Friends To.....Enemies Book 1

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Two best friends Who went from friends... To lovers... To enimes...?

Romance / Other
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Chapter 1

"Uhhhhhhhh! I'm so tired"I said while coming from downstairs into the kitchen.

"Good morning to you too."my mom said(kinda sarcastically)

"Uhhhhhhhhhh!Good morning,what's for breakfeast?"I asked with a yawn.

She rolled her eyes and said french toast with blueberries on top.

"OMG really!This is my fav."I said with a smile on my face and pratically running over to the table to be ready for breakfeast.

But before I could sit down my mom yelled"Wash your hands missy!"

So I walked over to the sink and washed my hands quickly before going back to my seat and sitting down waiting for mom to come over so we can eat before we go to school.

A little while later....

"Honey?"She said right before getting ready to be done with our food.

"Yes?"I asked picking my plate up to bring to the sink.

"Ummmmmm?"she said."Mom I'm getting worried what's wrong?"I then said.

She then just said nothing which felt like forever but was only a mintue in reality.

Ummmmmmm?Nevermind lets just get you to school first,and then I'm going off to the college."she said nervously.

I asked her if she was sure she was and she said ya.So I trusted her with thatand then picked up and headed to school.

You see I'm in my 3rd year of highschool,etc. ny junior year.And my mom is back to college to get her degree since she didn't finish school her first time.But since tomorrow is the last day of school for me,and my mom still has a couple weeks left I'll be home alone a lot more often.

"Honey!"My mom yelled waving her hands infront of my face.

"Huh?Ya I'm here."I replied with a shocked face.

She then laughed while covering her mouth with her hand and then said "we're here get out."So I got out and went inside of the building to find my friends.

Once I found Kilm whos real name is actually kimberly,but I've started calling her that since I've meet her so it just stuck around,and when I found Jace who is btw the best bff ever,but don't tell that to Kilm otherwise she might just freak out.

But anyways once I found them we started talking for awhile before the bell rang and we went to our classes.

After School.......

"Bye guys see you tomorrow."I said to my friends before hopping into my moms truck and going home.

At Home....

"Hey mom going to my room to finish my homework."

"Ok honey.I'll call you down for dinner."she said.

"Sweetie dinner."mom yelled up at me.

So I got off my chair and went down the stairs and washed my hands before sitting down at the table.

"Soooooo,how was school?"My mom asked me nervously.

"It was good.How bout you.How was your day?"I asked her while digging into my food that she put infront of me and after I said thanks.

She then didn't answer me for quite a while so I looked up from my food and looked at her and asked her if everything was fine.

She didn't answer me again so I asked again but got intrupped when she took a deep breath and said to me something that would change my life forver............

TO BE CONTINUED............................
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