A two sided kiss

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A water god is lonely and he comes it of the ocean and finds a girl from the fire lands. It is love at first sight!!! Will they be able to kiss?

Romance / Fantasy
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A two side kiss

Hi, my name is Leo. I live in the water kingdom and I am a normal water god like everybody else’s. But here everyone is lonely and busy with things here. But I am tried of being sad and lonely!!! I want to find love!

The next morning I woke up and went to the beach! I looked around and I saw a girl, around my age 13 to 15. I said “hi” she said “ohh hi who are you?” “I am Leo, who are you?” “Ash”. That is a good name I thought. But that meant that she was from the fire lands!!! My kingdom and hers go to war a lot!!!

100 years ago, our kingdoms went to war and we were defeated and then we won and then we were defeated.... you get the point. “ So umm... want to go on a date?”,she said. “ sure but we cannot tell anyone...okay?” I said, “ ok”.

We went to a cliff overlooking the ocean, it was the best spot to kiss a girl and this girl might be the one!!! We sat there on the cliff in silence, then she said “ I like you, even if you are my enemy!” “Really ... I mean I like you to” I said. We smiled, and then something strange happened, she leans closer and ... we kissed!!! I finally found love!

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