Look At Me Now

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Chapter 3

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- 1 Year Later -

I look around the room I’ve lived in for a year.

There’s the proud, beautifully carved bed that sits against the wall covered with photos and the shelf full of overread books in the corner. The now-empty desk is accompanied by the matching chair, a place where I spent so much time doing homework and drawing to my heart’s content.

It’s amazing how many hobbies I’ve picked up, using the time I used to use worrying to do something useful and enjoyable instead. Drawing, singing, reading, volleyball. Who knew I was missing out on so much a year ago?

And I still can’t believe so much has changed.

A year ago, I moved in with my dad. I called him and pleaded to stay with him, using what happened to me to gain some sympathy. It worked, and after packing quickly, I left the house. After grabbing a taxi, I left my mom a voicemail.

She called me an hour later, first screaming at me, then stating that she didn’t care. And that’s how I ended up here, going to a new school for a year, and quickly progressing to the body that I wanted.

I’m tan now, too, thanks to all the trips to the beach and lounging in the sun. It’s so beautiful all the time here, not random like where my mom lives. I definitely hope I’ll come back at least once.

So not only has my body changed, but so has my hair. I dyed it, loving the feeling of starting new and deciding to do the same with my hair. It’s now an ombre of dark brown to gold to blonde. And I love it as much as my fit body that I worked so hard for.

So at this point, I’m practically unrecognizable. Anyone who saw me now would never believe I was the fat girl I was a year ago.


My dad’s not a total jerk, and we stay out of each other’s way. I stay here at his house since he probably feels guilty that he hasn’t reached out to me whatsoever. At least every once and a while, we watch a movie together, to do some kind of father-daughter bonding, I guess.

Almost every other month, he would introduce me to his new girlfriend. One month it was a blondie, the next month it was a brunette. It kept happening to the point that I didn’t bother remembering each new girlfriend’s name.

Looking at the long mirror hanging on my wall, I smile. I’m no longer overweight, with toned arms, defined abs, and graceful looking legs. All my blood, sweat, and tears have paid off, and I’m now fit and feeling great.

Not only am I stronger physically, but mentally, too. Having a strong body helped me gain self-confidence.

No longer do people tease me or look down upon me. Not anymore.

I turn my focus to the photos on my wall that I still haven’t taken down yet. I’ve packed most of my stuff, but the pictures haven’t moved. Each one shows not only the fun and adventures I’ve had while I’ve been here, but also my progress to become the strong, lean version of myself.

And I’ve finally reached my goal.

I walk towards the wall covered in photos, my hand reaching for a photo, but I pause. With a thought, I decided to leave the pictures here. A reminder of everything that has happened and the changes that have occurred.

And with that, I also decided that I’ll visit my dad more often, and leave this reminder of myself here.

Closing up my luggage full of my things, I carry my baggage out of the room. Once I have all my things, I take one last look around my room, then close the door. Hopefully, I’ll be here again one day.


After carrying the luggage downstairs, I hug my dad goodbye.

“Come back again soon,” He tells me softly. And with a smile, I notice how genuine he is.

“Of course, dad,” I reply, still smiling.

I turn to leave, but he puts his hand on my shoulder, stopping me.

“Before you go, I just want you to know how proud I am of you. I’ve watched how determined you’ve been as you trained your body and mind to become strong.” He confides, watching my reaction.

My eyes water, but not with sadness. With joy.

“I know I’m not good at showing people I love them, but I do try. And I do love you. Please remember that.” He pleads. I know the first part is not only meant for me but mom, too.

“Thanks, dad. I love you, too.” I murmur, giving him one more hug.

With one last smile, I pull back, turning around, my luggage in tow. I walk out the door of the house and as the taxi man puts my luggage in the back of the taxi, I pull out my phone.

Getting in the car, the taxi starts moving, and I start texting my dad.

Dad, maybe none of the girlfriends you’ve tried are right for you because there’s someone you still love. And it’s Mom. Would it really hurt to give each other one more time?

Sending the text, I turn off my phone. I watch the green scenery pass by, realizing that I’m going back to where it all started. I’m going to mom’s house again. Going back to my old school again.

I’m about to complete my last goal.

It’s time to face them. Those who teased me, said I wasn’t good enough, looked down on me. I’m about to show them all who they messed with. That I’m not the same weak little fat girl that they can pick on.

I’ve changed, and I’m ready to make my stand.

And I can’t wait to see their surprised faces.

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