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Love story within The Strawberries Fields

Romance / Mystery
Jerry Smith
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Love Within Strawberry Fields

It was a great day in England In the middle of Strawberry fields but not a good day place to make

Love but we did it anyway It was a beautiful evening nearly sunset Sasha and I never did this

before. It was a time at night where we can not be seen throwing a black cover over us like a

Niji warrior. We got up after finishing things off grab blanket headed to the car, kind a like

the song form the Beatlesheaded back to the cabin we were the last time we took time to check

Out the story on the Sasquatch. In liverpool. I got all kinds of stories. They made me a map there

and where the sighting were just last weekSasha and stop off tohave a strawberry cheese cake

and tea.Find someone that has private land that was woods.

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