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Chapter 8

I open my room door and walk in with Kyle. I turn and lock it.

“I will make you a pallet for the night then I will request for the west side quarters tomorrow for an extra room for you.” I say to him.

I walk in my big closet and pull a bunch of blankets that I horde down. Papa always yelled at me for having so many but I loved building my own forts by myself. I had no one else so it occupied me most of the nights alone. I pulled so hard that they all fell on me at once. I let out a yelp and hear a small chuckle.

I raise my eyebrows at him. Is he just gonna stand there and laugh or will he help me?

He notices quickly and begins to pick an arm full up.

“Sorry.” He tells me with a deep voice. I’m shocked by his voice. I’ve heard it before while similar to it but can’t quite place it.

“Just make a big pallet. Where would you like to sleep.” I ask him also picking some more blankets up.

He stops and stares at the ground then shakes his head.

“Where Kyle?” I ask once again.

“Can I sleep beside your bed?” He mumbles out to me.

“Of course near the door or wall?” I said as I drop the blankets on the bed so I could go back to grab some pillows.

“The wall please ma’am.” His voice shakes and cracks. My heart gets lodged in my throat these poor humans are being treated like dirt shit and I never had a clue. That’s what I’m talking about of always being kept in the dark I was never allowed to know anything. The only reason I’ve noticed things now is because I haven’t been caught while snooping around.

“Well come on then let’s make the pallet then take a shower and we can watch a movie.” I smile gently and start laying down everything to make a nice big fluffy pallet.

After 5 minutes of getting everything sorted it’s already a little past 7 at night. The day flew completely by. Kyle doesn’t talk much but he is very attentive towards everything. I’ve been waiting for the young girl and she has yet to come. Papa that sick no good man has done something with her. I’m scared to find out but I have too.

“C can I s shower?” Kyle stutters asking from the floor.

“Of course. Do you have clothes?” I ask him as I stand up.

“No, but I can put these back on.” He looks at the ground. His clothes are filthy no way will I let him put them back on.

“Go ahead and jump in it’s in that door right there and I’ll be back.” I tell him as I close the door locking it. No one will be able to get to him without breaking the door down first.

I quickly walk up to the second floor and down to the fourth door and walk In Ryan’s room. I grab a duffle bag and fill in with underwear, socks, pants, shorts, and lots of shirts. It won’t be like he will miss em. He has a whole house full of clothes he only left these here for when he visits.

I walk back and stop at the door beside mine. I hesitate to knock but I need to check on momma. Just as I raise my hand I hear a door open I quickly turn around going in my room locking it once more. I knocked on the bathroom door and hear a small “come in.”

“Kyle it’s me are you covered.” I ask peeping the door open a little.

“Yes ma’am.” He says.

I walk in keeping my head down.

“Pick anything you like and we will hang the rest up tomorrow in your room.” I say quickly and leave.

About 15 minutes later he finally walks out and he looks a lot better than before but his face is still horribly bruised. The cuts look a lot better.

“Thank you.” He says as he puts the bag against the wall and lays down.

I get up and hop in the shower and notice the red at the bottom. I widen my eyes. No way did that come from just his face. Is he hurt anywhere else? I hurry up and get out I dress quickly and brush my teeth and hair.

I go to ask about the blood and see he is fast asleep with his hand reached on top of my bed. I smile lightly and turn the lights off. I usually don’t go to bed so early but tonight I guess I will. I do feel pretty tired.

I lay in bed as thoughts just flickers through my head. I turn to look over at the clock it’s now a little past 12. Where is the young girl? It’s as if someone read my mind that someone starts banging on my door. I see Kyle jump up quickly terrified and looking around.

“Hey it’s okay I’m here.” I say as I reach out my hand and he grabs it.

“Lay down I will get the door.” I tell him as I open my small bedside drawer reaching in taking my gun out.

“Ma’am, why do you have that?” He rushes out saying as he backs away from me.

“You’re okay Kyle.” I tell him wanting to easy the fearful look away as the banging continues.

I slowly open the door as my hand is behind my back. I see a guard standing there with a smirk holding the past out girl. I tuck my gun behind my shorts as I open the door wider he throws her on the floor and she cries out.

“If only we could have you.” He tells me as he licks his lips walking away.

Wait..what? No. I shut the door and turn the lights on.

“Kyle help me.” I tell him as he jumps up. I hand him my gun and he looks at it then at me.

“I could shoot you.” He tells me. And I go in shock why would I give him the one thing that would be all he needs.

No. I’ve helped this young man and mama always told me to be nice to others and you will be rewarded for it.

I shake my head and look at him in the eyes as he continues to hold onto the gun.

“You won’t shoot me because even though we’ve only known each other for a day you won’t hurt the only person who hasn’t hurt you. Now put it down and come help me NOW.” I shout the last part. I know I shouldn’t have but he will not walk all over me when I’ve down nothing but be good to him.

“If you want to shoot then go ahead shoot or you will put it down and come help me.” I say in an even tone as I look at the young girl bleeding all over the floor. I see Kyle step back and something clicks in his head as he put in back in the drawer and comes to help me.

“No no, not again please no don’t!” She screams as Kyle takes hold of her legs.

“Put her down Kyle.” I quickly say. She’s just been beaten and probably raped she’s terrified of men.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know what I did.” He says with a pale face as he raises his hands.

“It’s okay please just go run a bath for me.” I whisper to him.

This poor girl. Something big is going on and I only have pieces and parts of the puzzle.

“It’s okay. I’m Amelia no one will hurt you in this room.” I say softly sticking my arms under her to pick her up.

“E e everything hh hurts.” She whines out.

“I know baby I know. Let me help you.” I continue to softly speak while taking her to the bathroom. I notice Kyle sitting on the toilet with his hands gripping his hair.

I’ve got two seriously damaged people that I’ve gotta get back to health. This is gonna take some work but I will get through this. One thing at a time.

“Kyle Hunny go back in the room and lay down.” I say to him. He looks up at me with tears in his eyes.

“Olivia.” He says walking out the door.

I raise my eyebrows in confusion until a sweet dry voice sounds out.

“My name.” The young got in my arms say.

“Okay, Olivia listen to me. I’m about to take your clothes off and put you in the bath. Is that okay?” I ask her.

She nods her head softly clinging on to me for dear life.

I slowly sit her down and put her shirt off. I hold back the tears as bruises litter her small frame I get to her leggings and pull them down. I see fresh blood come from her private area and I get light-headed. Dear god no. I can’t do this. I say to myself. Yes yes, I can. This beautiful girl needs my help.

“I I I’m ruined.” She cries. I stand up once more struggling a little to pick her up but I finally was able to sit her in the fully filled tub.

I grab a new sponge and dipping it in the water running it across her shoulders and back.

“No baby you aren’t. You’re strong and still just as beautiful. People are fucked up in the head! I’ll never understand why someone would do this. We will get through this together. You, Kyle, and me.” I tell her sincerely because deep down I mean it. I will get both of them along with Tabi and mama out of here and then I will come back for the rest.

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