as he proceeds to laugh without humor.

I flinch and step back. I shake my head at him and stick my hands up.

“No papa I swear I wasn’t. I went there and sat in the parking lot then I left. I never went in. Please believe me!” I turn into a sobbing mess at the end.

“To bad so sad I don’t. Bend over and touch your toes!” He says standing up.

“Papa no I’m twenty-two! You can’t whoop me like a child.” I say backing up more getting closer towards the door.

This man... my father is not about to hit me. Will he? I ask myself then I answer my own question. Of course he will. The last time he really put his hands on me was when I was 16 trying to sneak out. Worst mistake and costed me a bloodied lip and big nasty purple eye along with 10 hits from a switch. Thats when it all first started.. at the young age of 16 I’m used to him slapping me around or yelling in my face now but not this again. I start to hyperventilate. I need to get out of here.

“Watch me.” He smiles at me as I open and go to run out the door.

I make one foot out and someone grabs me then I’m bent over the lounge couch with a heavy leg dropped on my back as I scream trying to getaway.

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