Look At Me Now

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Chapter 2

Word Count: 644

I wake up to the sound of my alarm clock. Groggily, my hand gropes for the alarm clock to press snooze. When I do press snooze, the relentless beeping stops, leaving me in silence.

I role over to get more comfortable for my extra ten minutes of sleep when I realize how sore I am I wonder why until yesterday’s events come rushing back like a tidal wave.

My “friends” telling to me to tell Kaden how I feel, knowing I’d humiliate myself. Being rejected and insulted by Kaden. Finding my so-called friends laughing. Me going home, crying, then promising myself to be the best I can be. Which led to my new way of life. Which includes exercise.

And that explains why I’m sore.

Wow, who thought there could be such a long story to explain soreness.′ I muse to myself.

The question is, do I go to school and face the humiliation of what my gossiping “friends” probably already told everyone about?

Right now I’m thinking no. So I turn off my alarm clock completely and keep sleeping.

Three restful hours later, I wake up and decide to go for a morning run. After changing into what resembles some kind of sportswear, I head downstairs. Sliding my shoes own, I make sure I have my key and head to the door. Careful not to wake my mom up, I open the door and step outside, enjoying the warmness of the sun as it touches my face.

Smiling with content that I’m doing what I promised to do, I start my run. The wind blows past me, refreshing me as I begin to sweat. Birds chirp a hello to each other, and I smile wider at the sound.

Running gives me so much time to think as I enjoy nature.

I realize how nice it is to not have to stress over what people will call me or tease me about today.

I feel...free.

And I like the feeling. A lot.

I push myself to run half a mile, and running back will result in my running a whole mile. Sweat drenches my neck, back, and most of my shirt, but I keep going.

When I reach the doorstep of my house, I’m exhausted but extremely proud of myself. Unlocking the door and stepping inside, I decide to shower and eat breakfast afterward. I’ve just put my foot on the first step of the stairs when I hear my mom’s voice.

“Abby, why are you still home? Aren’t you supposed to be at school?” She calls from her bedroom, which is downstairs.

Should I tell her? She does the same thing the mean kids at school do, so I doubt she’ll have sympathy for me if I told her about yesterday.

So should I lie? Yes, I think I will.

“I’m not feeling well, so I decided to stay home to avoid getting others sick.” I lie smoothly, adding a hopefully believable cough at the end.

It’s silent for a moment, and suddenly I’m afraid that she figured out that I was lying until I hear a very uninterested “Okay.”

Sighing in relief, I continue upstairs. Stripping off, I jump into the steaming shower I turned on. Standing in the shower as the warm water cascades over me, my mind starts wandering. I don’t think I could bear going to school again any time soon, but I will one day. I need to face it.

But for now...a plan starts forming in my head. And I smile wickedly.

Fifteen minutes later, I turn off the shower and dry off with my towel. Putting some clothes on, I pick up my phone.

And I take the first step to put my plan into action.

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