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Living in a Small Town called 'The Dixon Bridge' Where there is a few rules that nobody, absolutely nobody can go against is the Town's Favorite girl Maeve Lewiston. So when the gates of The Dixon Bridge Opens for the first time in years Letting a Handsome young man in, All the heads are turned and Everyone is curious including little Maeve. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• If you like Adventurous, Creative and romance stories/movies You will like this!

Romance / Mystery
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Bridge Memories.


On December 23rd 1999, I was born in a Small Town Called The Dixon Bridge.

I thought it was beautiful, I always see those men and women teaching each other how to fight and having a competition between each other. I thought it was very adventurous and wild.

I was only 10 when my coach, Febian started teaching me how to fight and started explaining How the people of the Dixon Bridge live.

25 years ago when Dixon Anderson, the founder of the town was walking around and saw a bridge, he decided to build a town with his wife since he was kicked out of his old town, the Autumn bridge for some reason nobody knows. pretty lame right?

Two years later Mr and Mrs Anderson had a child and named him Alex, he is very hard headed Unlike his parents from what I heard about them.

The town was controlled and there was about 150 person living under it's building's roofs until the people of Autumn bridge decided to say hi to Mr And Mrs Anderson.

The people of Autumn broke into the gates Of the town uninvited and started kicking everyone out of their homes, stealing their money and food, killing whoever fights back.

And that day, Mr And Mrs Anderson were killed and Alex managed to run away until the Autumn leave.

A lot of people died that day and the town lost a lot of lovely souls and also lost a lot of money and fame.

Alex came back when Autumn cleared out of the town and checked on his parents and he found them dead. Lying on the floor covered by their own blood.

Alex was strong then, if I saw my parents like that I would never ever get out of my room again.

All that happened 13 years ago when I was 8 years old and Alex was only 10.

I wasn't there tho, I was from the The Autumn bridge and we were kicked out of there for having nothing. Autumn bridge kicks out people who have no money and no food so we won't be a bother to them. Me and my dad Went to Dixon Bridge after what happened there with a few months.

Alex was all alone but he was the strongest kid I have ever known, not that I have known a lot. Back in Autumn not many kids were allowed to play outside of their home Because of daily lockdowns.

Autumn was very careful and didn't want anyone sneaking out without paying their monthly payments.

Which were 300 Pounds in Egyptian Money. That was a lot for people who get 100 EGP In a month for building.

Anyways we met Alex then, and he told us what happened, we were Autumns yes but Autumn security wouldn't let anyone get away with talking about them in a bad way so nobody told us about what happened and I'm sure no one knew.

We didn't think that Autumn was this cruel but we weren't surprised either.

Alex then demanded That this town was to rebuild again, it reminds him of his parents and how tired they were building this town, so he thought it was worth another try.

So me and dad agreed to help, we started burying the people who fought back against autumn and whoever was alive helped us.

Alex was too young to be in the lead of the town but it didn't stop him and my father promised him to recreate this town and recreate the rules.

So Alex and my dad made a pact, new start, new rules.


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