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Love Within Strawberry Fields

It was a great day in England In the middle of Strawberry fields but not a good day place to make

Love but we did it anyway It was a beautiful evening nearly sunset Sasha and I never did this

before. It was a time at night where we can not be seen throwing a black cover over us like a

Niji warrior. We got up after finishing things off grab blanket headed to the car, kind a like

the song form the Beatlesheaded back to the cabin we were the last time we took time to check

Out the story on the Sasquatch. In liverpool. I got all kinds of stories. They made me a map there

and where the sighting were just last week Sasha and stop off to have some cheese ca

and tea. Find someone that has private land that was woods. Sasha and I went researching for

a Sasquckatch this trip I broght the research equipment she like using the camera we got a ok to

Come on his land to research looking for tracks or any other evidence, found large tracks in

the mud next to steam Sasha took photos and I made up plaster casting .we hike up in the area

through the dence woods. Saw tree branches broke off , Yiu can hear heavy footstep ahead of

Us hair hanging down from small branches long dark brown I grab some by surgical gloves drop

down in small plastic bag. We headed back to the tracks castings I dug them out easily brush off

the tracks wrap them up I measured up the track earlier when we photo them about 16" long

6 " wide. We heades d back to the cottage, we were having a good time. It was friday rested up

ate supper watch a little tv went down to the beach to go swimming almost dark went skinny -

- dipping we have sex in the ocean Yes . The sand wasn't comfortable It was the middle of August

Swim back to the beach and dry off the sun has set. Went back to thc cottage, lock the doors

We took showers together save water soap each other rinse each other off and dry go' to

bed! Woke up on Saturday eat breakfast in town after we got dress head to town to eat

breakfast than head back to thewoods to set up game cameras I place bait Samples into a ziplock

howling like a wolf but with a scream.There were some big trees we saw it Sasha took some video

Of tthe creature trying to hide behind the trees, so the story was true we show the museum the

evidence and photos casting of foot prints, Headed to cottage south of England close to the Antlantic

Ocean we went by the strawberries fields where we made love the first night we made love in middle

Of the field of strawberries we did't tell farmer it was our secret. We bought a container of Straw-

- berries we arrive back at the cottage and rested check photos over saw the video of the Sasquatch

he stood up to 8'ft tall dark hair broad shoulder short neck she caught two clear photo of it . Next

morning to to go back to the USA Stopvby and got some English food for breakfast eggs,beacon,

toast coffee went to Airport caught our private jet headed back to USA with our Sasquatch evidence.

The End !

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