The Girl with Two Sides

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Nylin Miller is an 18-year-old girl, who has faced demons in her past. She used to be a happy and reserved girl but that all changed. Until now, she is continuously haunted by them. She used to be a happy and reserved girl but that all changed. The last 5 years of her life with her mom caused her more pain and suffering than any other kid has experienced. She has put up walls so high that it’s almost impossible to get over. She was ruined and broken. Life throws curveballs on her way and it’s up to Nylin as to whether she chooses to continue sinking and drowning, or swim and find the light at the end of the tunnel. With her brothers coming back into her life, her childhood crush, and the enemies she’s made, none of this would be easy. She faces a situation of life and death. At the end of this all, she will have a chance to choose if she wants to be the cold person she is now, or revert back to her old lively and happy self. This is going to be the battle that will determine how her life will be. A fight to win it all, or lose everything she has. Join Nylin as she navigates her way through this series of rollercoasters. With only a sliver of hope, will she make it to the other side? Will she live to see another day? Will she change? Will someone swoop in and save her? Find out in “The Girl with Two Sides.”

Romance / Mystery
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Nylin Miller, an 18-year-old girl, once the goody-two-shoes, turned into someone so cold and always has her guard up. She experienced the five darkest years of her life with her mom. Her dad was divorced from her mom because he found out that her mom had cheated on him. That being said, he found a better spouse. After living for a few years with her older brother and twin brother, her mom filed for custody and got her, tearing Nylin apart from her twin brother Aiden and her older brother Ashdan. Nylin went through torture, drugs, and much more worse things under her mother’s “care.”

Now, she has a chance to be free and wants to finish her education. Through the danger, she went to her father’s house out of desperation for a place to stay. She promised that she would only be there for the year. Just to finish her last year of high school and move out immediately. She wasn’t welcomed by her father, especially her stepmother who lost all their love because of what they heard she was doing; being a drug dealer, and constantly drinking.

She keeps her mask on the whole time that they almost don’t recognize her. What if she sees Zach Walker, her twin brother’s gorgeous, hot, best friend. Most of all, her childhood crush whom she has loved most of her life.

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