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Kate met Connor and Bryce on the same day. Her heart immediately wanted Connor. Her sense and brain tell her to choose Bryce. So she does.. But after two years of marriage Bryce disappears, the FBI hunting him down for a crime nobody believed he committed. But innocent men don't run. Will Kate let Connor pick up the pieces fo her broken heart? What happens when she gets a second chance to choose her soulmate? And what's he hiding? Will it destroy her? Them?

Romance / Mystery
Violet Bloom
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Chapter 1

Present Day

Connor sat in his chair across from his date in one of Philadelphia’s best Italian restaurants. She was chatting away at him and he was half absorbed in the conversation. Given how attractive the woman was he should have been paying more attention, making her feel special. Despite barely paying attention, she was giving him all the right signals, twirling her shoulder-length blonde hair, batting her long eyelashes, suggestively yet discretely rubbing her collarbone and the top of her cleavage, which was spilling out of her tight blue cocktail dress.

Just then the waitress delivered their food, “Controfiletto al Pepe Verde for you sir, and Tagliatelle al Salmone for you ma’am,” the waitress said as she placed their food in front of them. “Can I get you anything else?” she asked.

“No,” replied Connor looking up at her and smiling. The waitress blushed slightly; most women do when they’re on the receiving end of one of Connor’s smiles.

“Enjoy your meal,” she said, her voice wobbling a little as she turned on her heel and was quickly gone.

Connor cut into his sirloin taking a bite of the delicious meat. He always ordered the same thing when he brought his dates here, which was quite frequently. He wouldn’t have to bring so many different women here if he could just have the only women he was sure he’d ever love. Connor was lost in his thoughts when he heard a rather loud, “mmmmm,” come from his date as she popped a bite of pasta into her mouth. Even if she was trying to give him a preview of the noises she was hoping he would help her make later, he had already decided it wasn’t happening. Not because she wasn’t beautiful, but because she wasn’t what he wanted, and nothing she could do would change that. He did have to give her credit, though. He almost always took home his dates who ordered real food, and not just salad. Connor loved a woman who could eat, and even more so the ones who looked like they ate. Ones who ate to nourish and not deprive.

That’s when Connor saw Kate walk in. He knew she would be here; it was her two year wedding anniversary, with her husband Bryce. He knew because the date was burned into the back of his mind, he couldn’t forget even if he tried. Just like he couldn’t forget how beautiful she was. No matter how many other beautiful women he bedded, they always paled in comparison to her. Tonight she looked exceptionally exquisite. Her petite frame stood somewhere just over five feet, but she stood taller tonight in her heels. Her red dress hugged her curves in all the right places, her muscular legs on full display in the short hemline. Her long brown hair was tied up in a simple, yet sophisticated, knot and she had on simple diamond earrings as her only jewellery. His breath caught in his throat as he drank in the sight of her.

Her wedding day had been the day he knew he’d lost her forever, even if he’d never really had her. He studied her as he always did when she was near. He watched her look up at her husband with such love and admiration in her eyes he was instantly jealous; his cock hardened just imagining that she would look at him like that.

The maître d showed the happy couple to their table, which unfortunately was seated directly next to Connor and his date’s. Bryce walked up to him first. Connor stood to shake is hand, trying to use his napkin to hide the unmistakable hard on he had for the other man’s wife. “Bryce,” Connor greeted him, clearing his throat. “Kate,” he said leaning in and kissing her quickly on the cheek

“Connor,” Bryce said shaking his hand firmly. “Who is your lovely date?”

“Oh, my apologies,” Connor began. “Forgive my poor manners, this is Suzanne. Suzanne this is Bryce and his wife Kate. Bryce is my former business partner.”

Suzanne smiled politely up at the couple, “Nice to meet you. Former business partner?” Suzanne looked to Connor with her question.

“Bryce and I worked together for several years, until we decided to dissolve the partnership and peruse separate interests,” Connor gave her only the vaguest of answers.

“Leaving us both richer,” Bryce added with a laugh. Kate was unusually quiet and Connor didn’t miss that her eyes never left Bryce. He felt as if she was purposely avoiding look at him. How could he desire a woman so clearly happily married, Connor asked himself, mentally shaking his head.

“Sorry to be rude,” Kate finally made her voice heard, “but I’d like to steal my husband, so we can begin our anniversary celebration.”

“Oh, how romantic, it’s your anniversary, congratulations” Suzanne chirped, with that twinkle in her eye that most single women her age get when they talk about marriage.

“Thank you,” Bryce and Kate said in unison.

