Unrequited Love

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Scarlett was forced to marry a billionaire by her parents , After marriage she was forced to live life of someone else by her husband , Her sweet and bubbly self start fading in between all this , Living life of a person she isn't wasn't her cup of tea , And the most frustrating thing is she doesn't even know whom life she is living. Lucas Hunter is one of most popular eligible and arrogant man , he always get everything his heart desire , After an accident in past his heart desire of only one woman who resemble him of someone from his past , His search came to an end when his eyes fell on Scarlett , when he went in deep of her life he found Scarlett opposite from the one he was searching the only similar thing was features and that's when Lucas decide to change her in something he want . **** "Not anymore" her voice came out barely and she shooked her head negatively "I can't be someone i am not " She begged with tears and placed a palm on her stomach "let me go lucas , Please let me go" she cried . "No , Never , i fucking love you Scarlett , You can't leave me , never" his body tensed and he stare straight in her eyes "I will never let you go away from me , I love you " . " You don't love me Lucas , You love someone i am not , You don't love me the real me " she retorted and pushed him away from her " Just let me go" she begged.

Romance / Erotica
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It's like no one love me ,no one want me around , My family hates me and I don't want to blame it and give it a reason , they hates me and it's their choice i don't get to say in it but last night was pretty disaster , My father dropped bomb on me and expected me to not react and obey him silently and when i voiced out i was rewarded from a tight slap across my cheeks and a displeased glare from my step mother .


"You are going to marry Lucas Hunter Scarlett " My father said out of sudden without any emotion , my eyes widened on listening the news , for the sake of God i am not even twenty yet.

"But father..." I tried to say something and all head in living room snapped towards me , i felt nervous alone and affraid from the glares i received but decided to be strong for few minutes and voice out for myself "I am not twenty yet and Brittany is elder than me , Isn't it inappropriate for me to get married first... " I was in mid way of my sentence when a tight slap landed across my right cheeks , My eyes widened in shock before they start tearing up , instead of sob i let out a dry chuckle and raised my head , My father had murderous look in his eyes , his blue eyes glare me with so mucj hatred that i committed a crime or it'se who is forcing his 20 year old self to get marry , it's another way around.

"Don't you dare to talk Scarlett , You are going to marry and it's final" My father gritted his teeth with so much anger that for a second i thought his teeth are going to break and fall down , My stepmother passed me a displeased glare and i rolled my eyes to her , i hate this family of mine ,i hate this woman and more than her i hate this man who is unfortunately my father .

"Only if you were at place of mom father , i wish for her to be alive and you to be dead" I don't even know from where i get the courage to speak it , my own eyes widened in shock and his expression resemble mine .

"How dare you?" My step mother screamed on me showing anger but i know it very well this bitch don't give damm to the old man who is my father , she is behind the money this old man is making ,i can't bring myself to call this man my father because he lost that shitty right just now .

"Ohhh My ! You are looking gorgeous Scarlett " A voice boomed in my room and i was brought back from my past painful memory , I didn't look towards door to know who it is because i very well know it's Kayla my one and only family .

She soon came to my side and the look of my face explained her all , her once cheerful face turned in sad one and she sighed before getting on her knees at front of me , her green eyes stared back in my blue eyes and her one palm made it's placs on my cheeks "Believe me Scarlett it will be better from this place , I know it's against your will but i know you are glad that you don't have to see face of these monsters" She whispered softly referring my so called family from there true name , And i know she will change her statement as soon as she will know with whom my family is marrying me off .

"It's Lucas , Kayla" i whispered and my voice broke , my tears start Cascading down and thanks to my water proof makeup to not make me look like a witch .

"Huhh?" She raised her head and search my eyes for answer and when her eyes met mine they widened in pure shock , her mouth part open and for a second i thought she lost her voice because she opened and closed her mouth many times but didn't utter a single world .

"Lucas , You mean lucas fucking Hunter" she screamed in top of her voice and i nodded , her eyes shined before they went blank as realization dawned upon her "No geez! Not that fucking manwhore bastard , It will ruin your life Scarlett , Why the fuck are you even sitting here waiting to destroy your life , hell ! no problem it's not too late , go get change you are running away" she started ranting and my eyes widened when she said about run away , only if she know the threat my father gave me , he very well know about my weakness and threat me upon kayla's and her family life and i will not let anything happen to them just for my own selfish sake .

There was a swift knock on the door and that grabbed both of us attention ,her green eyes widened and tears start welling in them , she shaked negatively but it is too late and it wasn't like i was going to run away , i can never do that because of my father threats

"Scarlett" i raised my head and saw my uncle there , his eyes were filled with tear and before i can control i let out a sob , my heart clenched in painfull way seeing my uncle after ten fucking year and the reason why he is here because i rejected the idea of my father walking me to aisle .

"Uncle Daniel" Tears start falling from my eyes uncontrollably and i ran towards him , he opened his arms and took me in hug , he hugged me tightly and i reciprocated with same enthusiasm "i missed you , i missed you so much , why didn't you come to see me for once " i cried and complained like a child and felt tear drops on my shoulder , i raised my head from his chest and found him crying , I know uncle Daniel love me more than anything , he tried everything in his power to take my custody but my father has it's own dirty way , he threatened him on life of Aunt Alisa and my little cousin Ted .

"I am sorry my child , i am sorry to let you down , I am sorry to not be on your side when you needed me" he whispered in my hairs and i cried clutching his suit .

After good ten minutes , we both composed ourself and he gave me one of his best smile "I am here to take you to aisle my darling niece" He said with a smile and i nodded before placing my palm on his .

And here ends one part of hell of my life and start another hell of my life which will be full of heart break , pain , anger , lust and what not ..

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