“Bryce, Kate,” Connor nodded to each of them in farewell. Suzanne waved goodbye to the happy couple, seemingly unaware of her dates sudden change in mood. As he watched Kate walk the few steps to her table, Connor had already changed his mind about taking his date home. If he couldn’t have Kate he would take Suzanne home and fuck her while imagining she was Kate.

“Excuse me,” Suzanne interrupted Connor’s train of thought before he could get to the good part, “I just need to visit the ladies room.” While she was gone Connor settled the bill with the waitress, leaving a generous tip, and ordering dessert. To go. There was no way he could sit next to Bryce and Kate as they enjoyed their second anniversary, and he knew all too well what they would be doing after dinner and dessert, so he decided to take Suzanne and dessert home and make the best out of his situation. Just then Suzanne sat back down into her chair, “Are you ready to go?” Connor asked.

Suzanne pouted a little as she replied, “I was kind of hoping for dessert. I’ve heard the tiramisu here is orgasmic.” Her innuendo about orgasms was not lost on Connor and although he typically didn’t like such aggression outside the bedroom he didn’t comment.

As if on cue the waitress came back with a bag filled with their dessert. “Tiramisu to go, sir.”

“Thank you,” Connor smiled up at her. He looked at Suzanne, standing and grabbing her hand, “Let’s go,” he told her. The command in his voice was clear as he helped her to her feet and started his journey out of the restaurant.

The ride to Suzanne’s apartment was a quick one. He almost never took his dates home with him, always preferring to take them to their houses, that way he could make his escape when they were finished, and not have to ask them to leave, or drive them home.

Connor parked his black Audi R8 Coupe and quickly stepped out walking to the passenger side to help Suzanne to her feet. It wasn’t easy to get out of his car in four-inch heels, not that he’d ever tried. She smiled a knowing smile at him and walked past him just close enough to rub her curvaceous ass against him. His cock stood at full attention now, but it had pretty much been that way since they left the restaurant, and couldn’t stop thinking about how beautiful Kate had looked.

As soon as Suzanne stepped into the elevator in front of him he pushed his chest up against her back, walking her forwards until her chest pressed against the mirrored glass that was the back of the elevator. She let out a small moan as he pressed his body completely against her, letting her feel his arousal. “Which floor,” he whispered in her ear.

“What,” she replied, confused.

Connor gave her a swift pat on her right ass cheek, repeating the question, “which floor do you live on?” this time he punctuated his question with a nibble on her ear.

Her answer was a moan, “six.” Connor stepped away only momentarily to push the button for the sixth floor and set dessert on the elevator floor. He was pressed up against her again before she had time to catch her breath. Her short blue dress had ridden up so far that Connor could see her black lace panties in the reflection. Connor slipped his arm around her and cupped her pussy through her barely there panties. Suzanne moaned and pushed her ass back into his groin, wiggling it around his erection. Connor instantly stepped back caught her gaze in the mirror. “Do not try and get what you want from me. I will give you what I want to give you when, how and where I want.”

The elevator door opened with a ping and Connor stepped sideways, picked up the dessert, and held his arm away from him, as if to say: after you. Suzanne stared at him open mouth for half a second before she walked past him. She wasn’t sure how she should be feeling. He had reprimanded her as if she was a child, but she’d be lying to herself if she didn’t admit that she was more turned on than she had been in her entire life.

Suzanne walked into her apartment in front of Connor, not knowing what to expect anymore. All she knew was that she wanted to feel his hands on her again. “Dessert now or later?” Connor asked her pointedly, setting the tiramisu on the entry way table.

“Later,” she said barely loud enough for him to hear. She had suddenly lost her appetite for orgasmic tiramisu and was in the mood for a few real orgasms. And if he elevator preview had been any indication they would be earth shattering. As Connor’s brain registered the answer she’d given he took two giant steps, reached his arm out, grabbed her waist and pulled her against him. He captured her lips in his; there was no questioning who was in control of the kiss. He kept one arm around her waist as he walked her back to the nearest wall, his lips never leaving hers.

“Take it off,” Connor instructed her, tugging at her dress and moving his lips to her neck, collarbone, and finally her chest. Suzanne arched her back, pushing her chest forward into his face, reached her hands around her back and undid the zipper to her dress, letting it fall in a pool at her feet and quickly kicking off her heels. She was left standing there in nothing but her black lace thong and strapless black bra. Connor couldn’t wait any longer as he pushed her bra down exposing her ample breasts. Her nipples were already taught and he’d barely gotten started with her. Connor grabbed both of her wrists in one of his large hands and secured them above her head. He kissed his way down her neck, lapping at her creamy skin with his tongue, nibbling along her collarbone. He used his other hand to bring her left breast up to his mouth taking her nipple in his mouth. He squeezed and massaged her breast as he took her nipple between his teeth and bit down gently at first. Suzanne let out a yelp quickly followed by a moan, “oh my God, Connor,” she cried out, pushing her hips out towards his groin.

“What did I tell you about using your body to get what you want from me?” Connor asked, stepping back to put enough space between them so that she couldn’t reach him with her hips. “If you want something from me, you need to say it. Use your words,” he told her. She nodded at him. Connor took her sign of affirmation as an invitation to recapture her lips in his. He used his free arm to scoop her up under her ass. Suzanne was lifted easily into his arms as she wrapped her legs around his waist. Connor walked her to her bedroom and deposited her in the middle of her queen size bed. She looked up at him with pure lust in her eyes as he unbuttoned his black shirt and let it drop from his shoulders. He pulled his under shirt over his head and Suzanne’s mouth went dry. He was perfect. His brown hair tousled, his bright blue eyes looking at her. Her eyes travelled down his body, examining his defined chest and his abs that formed a V and his happy trail that led down to into his grey slacks.

Connor undid his belt and button to his pants, letting them fall to the floor as he stepped out of them. He climbed onto the bed and on top of her. He recaptured her lips and deepened their kiss. He took her wrists back in his hand and pulled them above her head. She instinctively arched her back, pushing her tits towards him. Connor shook his head and pulled back from her. “Keep your hands above your head,” he instructed her, climbing off the bed. In an instant he had his belt separated from his slacks, tied around her wrists and secured to the headboard of the bed.

Suzanne had never been tied up during sex before. She never thought she’d like it, but the moisture that was beginning to pool between her legs was an obvious indication that she more than liked it.

“What do you want?” Connor asked.

Suzanne tugged slightly at the restraints before replying, “please,” she begged.

“Please what?”

“Touch me.”

“Where, where do you want me to touch you?” Connor asked, running his hand from her neck to her pussy.

“There,” she said as his hand had reached it’s destination between her thighs.

“There where?” Connor needed the words. He loved the way a woman looked when she gave into herself and talked dirty.

“Where your hand is,” she whimpered at him. She was needy and close to begging.

“Where is my hand?”

“M-my pussy,” she whispered causing a smile to break out across Connor’s face.

“All in good time,” was his only reply. Connor grabbed onto her panties and pulled them down easily as she lifted her hips off the bed for him. Connor lay down beside her on the bed, hooking his right leg over hers and pulling it away from her, opening her legs. His mouth quickly went back to work on her nipples, sucking, licking and lapping at them as Suzanne’s moans got louder and filled the otherwise silent room. He ran his right hand down her body causing goose bumps to appear on her skin. He used his index finger to rub over her pussy, exploring everywhere except for where she wanted him to be. He rubbed over her inner and outer lips, using her moister to coat her. His torture of her lasted so long that when he finally touched her clit she thought she was going to fly off the bed from the intensity. “Oh God, Connor, yes,” she moaned into him. Connor used her moans as encouragement and increased the pressure he used to rub her. Suzanne arched and moaned, using her body to beg before.

“Do you want more?” Connor teased.

“Y-yes, please,” she begged.

“Tell me, use your words.”

“Connor, please, more. I need more” And with that Connor drove two fingers into her pussy, using his thumb to keep pressure on her clit. He curled his fingers inside her, searching for the sweet spot he knew would send her over the edge. Suzanne’s breathing shallowed and became more erratic as she neared her orgasm. “Oh, God, Connor, yes,” Suzanne moaned as she gyrated her hips.

“Are you gonna come for me, beautiful?” Connor asked her.

“Yes, yes, I’m so close. Please Connor, make me come.” Connor increased his tempo, rubbing her and stroking inside her as fast as he could manage, while at the same time holding back enough pressure so that he couldn’t put her over the edge. He’d give her what she wanted as soon as he was ready. “Connor,” she hissed, knowing he was deliberately withholding her prize. “Please Connor, fuck my pussy with your fingers, make me come,” she begged him. That was all Connor needed. He loved hearing her beg for him, even when he wasn’t ready to give her what she wanted. He sunk his fingers deeper into her and stroked her clit with his thumb.

“Come for me,” he said. That was all it took to undo her. Suzanne screamed and writhed on the bed, as her orgasm crashed through her.

Usually Connor would take his time, make her come at least once more before he drove himself into her, but seeing Kate had made him impatient. As the waves of orgasm finished washing through her, Connor stood, dropped his briefs and sheathed himself in a condom. Climbing between her legs he used his big hands to spread her legs apart. Grabbing his dick he coated himself in the juices that had spilled from her during her orgasm. “Look at me,” Connor ordered her as he used his hand to guide just the head of his cock inside her. Suzanne snapped her eyes up to his and watched him as he slid the rest of the way in side her. Suzanne was completely full. Connor was stretching her more than any man ever had. He held still inside her testing to see how his huge cock fit. “So fucking tight,” he hissed the words out. Using his hands he pulled her legs up against his chest, her ankles now resting by his ears. He pushed his weight onto her legs, stretching her legs back as far as they would go. “I’m gonna fuck you now,” Connor told her.

“Fuck me, Connor. Hard,” she snapped at him. Connor had to bite back a laugh. For someone who couldn’t even say pussy twenty minutes ago Suzanne was quickly picking up on what he wanted.

Connor pulled back leaving just the tip inside her and slammed back into her. He closed his eyes, trying to imagine that the blonde beauty he was driving into was a petite brunette stunner. Suzanne moaned as Connor continued to fuck her, continually changing his pace. His eyes were closed tightly as he was picturing the woman he really wanted to be buried inside. Suzanne was lifting her hips in time with his thrusts, causing him to go deeper into her. “Yes, yes, yes,” Suzanne chanted as he stroked into her.

Connor quickly pulled out of her, grabbed her by the hips and flipped her onto her stomach. He pushed her up so that she was on her knees. Her arms were now crossed and she was still restrained. He used his knee to bring her knees apart and he guided himself back into her. Suzanne arched her back and pushed her ass out to him.

It was easier to imagine she was someone else if he couldn’t look at her face. Imagining it was Kate he was fucking, Connor slammed into her repeatedly, letting her screams and moans of pleasure wash over him. “I’m going to come again,” Suzanne informed him.

“Not yet,” he bit out. “Wait for me. We’ll come together.” And with that Connor increased his speed, spanking her ass on all sides as he did. The spanking sent Suzanne over the edge. He felt her pussy clamp down on him, milking him as he came with her. “Oh God, Connor. Yes. Oh, fuck I’m coming. Yessssss,” Suzanne moaned as she came on Connor’s cock. Connor followed her over the edge, giving a loud grunt as he came.

Connor quickly reached up and released the belt so that Suzanne is no longer restrained. He grabbed a tissue off the nightstand and pulled the condom off into it. Suzanne lay on her back, completely spent. “Bathroom?” Connor asked. Too tired to speak, Suzanne pointed to the door in the corner of the room. He climbed off the bed and walked into her bathroom, disposing of the condom and tissue in the trash can. He quickly found a washcloth and wet it with warm water. He walked back into the bedroom to find Suzanne curled up on the bed, looking as if she was already passed out. “You didn’t fall asleep on me already, did you?” he asked with a laugh.

“Hmmm, no,” was her response.

“Good, spread your legs.” Suzanne complied without hesitation. Connor used the warm washcloth to clean her. He then wrapped her arms around her pulling her against him, grabbing her wrists and rubbing them as her strained joints came back to life. “Did I hurt you?” He always cared for the women he had sex with. He didn’t want to make them feel used, even if that’s technically what he was doing.

“What? No. You were amazing,” Suzanne snuggled into him. That was his cue to leave. He didn’t want her to think that this would be happening again. Maybe he had used her, but he wasn’t heartless. He didn’t want to hurt her.

“I’ve got to go. I have an early meeting tomorrow,” he said as he untangled himself from her, standing to gather his clothes.

“You don’t have to run away. I’m not going to fall in love with you Connor.”

Connor opened his mouth to speak, but he couldn’t get any words to come out. “Don’t worry about it,” she said. “It’s pretty obvious that even if your gorgeous body isn’t taken, your heart is.” The look on Connor’s face was almost comical. He looked terrified. “Relax, your secret is safe with me,” she winked at him.

“I’m sorry,” was the only response he gave her. He felt like an asshole for using her.

As if reading his thoughts, she said, “I don’t feel used, if that’s what your freaking out about. Trust me, I got exactly what I wanted from you too,” she offered him with a smirk. Connor visibly relaxed. Now fully dressed, he leaned onto the bed and kissed her on the cheek.

“Bye gorgeous. I’ll call you.”

“No you won’t,” she said looking up at him. “But that’s okay.” Connor shook his head at her, turned and walked out of her apartment to his car.

Connor stood by his car for a few minutes, letting the cool night air wash over him. He had to get his shit together. If his feelings for Kate were that obvious to Suzanne were they that clear to Kate as well? Or even worse, Bryce. Just be patient, he told himself. Bryce would eventually screw up, and then Connor could swoop in, fix her broken heart and claim her for his own.

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